Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter 19

The end of January finally showed up and Kris was thrilled that he could start playing again and Andi was relieved too. Kris was in full game mode and his teammates were thrilled that he was back. He could not wait until they played the Panthers again maybe giving a few checks to the Panther player that had sent him to the injured list for a while.

Now Andi was starting to show and it was so exciting. She was thrilled about becoming a mom and taking care of her baby. Andi and Vero had been shopping at baby stores looking at all the cute baby things. Andi made sure to buy things that either a boy or a girl to wear because they did not know what the gender of the baby.

"Andi, come and see this cute little outfit" Vero said as she held up a yellow and while shirt and shorts set that said 'Mommy's Little Angel'.
"Oh my, how cute" Andi said admiringly.
"You should get it because this baby is your little angel" Vero smiled.
"I will it is cute. Kris found another outfit that says 'Daddy's Little Helper' so its only fair" Andi joked as Vero handed her the outfit, "Oh and Kris has gotten the baby a couple of Penguins jerseys, and other things".
"I am not surprised" Vero laughed as they headed towards the cashier.

That evening Andi was relaxing and had decided to stay home instead of going to the game. She had told Kris is was just really tired and he was worried but she promised him she was fine.

"Sweetheart are you sure you don't want to come to the game?" Kris asked looking really concerned.
"I am fine, Kris, don't worry about me. I just am not in the mood to deal with the crowd at the arena. You need to concentrate on the game" Andi said hugging Kris.
"I just don't want to leave you alone if you don't feel well especially since you are pregnant" Kris said holding Andi close.
"I am happy that you are worried about me but I promise I just want to rest and maybe read something for my class. So go and kick some ass tonight and win for me. Promise" Andi responded.
"Fine but keep your phone on so if you need anything I will be here as fast as I can" Kris empathized.
"Its on and if you want to go and check feel free because I know you will" Andi said as she moved away from Kris.

Kris headed to check Andi's phone and make sure it was on and charged.
Andi went and grabbed one of her school books and then sat down on the sofa and started reading the new chapter. Kris came back into the living room and sat down next to Andi, "OK its on and I will be home as soon as I can. I might try and call you between periods to check on you ok" Kris said giving Andi her cell phone and then kissing her.
"Sounds good sweetheart et bonne chance au jeu" Andi said smiling at Kris.
"Merci Andi" Kris said as he headed out and blew her another kiss.

Andi read until it was time for the game and then turned it on and watched. The Penguins were playing very well together. Andi could tell Kris was really playing well just by his body language on the ice. Sure enough Kris called during both periods just to say 'hi' and see how she was doing. And of course she told him she was fine and it was nice to relax at home. The Pens won the game and that made Andi happy because then Kris would be happy.

Andi got ready for bed and was reading when Kris showed up. He walked in and smiled at Andi and then got ready for bed.

"You were playing great tonight, Kris" Andi commented as she lay in his arms.
"Yeah I felt good tonight and everything seemed to be clicking so it was a great game" Kris said kissing the top of Andi's head.
"I am happy for you" Andi said looking at Kris.
"I am exhausted. Good Night Sweet Andrea" Kris said as he leaned down for a kiss.
"Good night Kristopher" Andi said as she accepted the kiss.

The next day both of them had busy days. Andi had lots of work to get done and Kris had a team meeting to go to and then practice. Kris and Andi decided to meet up for lunch that day too since later on Andi had class and Kris had a volunteer activity he and his teammate Max Talbot were going to that evening.

After work Andi headed to class and was a little early which was fine so she sat down at a desk and was looking over her paper that she was going to turn in that night. She and Sam had both worked really hard on their papers. Class went well and then Sam walked Andi to her car and they chatted about class.

"Well I hope that we both get good grades on that paper" Sam said.
"Yeah we worked hard and I am sure we will" Andi agreed.
"Hey listen Andi, I noticed that when I was over at your place the other night when your fiance showed up, that he seemed a little jealous. I hope he was ok with me being there" Sam said.
"Don't worry about it. I forgot to tell him you were coming over to work but its fine. Kris told me he was surprised to see another guy there and he has become overly protective of me now that I am pregnant, Sam" Andi explained.
"OK because I have a girlfriend and I don't want to rock the boat in anyone's relationship" Sam explained.
"Its cool. Have a good rest of your evening Sam" Andi said as she got into her car.
"You too" Sam said as he headed towards his car.

Andi got home and settled for bed and decided to watch television in the bedroom and wait on Kris.

Kris showed up and was all smiles when he saw Andi laying in the bed so peacefully.

"Hey baby. How are you?" Kris asked as he went over to sit next to Andi.
"Hey I am good. How are you?" Andi asked as she leaned in for a quick kiss.
"I can't complain and now that I got a kiss from you, I am super" Kris laughed.
"That's good" Andi said smiling at him.

Kris got ready for bed and they snuggled together and watched a western conference game between the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators.

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