Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 9

Warning Adult Content

The next morning Andi woke up first and carefully moved out of Kris's embrace and quietly walked into the bathroom and then she came out. She noticed that Kris was still sleeping so she walked to her bag and grabbed some clothes and then walked back into the bathroom to take a shower.

Kris woke up and rolled over and realized that Andi was not next to him and then he heard the shower running and ran a hand over his face to try and wake himself up. He got up and headed into the other bathroom and took a shower too.

Andi was finished and all dressed she walked out and noticed that the bed was empty and the she heard water running in the other bathroom and realized where Kris had disappeared. She put away her stuff in her bag and went back into the bathroom to dry her hair. She was concentrating on what she was doing and did not realized that Kris came up behind her very quietly and put his arms around her waist. Andi jumped which caused Kris to jump so that he would not get hit by the hair dryer.

"Good morning sweetheart" Kris said after Andi put down the dryer and turned in his arms.
"Morning to you too" Andi said as he gave her a good morning kiss.
"You almost ready to go and get some breakfast?" Kris asked as he let go of Andi so she could finish with her hair.
"Yeah I am almost ready" Andi said finishing up quickly.

After a few minutes they headed out of the room and went down to the restaurant for breakfast. They sat together and enjoyed breakfast and then headed back up to the room.

Andi and Kris grabbed their stuff and headed down to check out and then head home.

Kris had practice and Andi needed to clean her apartment and get some errands done before she went to the game that night with Kate.

When they got back to Andi's apartment, Kris brought up Andi's bags inside for her.

"Andi, hey are you OK? You have been kind a quiet ever since we left the hotel" Kris said looking concerned.
"I am fine, Kris. I really am" Andi said walking over to Kris and kissing him and he put his arms around her waist and held her.
"Are you sure, Andi, because I know what we did last night was special and I don't want you to think that I was pressuring you into anything".
"You did not pressure me into anything. Last night was very special to me too. I just have lots of things to get done today before I go to the game tonight".
"I just want to make sure because I love you" Kris said still holding Andi and then kissing her forehead.
"OK now that we have that all straightened out. You need to get your cute butt to practice so that you can kick some ass at tonight's game" Andi said swatting him on the butt.
"I will call you later sweetheart" Kris said kissing her one more time as he headed out.
"Love you Kris".
"Love you more, Andi".

Andi then shut the door to her apartment and headed to start getting ready for her day. She got a load of laundry started and then got her purse and headed out to take care of some errands and then the task of cleaning the apartment would be the last thing.

Kris headed home to get his stuff for practice and then headed to the Iceoplex at Southpointe for today's practice.

When he got there he headed to the locker area and got ready for practice. Kris was actually early but there were a few already there, like Sidney, but then more of the guys started showing up and then everyone started heading out onto the ice.

Max noticed that Kris had a little more energy this morning than most of them so he was of course curious as to why so he went over and decided to bother Kris.

"Good morning buddy. You look very happy this morning any particular reason why?" Max asked with a huge grin on his face.
"Morning Max" Kris said looking surprised.
"OH come on Kris, I can tell when someone got some last night especially when I saw that you got here before me. You and Andi hooked up finally" Max joked around with Kris.
"Its none of your business what Andi and I did last night if we did anything at all. Get your mind out of the gutter Max and go and learn how to score a goal" joked Kris.
"Oh come on Kris can't you give me something especially since I have not hooked up in a while" Max said pleadingly.
"I am not going to tell you anything about what I do or don't do in the bedroom this morning. Go bother Sidney maybe he will finally admit something if you bug him enough" Kris laughed.
"Oh come on you know Sidney is so closed mouth about anything in his personal life but I have a feeling that he is interested in Andi's friend, Kate" Max confessed.
"Good then go and see if Sidney will actually tell you about that because I am keeping my mouth shut about me and Andi. And mainly its none of your business, Max" Kris said still standing there with Max as they watched Sidney skate with a puck and then shoot it past Marc Andre.
"Come on Kris we all talk about things. Especially our sex lives dude" Max complained.
"No you talk about your sex life and makes sure everyone knows everything" Kris empathized and looked at Max who looked shocked.
"That is so not me" Max said exasperated and then skated off.
Kris just shook his head and laughed and then headed in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile Andi got home from several errands and put away groceries and other things and then started cleaning.

While Andi was cleaning her cell phone went off so she went over and answered it.

"Hello" Andi answered.
"Hey sweetheart. How are you?" asked Kris so sweetly.
"Hey gorgeous, I am good" Andi said smiling to herself.
"What are you up to?" asked Kris.
"I just got home a little bit ago from my errands and now I am cleaning the apartment" Andi said as she sat down on the sofa.
"Wow then you have had a day so far".
"I have and in a little while I am going to eat some lunch because I am starving".
"Hey how about I bring something over and we have lunch together?"
"Sure that sounds good to me".
"Then I will see you in a little while. Love you" Kris said.
"See you soon and love you too" Andi said and then hung up her phone and then decided to shower again because she felt gross after doing some major cleaning and went off to do that before Kris showed up with lunch.

About an hour later Kris showed up with food that smelled wonderful to Andi.

"What did you get for lunch?" asked Andi peaking into the bag that Kris sat on the counter.
"All sorts of Chinese food" Kris said as he walked into the kitchen to get some plates.
"Yummy that sounds great and I am so hungry" Andi said patting her stomach.
"Glad I made a good decision and I am hungry too" Kris said leaning over to kiss Andi on the cheek.

They sat and ate and talked about the game that night. The Pens were playing the New York Rangers and then the Pens were going on a 3 day road trip to the south.

"I know tonight's game is going to be tough because the Rangers are on a winning streak right now" Kris mentioned.
"Yeah but you guys have been doing well too" Andi replied.
"Yeah I know but that lost to the Devils the other night sucked" Kris said sounding disgusted.
"Well you win some you lose some and I know you did not want to hear that but its the truth, Kris".
"Yeah I did not want to hear that" Kris frowned as he continued to eat.
"You guys should do well with your three road games because the Thrashers and the Panthers are doing ok but I know that the Hurricanes are going to be an interesting game" Andi said trying to make Kris feel better.
"Yeah I am sure we can beat the Thrashers and the Panthers but the Hurricanes might be the only tough one but we shall see" Kris said smiling.

They continued eating and then Kris said that he would clean up and Andi was not complaining whatsoever so she went into the living room and sat down in front of the television and turned on NHL network to see recap of games that had happened last night since she and Kris had been 'preoccupied'.

Kris finished up and wandered over to sit next to Andi and put his arm around her shoulders.

The newscaster said that the race in the Southeast division was no contest with the Hurricanes getting a huge win over the Capitals last night.
Andi looked up and Kris who was staring intently at the television with concern on this face. Andi knew this was not a good thing for the Pens and Kris because it was getting closer to the holidays and the Pens were trying hard to keep the number one spot in the Eastern conference but the Hurricanes were knocking on the door with for the number one spot too.

"Wow the Hurricanes really trashed the Capitals bad last night" Kris commented.
"Yeah they did" Andi said.
"Hey since I will be gone for three days can I stay here after the game?" Kris asked with a devilish grin on his face and the nibbling on Andi's ear.
"Whoa slow down boy" Andi started giggling because of what Kris was doing.
Kris continued what he was doing and also laughing and then it turned into a tickling competition between the two of them on the couch. Kris moved so that he had an advantage by moving on top of Andi but she decided to use a hockey move of pulling the jersey that Kris had on over his head which worked because Kris was trying to fix his jersey so then Andi was able to get out of his grasp.

"Hooray I win" Andi stood up next to the sofa and jumped up and down.
Kris hung his head in defeat and then laughed, "I am impressed with the jersey over the head move Miss. Walker".
"Why thank you Mr. Letang. I was never sure if that move would ever be useful to me but I see it has" Andi laughed as she sat back down next to Kris.
He pulled her to him and held her and then said, "Hey you never answered my question?"
"Yes you can stay over tonight since you will be gone for three days" Andi said.
"Cool because I don't know what I am going to do with myself without you" Kris said looking pitiful.
"Oh please you will live without me for three days because you are a grown ass man" Andi said sarcastically.
"I don't think I will be able to live with out your for three days and so I think we might have to repeat last night so I can think about it while I am on the road" Kris grinned.
"Well if you win then we can repeat last night but if not then you will just have to remember out night at the hotel" Andi teased playfully.
"OH you don't play fair, Andi" Kris said.
"Poor poor Kris. What are we going to do with you?" Andi giggled.
"I am going to head home for my nap and then I will be back to pick you up for the game tonight that we are going to win" Kris empathized and winked as he gave Andi a quick kiss and then left.
Andi went to her desk to get one of her textbooks so that she could get ahead on some of the reading for her classes.

Kris showed up and Andi was ready and they headed to the arena for the game. Andi gave Kris his pregame hug and then went upstairs to find Kate sitting waiting for her.

"Hey its been forever since we having seen each other" Kate said smiling.
"Yeah I know and I am so sorry but you know work, classes and Kris have been taking up so much time its ridiculous and I am so sorry that I have ignored you" Andi apologized.
"I understand Andi so don't worry about it. Work has been crazy for me too. And Sidney and I are officially a couple but we are keeping it on the down low for now" Kate said happily.
"Yeah I am so happy for you Kate" Andi said giving Kate a hug.

Kate and Andi watched the game and were able to catch up between periods. The Pens actually pulled off a win that night but it had been a hard fought game between the two teams. Andi and Kate headed downstairs afterwords to see their guys.

The girls waited and finally Kris appeared with a huge grin on his face and Andi knew exactly why he was grinning.

"Hey Andi, Kate did you enjoy the game?" Kris asked as he took Andi's hand and pulled her into his embrace.
"Yeah it was an unreal game but congrats on the win, Kris" Kate said.
"Thanks Kate your boyfriend should be out next year maybe" joked Kris as he smiled at Andi, who just shook her head.
"Hey how did you know that Sid and I are together?" asked Kate looking surprised.
"Max got it out of him before warm ups" Kris said.
"He said that we were keeping it quiet. OH well I told the only person that I wanted to know" Kate said nodding towards Andi and the girls gave each other a high five.
"Bffs forever" Andi said smiling.
"OK well thanks and I will see you guys later have a good evening" Kate said sitting back down on the sofa.
Andi and Kris waved to Kate and headed out to the car.

When they got home Kris headed straight towards the bedroom and Andi stayed back to lockup and then went to find Kris.

Kris was all comfortable in the bed waiting on Andi, "Are you joining me in here?"
"Can you give me a minute please Mr. Antsy?" asked Andi as she headed into the bathroom.
"You better move your cute butt along quickly" Kris joked.
A few minutes later Andi came out and climbed into bed and Kris pulled her close and said, "You have way too much clothes on for what we are going to be doing" and then Kris helped Andi out of her pajamas.

He moved over Andi placed kisses along her neck and then her collarbone. Then he moved to her shoulder and then he suckled her breasts. Andi grabbed onto Kris's shoulders and he kissed her. Then he moved back up and she moved her legs so that he could enter her slowly. Kris started slowly and then started a little faster and then switched it up and it made Andi go crazy. Kris knew he was doing everything right because Andi was calling out his name several times. Finally he felt her orgasm hit her and then he felt his as he emptied his seed into her womb. Kris collapsed on Andi and she held him tightly. Finally he moved off of Andi and held her as he moved on his side.

"That will definitely hold me over those three days I am gone" Kris said smiling and then kissing Andi.
"Wow Kris, I think the earth actually moved that time" Andi joked as she smiled too.
Kris laughed at Andi's comment, "I love you Andi".
"I love you too Kris" Andi said snuggling into Kris's chest.

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