Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter 18

Andi was really busy with work and classes. One evening Andi had invited her classmate, Sam, over so they could work on the project for their class. Andi and Sam were sitting on the floor next to each other with all sorts of books and papers around them. They were talking and trying to figure out what they wanted to do when Kris walked in. Kris was surprised to see a guy sitting in Andi's apartment that he did not know.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said walking over to Andi and Sam.
"Hey Kris, I did not know you were coming over" Andi said looking up at Kris.
"Yeah I figure why not" Kris said sitting down on the floor next to Andi and leaning over kissing her cheek.
"Kris this is my classmate, Sam. Sam this is my boyfriend, Kris" Andi said introducing the two guys.
"Actually I am Andi's fiance" Kris said shaking Sam's hand.
"Nice to meet you man" Sam said.
"So what are you two working on?" Kris asked as he looked at the huge mess surrounding Andi and Sam.
"We each have to come up with a great promotional idea for any sport team of our choice and a few activities we can do with our idea. Mainly we just write out a proposal idea paper for our project. And Sam thought it would be nice if we helped each other out with our projects and I thought that would be cool" Andi explained.
"Yeah and we both are coming up with great ideas. Andi choose the Pittsburgh Penguins since she works for them. I chose the Pittsburgh Pirates just because I am a huge baseball fan" Sam said.
"That sounds like a fun project for guys" Kris said.
"Yeah its lots of fun darling" Andi said smiling at Kris.
"Well I am going to head to the bedroom and watch tv in there so I don't disturb you two" Kris said getting up and walking away.

Andi and Sam went back to working on their project and then about two hours later they were finished. Sam left and Andi headed back to the bedroom to see what Kris was up to. She walked in and saw Kris sprawled across the bed flipping channels on the television. Andi walked over to the bed and sat down next to Kris.

"You look so bored" Andi commented as she looked at Kris.
"Nothing good on the tv. Did you and Sam finish your projects?" Kris said putting the remote on the floor and turning on his side so he could look at Andi.
"Yeah we did so that is a relief and I can relax the rest of the week" Andi said looking at Kris.
"Yeah I was surprised to see a guy here with you when I showed up but as long as he realizes that you are so taken then we are all good" Kris said unconsciously rubbing Andi's leg.
"I think when I talk about being a mom soon that kinda makes most guys not have any interest in me so we are all good" Andi joked as she patted her abdomen.
"It better" Kris laughed too.
"So talking about Baby Letang, I am starving so what are we going to get for dinner?" Andi asked.
"Whatever you want since I never know what you want from day to day with all your crazy cravings" Kris acknowledged.
"I think we want Italian" Andi suggested.
"Sounds good let's go" Kris said and they got ready and headed out to the car.

Andi and Kris ended up at an Italian place that was nearby and the people knew the two of them so they were seated quickly. They had a nice dinner and talked about everything. After dinner Andi wanted to take a walk along the river so that is what they did. They wandered along the pathway by the river. It was relaxing and then the sun was setting so they walked over to a place they could sit and watch the sun set.

Andi laid her head on Kris's shoulder and he put his arm around her. They sat there until the sun set and then they headed home.

When they got all situated for bed, Andi was laying on her side facing Kris who was looking for something in his bag and then he turned and walked over to the bed and sat down.

"Andi, would you sit up for a second, please?" Kris asked.
Andi sat up and noticed that Kris did not seem like himself, "What's up?" she asked looking at Kris. He was looking down at something in his hand.
Finally Kris looked over at Andi, "I told you when we were in Michigan that we needed to get you a ring, well Andi will you marry me?" Kris asked as he showed her a gorgeous princess cute diamond ring with a couple of pearls near the diamond. Andi could not believe how beautiful the ring was and she nodded as put her hand out so that Kris could put it on her ring finger.

"Oh my gracious, Kris its beautiful and I love you" Andi said completely surprised at the sweet proposal.
"I love you too, Andi" Kris said pulling Andi to him so he could kiss her.

Kris smiled as Andi sat in his lap admiring her ring. Then they snuggled close together for bed. As Andi went to sleep all she thought about was how happy she was because now it was official she was going to be Mrs. Kristopher Letang very soon.

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