Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chapter 14

Kris and Andi were headed to the airport late that evening. Their flight was leaving at 12:30am and they would get to Michigan a couple of hours later. Andi and Kris both slept on the plane and Andi's dad was picking them up at the airport.

Kris and Andi got off the airplane and headed with everyone to the baggage claim. Andi's dad has said he would meet them there and sure enough there he was and Andi ran over to him and gave him a hug.

"Hey sweetheart how are you?" Mr. Walker asked smiling down at his daughter.
"I am exhausted but fine. Dad, this is Kris" Andi said as Kris walked over to Andi's dad and they shook hands.
"Nice to meet you Kris" Andi dad said.
"Its nice to meet you too sir" Kris said and then put his arm around Andi's waist.
"Andi has told us about you. Kris so its really nice to finally meet you in person" Mr. Walker commented.
"Yeah she has told me about you all too. I am really happy to be here" Kris commented.

They got the bags and headed to the car. The drive to Andi's house was quiet because everyone was tired. They finally got to the house and drove into the garage. Kris and Mr. Walker got the bags out of the car and then everyone headed inside.

Mrs. Walker was sitting in the kitchen reading and looked up when Andi walked in.

"Sweetie how are you?" Andi's mother asked as Andi gave her a hug.
"I'm good mom. And this is Kris" Andi said introducing Kris to her mother. Andi's mother gave Kris a hug, "Its so good to finally meet you in person. Andi has talked about you a lot so I am so happy you are here".
"Thanks for having me for Christmas, Mrs. Walker" Kris said politely.
"We are all happy that you two could work it in your schedule to be here. Let me show you two where you are going to be staying" Mrs. Walker said as she headed towards the stairs.

Mr. Walker and Kris grabbed the bags and followed Andi who was following her mother towards the bedrooms.

"Kris, you will be staying in the guest room and Andi your old room is how you left it" Mrs. Walker said. So Kris headed with his bag into the guest room and got situated. Mr. Walker put Andi's stuff in her room and then headed into the guest room to check on Kris.

"Andi sweetie can I talk to you in your room" Mrs. Walker said and Andi followed her mom into her old room.
Andi's mom shut the door and then turned to her daughter, "Andi Walker is there anything you want to tell me?" her mom asked sweetly.
"No why?" Andi said looking confused.
"As your mom, I know you pretty well, so I am just going to say this are you pregnant?" Mrs. Walker asked.
"How in the world did you know that when I am only two months along?" Andi asked in shock.
"Sweetie moms know these things. And this is wonderful news. I am so happy for you. Is Kris planning on marrying you?"
"We kinda talked about it right after we found out but no major plans have been set" Andi explained.
"Well then we will have to work on some major plans then" Andi's mother said.
"Mom what do you think dad is going to say about this. I don't want him to kill Kris or say something crazy" Andi said as she put her hand over her abdomen.
"Let's get him in here and I will make sure he does not hurt Kris. I know how to deal with your father".

Mrs. Walker opened Andi's door and called out to Mr. Walker and he walked into Andi's room and the door was shut.

"Darling, your daughter here has some exciting news for you" Mrs. Walker said.
Mr. Walker looked at Andi and she took a deep breath, "Dad I am pregnant and Kris is the father" Andi said and waited for him to scream but he didn't because she saw that her mom was patting his back.
"Is he going to marry you?" her dad asked staring at Andi.
"Yes" Andi said calmly.
"Well then that is all I need to know. Are you two happy about this?" he asked Andi.
"Yes we are dad. Kris is thrilled and so am I" Andi said as her dad came over and gave her a hug. That is when Andi realized that Kris was going to live another day.
"Well now that is all taken care of. Can Kris stay with me in here instead of putting him in the guest room?" Andi asked hopefully.
"Yes sweetie" Andi's mother said. Then Andi opened the door to her room and went and found Kris who was looking at pictures on the wall in the guest room.

"Hey buster. What are you doing?" Andi asked walking over to Kris.
"Just looking at all these old pictures of you and your family. You were a cute kid" Kris commented.
"Yeah ok anywho you are staying in my room and not in this crazy room. And my mom figured out that I was pregnant and luckily she and my dad are totally ok with it. So you get to live as long as you marry me" Andi joked.
"Hey that is not a problem because I want to marry you anyway" Kris said leaning down and kissing Andi.

"Excuse me" Mrs. Walker said as Andi and Kris moved apart from their kiss.
"Yes mom" Andi said blushing.
"I was just going to say that its late and I am sure you too want to get some sleep so everything you need is in the bathroom right by your room, ok" Mrs. Walker said.
"Thanks mom and goodnight" Andi said.
"Goodnight you two" Mrs. Walker said as she walked out.
"Ok dude let's get you settled in my room and get some sleep" Andi said smiling.
"Sounds like a great idea, baby" Kris said as they headed into Andi's room and got situated.

As Andi and Kris was laying in the bed together, Kris looked over at Andi who was snuggled up next to him, "So they really are cool with the fact that we are having a baby?" Kris asked.
"Yeah as long as you are marrying me. They are fine with this little person" Andi said patting her abdomen.
"Well then I guess when we get back to Pittsburgh, we are going shopping for an engagement ring" Kris declared.
"Is that a proposal, Kris?" Andi asked surprised.
"How about a preproposal?" Kris suggested.
"That sounds good to me" Andi said and kissed Kris and then got comfortable and they went to sleep.

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