Monday, August 10, 2009

Chapter 3

Andi was exhausted by the end of week because of work and then she had started classes. She had opted to only take two classes to start off so that she could see how things would go and it was a smart decision. Andi would work during the day and then had classes early evening and was studying at the library too. Her life was busy but she still had time to go out once in a while with Kris. He understood that she was in school and that Andi wanted to do well. They would go to a movie or out to eat once in a while when they both weren't in full chaotic mode. Andi had told Kris she wanted to take things slow and he was in total agreement.

After a few months Andi finally found an apartment that fit perfectly for her. Kate was sad to see Andi leave but knew that Andi wanted her own place since sometimes when Andi had Kris over at Kate's place it wasn't uncomfortable but they felt like Kate was listening to whatever they were doing or saying.

Andi had finally moved into her new place and decided she wanted to have a house warming party the following Friday. She figured out a list of the few people that she knew in Pittsburgh and sent out invitations. She invited Kate, Tara, and of course Kris. Andi had written in Kris's invitation that if he wanted to invite some of his teammates that would enjoy her little get together that was fine by her.

Friday finally came and Andi had gotten off work and still had to finish getting things organized. Luckily Kate was on her way over to help Andi. Kris had said that Max, Marc Andre, Sidney and Jordan were all coming to the party and Marc Andre was bringing his girlfriend, Veronique.

Kate showed up and she and Andi slowly but surely got the apartment looking spiffy and fun for a party. Then the girls each went and got ready themselves for the party.

Sure enough everyone showed up and the party started. Andi thought it was very sweet that all the guys had brought her house warming presents. She had told everyone that it was not necessary but them just showing up was enough but Kris has said that's not polite if you are invited to a house warming party and not bring the hostess a little something. Andi was really impressed with everything Kris was doing because this is not at all what she expected by a professional athlete but Kris was definitely different.

Andi had to laugh because Kate was doing anything and everything to impress Sidney. He was being a perfect gentleman too and smiling and laughing at her usually stupid jokes and stories. Finally at one point Sidney got up to to and get something to drink and Andi decided she better step in and apologize for Kate and her craziness.

"Hey Sidney, listen I am so sorry for the way Kate is acting. She is just like you number one fan and she really is a calm person" Andi said smiling at Sidney.
"Hey its OK, she seems really nice and sweet" Sidney said smiling back at Andi.
"You are being a very nice person and letting her just dominate the conversation. I am going to tell her to chill out" Andi said.
"Thanks Andi" Sidney said as he went and filled his glass with water.

Andi walked over to Kate who was now chatting it up with Jordan and Max.

"Hey Kate can I talk to you for a second please" Andi said grabbing Kate's arm and pulling her away from the party and into the bedroom.
"What are you doing?" asked Kate looking shocked as she was dragged away.
"I think you are scaring poor Sidney to death. Poor guy has had to listen about your entire life and how much you love him and hockey. Give it a rest for my sake. I know that you dream that you two will get married and live happily ever after in a castle or whatever. He says you are nice so just go with "Sweet Kate" that I know and love please" Andi empathized looking at Kate.
"Sorry Andi and you are right. I was getting a little overly dramatic and carried away but its Sidney Freaking Crosby the god of hockey. He said I was nice. Wow, I promise "Sweet Kate" will go and apologize to Sidney and be a good girl" said Kate.
"Good that is what I want to hear" Andi said as the girls hugged and then headed back to the party.

Andi went back over to Kris and apologized for rushing away from him earlier.

"Its fine Andi and your place is really cool. I like how you have decorated it and it is definitely you" Kris said and gave Andi a quick kiss on the lips.
"Thanks I wanted it to be cozy and fun too" Andi said as Kris put his arm around her waist and held her close.

Everyone was having a great time and that was what Andi's idea had been for this party. Kate had done like Andi wanted and was actually letting Sidney talk and they had a normal conversation. Tara was enjoying chatting it up with Max and Jordan. Marc Andre's girlfriend was really sweet and Andi liked her a lot. The party ended up being a success.

Finally everyone left except for Kris. He decided to stay behind and hang out more with Andi and help her clean up. After they cleaned up they sat down on the sofa.

"I think my first party went very well" Andi said feeling very happy with herself.
"I agree it was a lot of fun and I had the best date at the party" Kris said smiling at Andi.
"Oh really and who may I ask was your date?" Andi joked with Kris.
"Well let's see she is sweet, has beautiful eyes, is a very hard worker, has an amazing smile and her name is Andi" Kris said laughing.
"Hmmmm I wonder who this Andi person is because she seems pretty cool and I would love to meet her" Andi said as she continued the joke.
"I think you already have because right now I am going to kiss her" Kris said as he leaned over and gently kissed Andi.

Kris started the kiss slowly and then it became a little more heated. Andi let Kris lay her back on the sofa and the kiss deepened but when he moved his hand down her side and started playing with the hem of her shirt she pushed him back.

"Sorry buddy but we agreed" Andi said.
"I know we did. Sorry Andi" apologized Kris sitting up and bringing Andi with him.
"Its fine Kris. So would you like to maybe watch a movie or something?" asked Andi.
"Yeah I think that would be cool" Kris said so they got comfortable together on the sofa and watched a movie.

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