Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter 19

The end of January finally showed up and Kris was thrilled that he could start playing again and Andi was relieved too. Kris was in full game mode and his teammates were thrilled that he was back. He could not wait until they played the Panthers again maybe giving a few checks to the Panther player that had sent him to the injured list for a while.

Now Andi was starting to show and it was so exciting. She was thrilled about becoming a mom and taking care of her baby. Andi and Vero had been shopping at baby stores looking at all the cute baby things. Andi made sure to buy things that either a boy or a girl to wear because they did not know what the gender of the baby.

"Andi, come and see this cute little outfit" Vero said as she held up a yellow and while shirt and shorts set that said 'Mommy's Little Angel'.
"Oh my, how cute" Andi said admiringly.
"You should get it because this baby is your little angel" Vero smiled.
"I will it is cute. Kris found another outfit that says 'Daddy's Little Helper' so its only fair" Andi joked as Vero handed her the outfit, "Oh and Kris has gotten the baby a couple of Penguins jerseys, and other things".
"I am not surprised" Vero laughed as they headed towards the cashier.

That evening Andi was relaxing and had decided to stay home instead of going to the game. She had told Kris is was just really tired and he was worried but she promised him she was fine.

"Sweetheart are you sure you don't want to come to the game?" Kris asked looking really concerned.
"I am fine, Kris, don't worry about me. I just am not in the mood to deal with the crowd at the arena. You need to concentrate on the game" Andi said hugging Kris.
"I just don't want to leave you alone if you don't feel well especially since you are pregnant" Kris said holding Andi close.
"I am happy that you are worried about me but I promise I just want to rest and maybe read something for my class. So go and kick some ass tonight and win for me. Promise" Andi responded.
"Fine but keep your phone on so if you need anything I will be here as fast as I can" Kris empathized.
"Its on and if you want to go and check feel free because I know you will" Andi said as she moved away from Kris.

Kris headed to check Andi's phone and make sure it was on and charged.
Andi went and grabbed one of her school books and then sat down on the sofa and started reading the new chapter. Kris came back into the living room and sat down next to Andi, "OK its on and I will be home as soon as I can. I might try and call you between periods to check on you ok" Kris said giving Andi her cell phone and then kissing her.
"Sounds good sweetheart et bonne chance au jeu" Andi said smiling at Kris.
"Merci Andi" Kris said as he headed out and blew her another kiss.

Andi read until it was time for the game and then turned it on and watched. The Penguins were playing very well together. Andi could tell Kris was really playing well just by his body language on the ice. Sure enough Kris called during both periods just to say 'hi' and see how she was doing. And of course she told him she was fine and it was nice to relax at home. The Pens won the game and that made Andi happy because then Kris would be happy.

Andi got ready for bed and was reading when Kris showed up. He walked in and smiled at Andi and then got ready for bed.

"You were playing great tonight, Kris" Andi commented as she lay in his arms.
"Yeah I felt good tonight and everything seemed to be clicking so it was a great game" Kris said kissing the top of Andi's head.
"I am happy for you" Andi said looking at Kris.
"I am exhausted. Good Night Sweet Andrea" Kris said as he leaned down for a kiss.
"Good night Kristopher" Andi said as she accepted the kiss.

The next day both of them had busy days. Andi had lots of work to get done and Kris had a team meeting to go to and then practice. Kris and Andi decided to meet up for lunch that day too since later on Andi had class and Kris had a volunteer activity he and his teammate Max Talbot were going to that evening.

After work Andi headed to class and was a little early which was fine so she sat down at a desk and was looking over her paper that she was going to turn in that night. She and Sam had both worked really hard on their papers. Class went well and then Sam walked Andi to her car and they chatted about class.

"Well I hope that we both get good grades on that paper" Sam said.
"Yeah we worked hard and I am sure we will" Andi agreed.
"Hey listen Andi, I noticed that when I was over at your place the other night when your fiance showed up, that he seemed a little jealous. I hope he was ok with me being there" Sam said.
"Don't worry about it. I forgot to tell him you were coming over to work but its fine. Kris told me he was surprised to see another guy there and he has become overly protective of me now that I am pregnant, Sam" Andi explained.
"OK because I have a girlfriend and I don't want to rock the boat in anyone's relationship" Sam explained.
"Its cool. Have a good rest of your evening Sam" Andi said as she got into her car.
"You too" Sam said as he headed towards his car.

Andi got home and settled for bed and decided to watch television in the bedroom and wait on Kris.

Kris showed up and was all smiles when he saw Andi laying in the bed so peacefully.

"Hey baby. How are you?" Kris asked as he went over to sit next to Andi.
"Hey I am good. How are you?" Andi asked as she leaned in for a quick kiss.
"I can't complain and now that I got a kiss from you, I am super" Kris laughed.
"That's good" Andi said smiling at him.

Kris got ready for bed and they snuggled together and watched a western conference game between the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter 18

Andi was really busy with work and classes. One evening Andi had invited her classmate, Sam, over so they could work on the project for their class. Andi and Sam were sitting on the floor next to each other with all sorts of books and papers around them. They were talking and trying to figure out what they wanted to do when Kris walked in. Kris was surprised to see a guy sitting in Andi's apartment that he did not know.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said walking over to Andi and Sam.
"Hey Kris, I did not know you were coming over" Andi said looking up at Kris.
"Yeah I figure why not" Kris said sitting down on the floor next to Andi and leaning over kissing her cheek.
"Kris this is my classmate, Sam. Sam this is my boyfriend, Kris" Andi said introducing the two guys.
"Actually I am Andi's fiance" Kris said shaking Sam's hand.
"Nice to meet you man" Sam said.
"So what are you two working on?" Kris asked as he looked at the huge mess surrounding Andi and Sam.
"We each have to come up with a great promotional idea for any sport team of our choice and a few activities we can do with our idea. Mainly we just write out a proposal idea paper for our project. And Sam thought it would be nice if we helped each other out with our projects and I thought that would be cool" Andi explained.
"Yeah and we both are coming up with great ideas. Andi choose the Pittsburgh Penguins since she works for them. I chose the Pittsburgh Pirates just because I am a huge baseball fan" Sam said.
"That sounds like a fun project for guys" Kris said.
"Yeah its lots of fun darling" Andi said smiling at Kris.
"Well I am going to head to the bedroom and watch tv in there so I don't disturb you two" Kris said getting up and walking away.

Andi and Sam went back to working on their project and then about two hours later they were finished. Sam left and Andi headed back to the bedroom to see what Kris was up to. She walked in and saw Kris sprawled across the bed flipping channels on the television. Andi walked over to the bed and sat down next to Kris.

"You look so bored" Andi commented as she looked at Kris.
"Nothing good on the tv. Did you and Sam finish your projects?" Kris said putting the remote on the floor and turning on his side so he could look at Andi.
"Yeah we did so that is a relief and I can relax the rest of the week" Andi said looking at Kris.
"Yeah I was surprised to see a guy here with you when I showed up but as long as he realizes that you are so taken then we are all good" Kris said unconsciously rubbing Andi's leg.
"I think when I talk about being a mom soon that kinda makes most guys not have any interest in me so we are all good" Andi joked as she patted her abdomen.
"It better" Kris laughed too.
"So talking about Baby Letang, I am starving so what are we going to get for dinner?" Andi asked.
"Whatever you want since I never know what you want from day to day with all your crazy cravings" Kris acknowledged.
"I think we want Italian" Andi suggested.
"Sounds good let's go" Kris said and they got ready and headed out to the car.

Andi and Kris ended up at an Italian place that was nearby and the people knew the two of them so they were seated quickly. They had a nice dinner and talked about everything. After dinner Andi wanted to take a walk along the river so that is what they did. They wandered along the pathway by the river. It was relaxing and then the sun was setting so they walked over to a place they could sit and watch the sun set.

Andi laid her head on Kris's shoulder and he put his arm around her. They sat there until the sun set and then they headed home.

When they got all situated for bed, Andi was laying on her side facing Kris who was looking for something in his bag and then he turned and walked over to the bed and sat down.

"Andi, would you sit up for a second, please?" Kris asked.
Andi sat up and noticed that Kris did not seem like himself, "What's up?" she asked looking at Kris. He was looking down at something in his hand.
Finally Kris looked over at Andi, "I told you when we were in Michigan that we needed to get you a ring, well Andi will you marry me?" Kris asked as he showed her a gorgeous princess cute diamond ring with a couple of pearls near the diamond. Andi could not believe how beautiful the ring was and she nodded as put her hand out so that Kris could put it on her ring finger.

"Oh my gracious, Kris its beautiful and I love you" Andi said completely surprised at the sweet proposal.
"I love you too, Andi" Kris said pulling Andi to him so he could kiss her.

Kris smiled as Andi sat in his lap admiring her ring. Then they snuggled close together for bed. As Andi went to sleep all she thought about was how happy she was because now it was official she was going to be Mrs. Kristopher Letang very soon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 17

Finally it was time for Andi and Kris to head back to Pittsburgh. They had a great time visiting Andi's family but now it was time to get back into the real world. Andi's parents took them to the airport and Andi and Kris said their goodbyes right before they went through security.

"Thanks for everything mom and dad. This had been a wonderful Christmas" Andi said hugging her parents.
"I agree its been lots of fun visiting with all of you and thanks for having me" Kris said shaking Mr. Walkers hand and giving Mrs. Walker a hug.
"It was wonderful seeing both of you and we are so glad you came to visit" Mr. Walker said.
"I agree it was a wonderful time. And I will miss you Andi but I know we will see you soon. And Kris it was wonderful to meet you finally" Mrs. Walker said smiling at them.

It was time for Andi and Kris to head to their gate so last hugs and goodbyes were said then Kris and Andi headed through security.

Kris and Andi got back to Pittsburgh a couple hours later and were very happy to see Andi's apartment. They both dropped their bags on the bedroom floor and both were exhausted after the trip and headed straight to bed.

The next day Kris had practice and was slowly but surely was healing and the trainers were saying that they were hoping that Kris would be able to play by the end of January. Andi was thrilled that Kris would soon be playing and not constantly needed her attention not that she minded but when they were at games and he had to sit up in the team box and Andi was sitting with the girls and all Kris would do was text her all game long about anything and everything.

Andi was leaving class and heading to her car and she heard someone call her name, "Andi, hey Andi hold up".
Andi turned to see a guy from one of her classes, "Oh hey Sam what's up?"
"Hey I don't mean to hold you up but I was just wondering if you were interested in working on that project together" Sam asked.
"Yeah sure that would be fine" Andi said as she put her bags into her car.
"Cool what's your number?" Sam asked and they exchanged numbers and then Sam headed to his car and Andi got into her car and headed home.

When Andi got home she went into the kitchen and then made herself something to eat and then went and got comfortable on the sofa and turned on the television and ate her dinner. Andi's cell phone started ringing and she looked at it to see who was calling her and it was Kris.

"Hey hot stuff, what's going on?" Andi said smiling to herself.
"Hey beautiful, not much just hanging out and thinking that I might come over" Kris said.
"That's fine. I am just chilling out because its been a long day" Andi said.
"Yeah I bet it has. How are your new classes this semester?" Kris asked.
"They are both fine and luckily they are both shorter semester classes so I will be finished with them before I have the baby. I was kinda worried but it worked out in the end. Thank goodness".
"That really works out perfectly. Ok well I will be over shortly".
"Sounds good. See ya".

Andi finished her dinner and cleaned up and tried to straighten up a little bit before Kris showed up. Luckily Andi's place was already clean and ready for whoever stopped by because that was just the way Andi was about her apartment. Sure enough about fifteen minutes later, Kris arrived.

"Hey" Kris said as he walked in and shut the door and then headed over to Andi and sat down next to her.
"Hey yourself" Andi said giving Kris a quick kiss.
"So are we just chilling out tonight?" Kris asked as he got comfortable on the sofa and pulling Andi against his chest. Andi snuggled up and responded, "Yeah we are just sitting her and not moving for a long time". Kris just laughed and then they watched the Rangers play the Islanders.

Andi ended up falling asleep on Kris's chest and Kris moved slightly trying not to wake Andi up but she did.

"Hey sorry I did not mean to wake you?" Kris said as he held out his hands and she took them and helped her up.
"Its fine and I actually need to go to the bathroom anyway thanks to the baby" Andi laughed and then headed towards the bathroom.

Andi walked out and went to get some pajamas, "Are you staying here tonight?" asked Andi as she went to finish getting ready for bed.
"Yeah I think I will" Kris said as Andi walked out of the bathroom and Kris headed in.

Andi got comfortable in bed and was asleep before Kris came out and he turned out the lights and got into bed and moved so that he could hold Andi next to him in bed.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chapter 16

Christmas day arrived and Andi woke up first and sat up and watched Kris sleeping. She smiled to herself and then got up and headed into the bathroom when she walked back into the bedroom, Kris reached out for her and she walked back over to the bed and she climbed back in.

"Merry Christmas Andi" Kris said as he pulled her back into his embrace.
"Merry Christmas to you too" Andi said as she kissed him and then said, "When I came out of the bathroom, I heard my parents downstairs and me and Baby Letang are starving so come on sleepyhead and move your cute butt along".
"OK fine "Miss Antsy" Kris joked as he got up and headed into the bathroom and then they headed downstairs.

"Merry Christmas Mom, Dad, Elise" Andi said as she gave them all hugs.
"Merry Christmas Andi and Kris" her parents said as they were getting breakfast together.
"Merry Christmas guys" Elise said sitting at the table enjoying some hot chocolate.

Andi and Kris sat down at the table too and then her parents brought over breakfast and they all sat and enjoyed Christmas breakfast. Afterwords they headed into the living room to open presents.

Later on that day the weather had warmed up a bit and so Andi and Kris decided to take a walk. They wandered around the neighborhood and saw some kids at another house trying their best to build a snowman.

"Are you having a good time with my family?" Andi asked Kris.
"I am having a great time. Your family is really cool" Kris said taking Andi's hand and kissing her palm and then smiling at her.
"Good because I know they like you too. I was kinda worried what my parents were going to say when I told them about, Baby Letang, but looks like my mom is excited about being a grandmother" Andi said smiling back at Kris.

They got back from their walk and Andi said that she needed a nap and Kris decided that he would do the same. So they headed up to the bedroom and got comfortable and snuggled together for their nap.

Andi woke up to something smelling wonderful in the kitchen so she got up and headed downstairs and went to see what was going on the kitchen. Her mom was making mashed potatoes, turkey and carrots plus pumpkin pie for dessert.

"Oh man, mom this smells wonderful. How long before we eat because I am starving or should I say we are starving" Andi asked as she patted her abdomen and laughed.
"Soon sweetie. I know you two are hungry" Andi's mom laughed as she continued to work on the food.

Andi wandered into the den and saw that her father and sister were watching a repeat of last years Stanley Cup game seven between the Pens and the Wings. Andi went over to sit on a chair.

"I wonder who wins this game?" Andi said sarcastically and then looked at her dad.
"It should have been the Wings but I know I can't say that because you are now dating a Penguin player" Andi's dad joked back.
"Yeah you can't say anything bad about the Pens anymore because you are soon going to have a son in law who is a Pen" Andi laughed.
"I will get over it but it might take some time" Mr. Walker laughed too.

They all went back to watching the game. Kris finally wandered into the den and found Andi and she moved over so she could sit in his lap.

Finally it was dinner time and they all went into the dining room and had a very nice Christmas dinner as a family. All the food looked amazing and tasted wonderful and everyone agreed that this had been a perfect Christmas.

That evening everyone sat in the den and watched "A Christmas Carol" on television. After the movie everyone was tired so they all headed to bed.

When Andi and Kris were in their room for the night, Kris looked at Andi and kissed her, "Merry Christmas Andi. I love you and this had been a perfect Christmas. I just wanted to let you know".
"Merry Christmas Kris and it has been amazing and I love you too" Andi said kissing Kris back.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chapter 15

Warning Adult Content

Andi and her sister had gone for a walk the morning of Christmas Eve before it started to snow.

"Elise there is something I have to tell you" Andi said as they wandered along the sidewalk.
"What's up Andi?" Elise said as she looked at her older sister.
"I'm pregnant" Andi said biting her lip.
"Really! What did mom and dad say?" Elise said surprised.
"Mom and dad were surprised I think but they are fine with it as long as Kris marries me. And he kinda proposed last night but he called it a preprosal because he did not have a ring to give me but when we get back to Pittsburgh I know I will have a ring" Andi explained happily.
"Well I am happy for you, Andi and if you need anything I am here for you. You will have to send me a picture of your ring when you get it" Elise said as she hugged Andi.
"I will Elise and thanks for being a great sister" Andi said as they realized it was getting colder so they hurried back to the house.

Christmas Eve at the Walker's house was nice. They made hot chocolate with marshmallows and sat around fireplace and enjoyed a fire and each others company. Mr. & Mrs. Walker were sitting on one sofa, Andi's sister, Elise, was chilling on the floor near the Christmas tree. Kris was sitting with Andi sitting in his lap with her head on his chest.

At one point Elise looked out the window and said, "Look everybody its snowing!" Everyone turned to look out the window and sure enough the snow was really coming down but it looked so pretty. Andi had gotten up and walked over to the big bay window in the front of the house to get a better look. Kris came up behind Andi and put his arms around her waist and enjoy the view too.

"Wow look at it. Its so amazing and beautiful" Kris said.
"Yeah it is beautiful" Andi agreed.
Elise walked over to where they were standing and said, "Hey you wanna go out and enjoy it while its coming down?"
Andi smiled, "Yeah like when we were little. Come on Kris let's get bundled up and have some fun".

Andi and Elise were off to get ready and Kris followed behind. After the three of them were are set they headed out to play in the snow. Elise and Andi ran around like they were little kids seeing snow for the first time. Kris just stood back and watched them play around. The girls then tried to catch snowflakes with their tongues and Kris joined in on that. They all looked so silly but it was fun. Then Andi whispered some thing to Elise and they started making snowballs and throwing them at Kris who retaliated back. At one point Andi was laughing so hard that she knelt down in the snow and ended up on her back laying up looking at the sky. Kris quickly ran over to her to make sure she was ok.

"Hey are you ok baby?" Kris asked looking down at Andi who was enjoying just laying there.
"I am fine and this is quite relaxing actually" Andi said smiling.
"Really?" Kris asked and then decided to try it and laid down next to Andi.
"Hey this is not that bad" Kris said.
"Yeah but I think my whole body is starting to go numb" Andi joked but made no effort to get up.
Kris sat up and then looked to make sure Elise did not hear what he was about to say and then leaned down, "I know how to make you warm again" and then he kissed Andi.
Andi just blushed and sat up on her own to look around for her sister, "Hey where did Elise go?" Andi asked.
"Here I am" Elise called out and Andi and Kris turned from where they were sitting and saw her over by the side of the house with more snowballs.
"Watch out Kris she is armed" Andi said and she got up and ran behind a tree nearby and Kris followed quickly but not before he got hit by a snowball in the leg.

They had another snowball fight and Elise finally gave up because Kris had very good aim and got Elise in the arm a few too many times.

They all finally had decided they were freezing and it was time to go inside and defrost and get warm. After they had gotten into warm clothes and everyone got settled in the living room again. Mr. Walker suggested they all watch "Its A Wonderful Life" on the television so that is what they did. Then everyone headed to bed so that Santa would show up.

Andi was getting ready for bed in the bathroom when Kris knocked and then walked in.
He closed the door and locked it.

"Whoa buddy what do you think you are going to do right now?" Andi said as Kris was trying to get her to play.
"I want to have some fun with you" Kris said trying to get Andi to stay put but she kept moving.
"My parents for goodness sake are right down the hall and my sister is close by too, dude" Andi whispered pushing his hands away but not having much luck because the bathroom was small.

Finally Kris succeeded and grabbed Andi and sat her on the counter. Kris looked at her with a smirk and then kissed her. Clothes came off quickly and then Kris lifted Andi's legs around his waist as he entered he slowly. Andi put her arms around Kris's shoulders and held on tightly. He moved in and out of her slowly and started a rhythm that felt amazing to Andi. He leaned down and kissed her to keep he quiet. She moved one of her hands into Kris's hair and then Kris then moved faster and they both felt their orgasms hit together. Andi kissed Kris again and then he emptied his seed into her womb as their little world exploded. Kris held Andi close while they both calmed down and then he moved out of her and gently stood her on the ground.

"Hey are you ok?" Kris said holding Andi close.
"Yeah I am. I just can't believe we did that but it was fun" Andi laughed and then moved away to get dressed.
Kris grabbed his boxers and put them on and whispered, "Yeah it was lots of fun".

After their little escapade in the bathroom they both finished getting ready for bed and then went to sleep.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chapter 14

Kris and Andi were headed to the airport late that evening. Their flight was leaving at 12:30am and they would get to Michigan a couple of hours later. Andi and Kris both slept on the plane and Andi's dad was picking them up at the airport.

Kris and Andi got off the airplane and headed with everyone to the baggage claim. Andi's dad has said he would meet them there and sure enough there he was and Andi ran over to him and gave him a hug.

"Hey sweetheart how are you?" Mr. Walker asked smiling down at his daughter.
"I am exhausted but fine. Dad, this is Kris" Andi said as Kris walked over to Andi's dad and they shook hands.
"Nice to meet you Kris" Andi dad said.
"Its nice to meet you too sir" Kris said and then put his arm around Andi's waist.
"Andi has told us about you. Kris so its really nice to finally meet you in person" Mr. Walker commented.
"Yeah she has told me about you all too. I am really happy to be here" Kris commented.

They got the bags and headed to the car. The drive to Andi's house was quiet because everyone was tired. They finally got to the house and drove into the garage. Kris and Mr. Walker got the bags out of the car and then everyone headed inside.

Mrs. Walker was sitting in the kitchen reading and looked up when Andi walked in.

"Sweetie how are you?" Andi's mother asked as Andi gave her a hug.
"I'm good mom. And this is Kris" Andi said introducing Kris to her mother. Andi's mother gave Kris a hug, "Its so good to finally meet you in person. Andi has talked about you a lot so I am so happy you are here".
"Thanks for having me for Christmas, Mrs. Walker" Kris said politely.
"We are all happy that you two could work it in your schedule to be here. Let me show you two where you are going to be staying" Mrs. Walker said as she headed towards the stairs.

Mr. Walker and Kris grabbed the bags and followed Andi who was following her mother towards the bedrooms.

"Kris, you will be staying in the guest room and Andi your old room is how you left it" Mrs. Walker said. So Kris headed with his bag into the guest room and got situated. Mr. Walker put Andi's stuff in her room and then headed into the guest room to check on Kris.

"Andi sweetie can I talk to you in your room" Mrs. Walker said and Andi followed her mom into her old room.
Andi's mom shut the door and then turned to her daughter, "Andi Walker is there anything you want to tell me?" her mom asked sweetly.
"No why?" Andi said looking confused.
"As your mom, I know you pretty well, so I am just going to say this are you pregnant?" Mrs. Walker asked.
"How in the world did you know that when I am only two months along?" Andi asked in shock.
"Sweetie moms know these things. And this is wonderful news. I am so happy for you. Is Kris planning on marrying you?"
"We kinda talked about it right after we found out but no major plans have been set" Andi explained.
"Well then we will have to work on some major plans then" Andi's mother said.
"Mom what do you think dad is going to say about this. I don't want him to kill Kris or say something crazy" Andi said as she put her hand over her abdomen.
"Let's get him in here and I will make sure he does not hurt Kris. I know how to deal with your father".

Mrs. Walker opened Andi's door and called out to Mr. Walker and he walked into Andi's room and the door was shut.

"Darling, your daughter here has some exciting news for you" Mrs. Walker said.
Mr. Walker looked at Andi and she took a deep breath, "Dad I am pregnant and Kris is the father" Andi said and waited for him to scream but he didn't because she saw that her mom was patting his back.
"Is he going to marry you?" her dad asked staring at Andi.
"Yes" Andi said calmly.
"Well then that is all I need to know. Are you two happy about this?" he asked Andi.
"Yes we are dad. Kris is thrilled and so am I" Andi said as her dad came over and gave her a hug. That is when Andi realized that Kris was going to live another day.
"Well now that is all taken care of. Can Kris stay with me in here instead of putting him in the guest room?" Andi asked hopefully.
"Yes sweetie" Andi's mother said. Then Andi opened the door to her room and went and found Kris who was looking at pictures on the wall in the guest room.

"Hey buster. What are you doing?" Andi asked walking over to Kris.
"Just looking at all these old pictures of you and your family. You were a cute kid" Kris commented.
"Yeah ok anywho you are staying in my room and not in this crazy room. And my mom figured out that I was pregnant and luckily she and my dad are totally ok with it. So you get to live as long as you marry me" Andi joked.
"Hey that is not a problem because I want to marry you anyway" Kris said leaning down and kissing Andi.

"Excuse me" Mrs. Walker said as Andi and Kris moved apart from their kiss.
"Yes mom" Andi said blushing.
"I was just going to say that its late and I am sure you too want to get some sleep so everything you need is in the bathroom right by your room, ok" Mrs. Walker said.
"Thanks mom and goodnight" Andi said.
"Goodnight you two" Mrs. Walker said as she walked out.
"Ok dude let's get you settled in my room and get some sleep" Andi said smiling.
"Sounds like a great idea, baby" Kris said as they headed into Andi's room and got situated.

As Andi and Kris was laying in the bed together, Kris looked over at Andi who was snuggled up next to him, "So they really are cool with the fact that we are having a baby?" Kris asked.
"Yeah as long as you are marrying me. They are fine with this little person" Andi said patting her abdomen.
"Well then I guess when we get back to Pittsburgh, we are going shopping for an engagement ring" Kris declared.
"Is that a proposal, Kris?" Andi asked surprised.
"How about a preproposal?" Kris suggested.
"That sounds good to me" Andi said and kissed Kris and then got comfortable and they went to sleep.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chapter 13

The Christmas holidays were creeping up on Andi and Kris and he wanted to spend it with his family while Andi wanted to be with hers. Kris wanted to be with Andi and the baby so the decision was made that they would go to Michigan to celebrate Christmas with her family. Kris promised his parents he and Andi would come and see them during the Olympic break that was coming up in February. Kris and Andi were planning on going to Vancouver for some of the Olympic hockey games and cheer on the Canadian and US teams but they would stop by Montreal and visit. So they were planning on leaving Pittsburgh on December 23 after the game against the Senators and then be in Michigan until the evening of December 26 and head back to Pittsburgh.

Andi had gone Christmas shopping with Kate and both were trying to figure out what to get their boyfriends, whom both had everything in the world.

"This is insane. I will never find anything for Kris" Andi said when the two of them finally sat down to eat some lunch. Andi had found things for everyone else but Kris was impossible.
"Yeah Sidney isn't easy to buy for either" Kate said sounding exasperated too.
"Of course when I ask Kris what he wants he says all he wants is me and the baby to be happy and healthy. Which is all good because I know that he cares but come on dude give me something to work with" Andi said looking at the menu.
Kate nodded and happened to look out the window of the restaurant into the mall and saw a sports store that they had not been in yet, "Andi, why don't we look in that sports store and see if there is anything associated with the Steelers football team".
Andi looked in the direction in which Kate was pointing and agreed, "Sure I know they both like the Steelers".

The girls enjoyed their lunch and then headed into the sports store. When they walked in they were both impressed with the place. It was actually a specialty store for all sorts of sports memorabilia. Andi and Kate wandered around and looked at all the cool things. Andi saw a Sidney Crosby autographed picture that was being sold for a couple thousand dollars and just shook her head knowing that she and Kate and gotten his autograph for free.

Kate was checking out a Steelers jersey when Andi walked over to her.

"Guess what I just saw?" Andi said looking at Kate.
"I saw you looking at that picture of Sidney so I am guessing that is what you are talking about" Kate laughed.
"Did you know it was being sold for a couple thousand dollars? I laughed because we both got ours for free" Andi joked.
"Yeah I know. Of course we both know he is like a god her in Pittsburgh" Kate commented.
"Yeah but we both also know that Sid is so down to earth" Andi said smiling at her best friend.
"Yes he is" Kate said smiling back.

All of a sudden some girl who was near them turned and looked at Kate and said, "Do you two really know Sidney Crosby?"
"We met him at a season ticket holder party this year" Kate said looking at Andi who nodded too.
"Oh wow you are so lucky. Hey did you find out if he has a girlfriend?" the girl asked wide eyed.
"I did not ask him about his personal life that would not have been cool" Kate commented.
"Oh well yeah" the girl said.
"I will say this though he is really nice and friendly" Kate said and then went back to looking at jerseys.
"That's cool" the girl said and then wandered off.
"I am impressed Kate. Nicely done" Andi said as she started looking at the jerseys too.

Finally the girls each found a cool championship Steelers jerseys with Ben Roethlisberger's name on the back. The girls agreed that the jerseys were not exactly that original but they were cool with a Superbowl patch and the whole nine yards. Andi and Kate agreed they had both had it and if their guy already had one of these the tough luck because both were exhausted shopping and it was getting so close to Christmas and time was running out.

Andi got home from the shopping trip after Kate dropped her off. Andi decided to wrap the presents since she had time and Kris was no where around for once. Andi loved having Kris around but it was nice to have space every so often. She wrapped his present first just in case he happen to show up and luckily she did because after she got it and one other present wrapped, Kris showed up.

"Andi where are you?" Kris called out as he dropped his bag on the floor and then headed towards the bedroom where he found Andi wrapping Christmas presents.
"I see you found me" Andi said smiling as she sat on the floor with wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows, and presents surrounding her.
Kris could not help himself and smile, she looked absolutely adorable so he grabbed his cell phone and took a picture of her.
"Kris I look horrible" Andi said pushing some hair out of her face.
"You look beautiful and busy" Kris said leaning over to kiss Andi.
"I am busy" Andi commented as she looked at all the presents that she needed to get finished.
"So where is my present?" Kris asked looking around at all the bags.
"Yours is already wrapped buster" Andi said pointing to a brightly colored package off to the side with a big gold bow on it.
Kris tried to reach for it but Andi was quicker and pushed his hand away.
"Hey I wanted to see that" Kris said giving Andi a sad face.
"Not until Christmas" Andi said sternly.
"Oh come on baby. I have been really good this year" Kris said seductively and then kissing Andi to distract her and then he grabbed the box and pulled back.
"Kristopher Letang, that was not fair" Andi said trying to be super annoyed at him but she couldn't because he was just so adorable.
Kris shook the present but he did not hear anything, "What is in here?" he asked.
"You will just have to wait until Christmas buster" Andi said and leaned in for a kiss which Kris accepted graciously as he leaned her down on the floor. Then his hand went to the hem of her shirt and he slid his hand along her abdomen.
Kris leaned up slightly and then looked at Andi, "Hey what do you think your parents are going to think when we tell them we are having a baby?" Kris asked as he looked into Andi's eyes.
"They are probably going to be surprised but I am a grown woman living on my own and making my own decisions so they will just have to deal" Andi said looking at Kris and reaching up and caress his cheek.
Kris kissed her the palm of her hand and took her hand in his and smiled at Andi.
"I love you Andi" Kris said.
"I don't think I have heard you say that before, eh" Andi laughed.
"Oh so you are a comedian now eh" Kris countered back.
"Yes I am but I love you too, Kris" Andi said.
"That's better" Kris said kissing Andi again.

Andi finished wrapping all the presents while Kris sat next to her as they talked about their plans for visiting her family.

That evening they watched the Pens play the Flyers on the television. Kris as stayed home while the guys went to Philadelphia which was fine because it was just one away game. The Flyers won that game which made Kris not happy. Andi let him be mad and she went and decided to go and read before bed. Kris called up Max and they had a venting session about the game and Andi tried her best to ignore him but Kris was kinda loud. Finally everything was quiet and Andi figured Kris's conversation had ended and sure enough he walked into the bedroom and then into the bathroom and then came out and climbed into bed with Andi. Andi continued to read until Kris took the book away and set it aside and pulled her into his arms.

"Goodnight Andi and Baby Letang" Kris said as he leaned down and kissed Andi deeply.
"Goodnight Kris" Andi said as they cuddled together for the night.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Chapter 12

The next few weeks were crazy because of exams and of course Kris being injured but he was now able to practice but that was it. He was still staying at Andi's apartment because as he said he loved having his sexy nurse to make him feel better. Andi laughed at that because part of that time she was secluded to reading for her exams. Kris would actually help her study and he was being good but once in a while he would would make a comment that made Andi blush but then she would deny him a kiss or a make out session and he would be good again.

Andi's exams were finally over and Andi was so happy because she had aced both exams and had gotten "A's" in both of her classes.

Of course Andi was slowing getting used to being pregnant. It was crazy with having morning sickness, eating weird things and of course the baby playing havoc with her bladder.

Kris was very confused by some of the crazy things that Andi wanted to get at the grocery store.
"Andi chocolate ice cream and carrots do not sounds like a good combination" Kris declared but got a death stare from Andi who put both things in the cart.
Kris decided after that to keep his mouth shut for the rest of the time they were in the store.

When they got home Andi and Kris put the groceries away and then Andi got the ice cream and carrots out and put them in a bowl and went and sat down in front of the television to watch a movie and Kris sat down and ignored what she was eating.

Kris was thrilled about being a dad and convinced Andi that they needed to go and shop at 'Babies R Us' because they had nothing for the baby. Andi agreed so one day when they both were free they went shopping for baby supplies.

When they got to the store Andi was overwhelmed but Kris was like a kid in a candy store. He was playing with everything and acting like a kid too. He was here and then he was there and Andi could not keep track of what he was doing so she gave up and went and looked at baby clothes.

Andi was looking at cute little baby girl dresses when a woman came by and was looking at the dresses too and then she said, "Is this your first baby?"
"Yes it is" Andi responded.
"Do you know if its a girl or a boy yet?" asked the woman.
"No not yet. Its too soon" Andi said as she continued to browse.
"I am sure that you will be happy with either one" the lady said as she smiled.
"Yeah I will definitely be happy with either one and very excited to become a mom" Andi said smiling and for the first time she realized that she really was excited about having the baby.

Andi did not know but Kris was close by and smiled to himself after hearing Andi admit she was excited about the baby. Andi continued to look around at clothes when all of a sudden she felt arms come around her waist, "Hey are you having fun?" asked Kris.
"Yeah this is actually fun and all the clothes are so cute and little" Andi said turning around in Kris's arms and looking up at him and he leaned down and kiss her.
"Yeah this place is totally unbelievable" Kris said smiling.
"I saw that you were having fun here" Andi said laughing at Kris.
Kris just shrugged, "Hey I am excited about being a father and want our kid to have a great life and so he or she needs all sorts of things".
"Yeah I agree he or she will have a great life especially since they will have me and you as their parents" Andi said smiling.

They finished shopping for the baby and then they went out to lunch. Then they headed home to relax after a crazy morning of shopping.

As they were sitting on the balcony of Andi's apartment and enjoying a rare warm fall day in Pittsburgh, Kris said, "Hey I heard you at the store that you were excited about the baby. Is that true or were you just being nice to that lady?"
"No its true, Kris. I think when I found out it was just a stressful time with classes ending and you being injured and I just did want need more craziness in my life but now that things are calm, I can actually realized that things will work out because you are here for me and that's all I can ask for" Andi explained.
"I am here for you and always will be because I love you Andi with all of my heart" Kris said and reached for her hand which she gave to him and he pulled her into his lap and he kissed her and then they just sat in each others arms.
"I love you too Kris" Andi said laying her head on his chest as he held her.

That night the Pens were playing at home so Kris was obligated to be there so he had to dress up in a suit. Andi got to be comfortable in her jersey and jeans using the excuse that she was pregnant and of course Kris just shook his head and smiled.
They headed out to the arena and then Kris went up to the box where players who were injured watched the game from while Andi went and found Vero and Kate and enjoyed it from the seats.

Andi and Kris had decided to tell their friends about the baby so when Andi found Kate and Vero at the game that night she sat down and said, "Guys guess what?"
"You and Kris are engaged?" Kate said smiling brightly.
"No" Andi said smiling and then put her hand over her abdomen and looked at the girls.
"Oh my word. You're pregnant!" Vero practically yelled out.
"Shhhh and yes I am" Andi said calmly but excitedly.
"Oh Andi that's wonderful. I am so happy for you and Kris" Kate said hugging her best friend.
"How is Kris reacting to this news?" Vero asked cautiously,
"He is thrilled beyond words about the baby" Andi said happily.
"That is great news, Andi" Vero said smiling.
"Yeah I was a little bit unsure at first because when I found out it was right around when Kris was injured and I was getting ready for exams but then we went to 'Babies R US' and it just hit me how wonderful this miracle I was given because Kris and I love each other. I know it sounds really cheesy but its the truth" Andi explained.
"Yeah Andi it is kind of cheesy but its so sweet in the end because you are so lucky to have Kris. He is such an amazing guy" Kate said.
"Yeah Kris is a sweetheart that is for sure" Vero said.
"Yeah he is a great guy and I am such a lucky girl to be with him" Andi thought smiling to herself.

The game got started and of course it was action packed. Andi was getting text messages from Kris every so often about how certain plays should be happening and then he would ask how she and the baby were doing. Andi just text him back saying she was fine and so was the baby.

Finally the game was over with the Pens destroying the Sabers. Kris was downstairs with his teammates in the locker room congratulating his teammates and waiting for Andi to come down with Kate and Vero. Kris had told his teammates that Andi was pregnant and they were happy for him.

"I can't believe that Tangers is going to be a dad. That's a scary thought for that poor little kid" Jordan joked.
"Hopefully Andi's gorgeous genes will overpower your ugly mug" Max commented so Kris punched Max in the arm.
"Ouch that hurt dude" Max said rubbing his arm.
"You so deserved that, Max" Sidney said, "Congratulations Kris. That is wonderful news".
"Thanks Sid, I appreciate that someone has something nice to say" Kris said giving Sidney a guy hug.

Finally everyone was heading out and Kris found Andi talking with Kate and Vero.

"Hey Kris. Congratulations on being a dad" Kate said giving him a hug.
"Yeah Kris that is wonderful news" Vero said too and then Kris got a hug from her too.
"Thanks Kate, Vero. Yeah I am so excited" Kris said smiling as he put his arm around Andi's waist.
"Hey Kris what's up with hugging all our ladies, man?" Sidney said as he walked over to Kate and put his arm around her waist.
"Are you jealous?" Kate joked as she smiled at Sidney.
"No because I am secure with our relationship" Sidney said smiling down at Kate and then in front of everyone kissed her.
"Whoa Sidney kissed a girl!" Kris hollered and Andi playfully punched him in the stomach.
Marc Andre and Vero just laughed.
Sidney just hugged Kate closer and shook his head, "Its like you have never seen a guy kiss his girlfriend before".
"You are so tight lipped about your personal life that I had to make an announcement even though everyone saw you" Kris joked.
"I am so glad you made sure everyone in Mellon arena knows that I kissed my girlfriend" Sidney joked back as everyone started heading out to their cars for the evening.

Andi and Kris were both exhausted after the game and headed straight to bed and snuggled close for the night.

"Goodnight Kris"
"Goodnight Andi and baby Letang" Kris said caressing Andi's abdomen and then giving Andi a goodnight kiss.

Chapter 11

Andi's classes were winding down to the end of the semester and so it was exam time. Andi was really trying to concentrate but she was not feeling so hot. Usually if she lay on her back on the bed with the ceiling fan going on it felt relaxing. Kris was worried too because Andi had not been feeling well and it was the beginning of flu season.

"Hey you need to go to the doctor" Kris commented.
"I don't have the time with exams and work" Andi said laying still on her back on the bed on evening.
"No you need to make time Andi. I am worried and want you to feel better soon" Kris said laying on his side looking at Andi.
"Hey we can go now. Those urgent care places stay open forever. Let's go" Kris said sitting up and helping Andi up too.
But as soon as Kris did that Andi felt like she was going to puke and ran off into the bathroom where sure enough she threw up everything.
"Andi sweetie are you ok?" Kris asked as he walked over to her.
"No Kris I feel wonderful. Give me a break. I feel like I am going to die. UGH" Andi complained as she sat up and Kris handed her a wet washcloth. Andi cleaned washed her face and then slowly got up and brushed her teeth.
"Let's go" Andi declared as she realized she could not take feeling this horrible anymore. So they left and went to the doctors.

As Andi waited in the room for the doctor, Kris kept looking at her because she looked pale and wanted to make sure she did not faint. At one point Andi laid back on the doctor's table while they waited and Kris looked up.

"Hey are you ok?" Kris said standing up next to her and taking her hand in his.
"I hope so. I hate being sick" Andi said closing her eyes.

A few minutes later the doctor walked in, "Hey I am Dr. Carson. Ms. Walker how are you doing this evening?"
Andi slowly sat back up with Kris's help, "I am exhausted, been throwing up and not really interested eating".
"I would like to ask you some personal questions so do you mind if your....?"
"Boyfriend and yeah you can ask in front of him" Andi answered.
"Very well is there a possibility that you could be pregnant?" the doctor asked looking at Andi.
"I don't know" Andi said looking at Kris and then back to the doctor.
"I am going to have the nurse take some blood and we can find out very quickly. Is that ok Ms. Walker?"
"Yeah sure that's fine".
"Fine the nurse will be back shortly".

The doctor left and Kris walked over to Andi and smiled, "Hey wouldn't that be awesome if we are having a baby". Andi looked at Kris with a worried look, "Kris I have school that I really want to finish before we have kids".
Kris could tell that Andi was not totally thrilled with the possibility of being pregnant.

The conversation ended as the nurse walked in and got Andi ready to take some blood. After she got the blood she said the doctor would be back with the results shortly and then left Andi and Kris in the room alone again.

Kris sat down in a chair and grabbed a magazine and started looking at it while Andi laid back down on the table and stared at the ceiling thinking about the possibility of being pregnant with Kris's baby. Its not like she did not want his baby but she had a plan to finish school and get the Public Relations degree she had dreamed about for a long time. She sighed and knew that Kris was not happy with her answer earlier. She looked over at him he was intently reading something and then she looked back at the ceiling and put her hand over her eyes.

Finally the doctor knocked and the came in and Andi sat up and looked at the doctor and she put down the the folder, "Ms. Walker congratulations you are pregnant".
Kris had put down the magazine and looked at Andi and smiled. Andi smiled back but on the inside she was not thrilled.
"Thanks doctor" Andi said trying to be happy for Kris.
"Here is some information that you should read and then you need to go and see your regular doctor soon" the doctor said.
"I will do that tomorrow" Andi said taking the papers and getting off the table.

Kris and Andi headed out after the doctor and the checked out and left the office.

The ride back to Andi's apartment was quiet because Kris saw that Andi was looking at the papers the doctor had given her. He concentrated on driving them home and knew they would be having a major discussion very soon.

When they got into the apartment Andi headed straight back to her bedroom and laid back down on the bed.

"Andi we need to talk" Kris said following Andi into the bedroom and sitting next to her on the bed.
"I know" Andi said opening her eyes and looking at Kris.
"What do you think about us having a baby?" Kris asked.
"I know that you are not going to be happy with my answer but I really want to finish my degree".
"You don't have to you now because I will marry you and you can be a hockey wife and raise the kids".
Andi sat up and looked Kris in the eyes, "You told me before that you were impressed that I was goal oriented and did not have to rely on you all the time. And maybe I don't just want to be the little wife who just raises the kids. I want this degree and I want to work because its been my dream since forever. I can't believe you Kris. So just because you got me pregnant you want me to just quit and then cater to all your desires. You know before I say anything that I really regret I suggest that you leave and let me think about some stuff".

Kris just looked at Andi and then got up and grabbed his cell phone and walked out of the apartment and slammed the door. Andi sat back down on her bed and tried to calm down from yelling at Kris for being a chauvinistic pig. She put her hand on her abdomen and knew that the stress might not be a good thing for the baby so she took some deep breaths to relax. Before she knew it she was asleep.

Kris got home and decided to take a run on his treadmill. He was thinking 'how could she not want to just be with me and start a family'. He knew that she was right but he had just started talking without thinking but he really wanted to be with Andi and their baby. Kris finished his run and then jumped into the shower and the headed to bed.

Andi woke up when she heard her cell phone go off so she picked it up not looking to see who it was calling her.

"Hello" said a half awake Andi.
"Hey its time to get up and I am sure you did not set your alarm so I figured I could at least do something right for you today" Kris said.
Andi looked at the clock and smiled, "Thanks Kris. I am sorry for blowing up at you but I sure you know where I am coming from when I said what I said".
"Yeah I thought about what you said last night while I was running and how about I come over later this evening and we can talk. That is if you want to" Kris suggested.
"Yeah that would be great" Andi said as she sat up on the bed.
"Cool ok well I will let you get ready for work. I love you Andi" Kris said sweetly.
"I love you too Kris" Andi said.

They hung up their phones and both got ready for the day.

Andi finally got home from her long day and went and sat down on the sofa and turned on the television. She got comfortable and ended up falling asleep on the sofa and did not even hear when Kris showed up and let himself in. He smiled at the sight of Andi asleep. He knew she was exhausted so he quietly went and set up dinner because he was sure she had just come home and fell asleep. After everything was ready he walked over to the sofa and knelt down next to Andi and gently shook her.

"Sweetheart wake up" Kris said.
Andi moved and then opened her eyes to see Kris next to her, "Hey when did you get here?"
"A little while ago but I let you sleep while I got you something to eat" Kris said helping Andi up and lead her to the kitchen table and then she sat down.
"Wow this looks great but I am not feeling so hungry" Andi said biting her lip.
"You need to eat for the baby" Kris said sitting next to her putting his hand on her abdomen.
Andi looked down at his hand and knew Kris was right and so she picked up her fork and started to eat. Kris sat back and ate too.

They finished and cleaned up and headed into the living room and sat down so they could talk.

"Andi you can still finish school and have our baby. We will figure out something together" Kris said holding Andi.
"Yeah I know we will together" Andi said as she felt so relaxed in Kris's arms leaning her head on his chest.
Kris kissed the top of Andi's head and then grabbed the remote and turned on the Pens verses Thrasher game.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 10

Mild Adult Content

Kris got up and headed into the bathroom and then headed into the kitchen to make something that resemble breakfast for the two of them. Andi woke up a few minutes later and went into the bathroom and then headed into her kitchen to see what in the world Kris was trying to do.

"Please don't destroy my kitchen" joked Andi as she went over to Kris and gave him a good morning kiss.
"Hey I am not a complete disaster in the kitchen" laughed Kris as he pulled out the cereal and bowls.
"Oh boy cereal for breakfast. Thanks Rachel Ray" Andi said sarcastically and ate her cereal.
"Yeah make fun of me and my awesome cooking skills" Kris said sticking out his tongue.
Andi stuck her tongue out back at Kris and finished eating.

They cleaned up and then Kris had to head out but promised to call when he got to Miami which was their first stop.

"I will be watching the game tomorrow night after class" Andi said as Kris was holding her.
"You better be" Kris said and kiss her and then left.

Monday evening finally came around and Kris had called Andi when they got to the hotel. And they talked until Kris had to leave for a team meeting.

Andi was watching the game and the Pens were beating the crap out of the Panthers. Andi was impressed that Kris was kicking ass. The third period was starting and the Panther players were playing really rough and hitting hard. At one point Kris was skating to help defend against a Panther player and the guy purposefully hit Kris at a bad angle and Kris went down on his ankle wrong and could not get up quick. A penalty was called against the Panthers and a Pens trainer came out to help Kris off the ice. Kris was wincing badly because the pain in his ankle was horrible.

Andi was in shock and was really worried about Kris. She was like please be ok and come back out onto the bench. Andi watched the television and the game went on and Kris did not come back and then she heard the commentator say that Kris had sprained his ankle and was out for the rest of the game and the road trip. Andi was so upset and knew that Kris was pissed off.

Andi watched the rest of the game and was happy when the Pens won. Then she headed to bed but kept her cell phone nearby because she was sure that Kris would call.

Andi woke up the next morning and realized that Kris had never called her. Oh well she headed for the bathroom and then got ready for work. She tried to call him before she headed out the door but got his voice mail and left him a message.

Andi got to work and was really busy. Finally she sat down to work on something at her desk her phone started ringing and she answered it.

"Kris hey how are you feeling?" Andi asked.
"I will feel better when I am with you" Kris said and then tapped Andi on the shoulder.
Andi jumped out of her seat and dropped her phone, "Good gracious Kris you scared me".
"Sorry" Kris said as Andi bent down and picked up her phone and then turned it off.
Kris had his ankle in a cast so that it would be stable and he was using crutches too.
"I like the gold and black cast there. Very stylish" Andi smiled.
"Yeah the doctor said I could choose a couple of colors if I wanted to so of course I went with gold and black".
"Sounds good. So I know that you are not happy to come home early from a road trip because of this".
"I want to be playing and helping the guys win but here I am injured but I hope that a certain someone will be willing to play nurse for me" Kris said suggestively as he winked at Andi.
"I heard that "Iceberg" is available to be your nurse" Andi came back with and Kris looked at her with a look of disgust.
"No, the Penguins mascot is not going to take care of me its going to be you in a sassy and skimpy little nurses outfit" Kris whispered into Andi's ear. She blushed bright red and Kris said, "I think I have a couple errands to run so I am going to go but I am planning on staying at your place until you have cured me. I will see you later" Kris said as he hobbled out of her cubicle.
Andi just stood there and wondered what in the world Kris had up his sleeve especially since he declared she was taking care of him.

Andi headed to class and when she got there the teacher had left a sign in sheet and an assignment to take and work on so she headed home.

When Andi got home she walked in to see Kris sitting on her sofa with his ankle propped up on some pillows.

"Hey beautiful, I thought you had class?" Kris asked.
"No she canceled but had an assignment to work on so I am home early which is nice because I am tired" Andi said as she headed to her bedroom and dropped off her stuff and then walked back to the living room where Kris was making himself at home.

"Do you want anything?" Andi said as she walked into the kitchen to get a bottle of water for herself.
"Actually there is a something" Kris said and Andi walked over to where he was sitting and sat on the table in front of him.
"What?" asked Andi.
"You see that box over there. Bring it over here to me" Kris said.
Andi got up and got the box and brought it to Kris and gave it to him. He motioned for her to sit where she was so she did.
Kris opened the box and the showed Andi what was inside and her eyes popped out of her eye sockets.
"You have lost your freaking mind Kris" Andi said loudly.
"No I have not you are going to wear this while you take care of me" Kris grinned.
"It will barely cover anything" Andi said punching Kris's arm gently.
"Hey that hurt" Kris said rubbing his arm.
"Oh get over yourself Kris. I barely hit you crybaby" Andi said annoyed.
"Since you want to be mean to poor injured Kris then you have to go and put that outfit on now" Kris demanded.
"Excuse me" Andi said looking at Kris like he had lost his freaking mind.
Kris got up off the sofa and picked Andi up and threw her over his shoulder and then grabbed the outfit and slowly walked her into the bedroom and dropped her onto the bed and threw the outfit at her, "Put it on now because I hurt and need the help of "Sexy Nurse Andi" this evening".
Then Kris hobbled out of the bedroom but before he shut the door he gave Andi his puppy dog eyes and left Andi sitting on the bed with the sexy nurse outfit.

Andi could not believe that she was doing this but she went into the bathroom and got situated in the outfit and looked at herself in the mirror and did her hair and makeup and found a pair of high heels that looked good. She took a deep breath and then opened the door to the bedroom and sashayed out into the living room and stopped in front of Kris.

"I heard there was a poor injured hockey player here that needed my help" Andi said standing in front of Kris who was smiling at this unbelievable sexy nurse.
"That would be me" Kris said sitting up and taking Andi's arm and pulling her to his lap.
"What can I do to make you feel better?" Andi asked in her best sexy voice.
"Kiss me" Kris said.
So Andi kissed Kris and then Kris deepened the kiss and let his hands roam all over her body.
Before Andi realized it Kris had taken off the nonexistent outfit she had been wearing and his shirt and boxers were off too. He lowered her onto him and they made love there on the couch.

After the fun in the living room they made it into the bedroom where they both got ready for bed and snuggled closely and went to sleep.

Chapter 9

Warning Adult Content

The next morning Andi woke up first and carefully moved out of Kris's embrace and quietly walked into the bathroom and then she came out. She noticed that Kris was still sleeping so she walked to her bag and grabbed some clothes and then walked back into the bathroom to take a shower.

Kris woke up and rolled over and realized that Andi was not next to him and then he heard the shower running and ran a hand over his face to try and wake himself up. He got up and headed into the other bathroom and took a shower too.

Andi was finished and all dressed she walked out and noticed that the bed was empty and the she heard water running in the other bathroom and realized where Kris had disappeared. She put away her stuff in her bag and went back into the bathroom to dry her hair. She was concentrating on what she was doing and did not realized that Kris came up behind her very quietly and put his arms around her waist. Andi jumped which caused Kris to jump so that he would not get hit by the hair dryer.

"Good morning sweetheart" Kris said after Andi put down the dryer and turned in his arms.
"Morning to you too" Andi said as he gave her a good morning kiss.
"You almost ready to go and get some breakfast?" Kris asked as he let go of Andi so she could finish with her hair.
"Yeah I am almost ready" Andi said finishing up quickly.

After a few minutes they headed out of the room and went down to the restaurant for breakfast. They sat together and enjoyed breakfast and then headed back up to the room.

Andi and Kris grabbed their stuff and headed down to check out and then head home.

Kris had practice and Andi needed to clean her apartment and get some errands done before she went to the game that night with Kate.

When they got back to Andi's apartment, Kris brought up Andi's bags inside for her.

"Andi, hey are you OK? You have been kind a quiet ever since we left the hotel" Kris said looking concerned.
"I am fine, Kris. I really am" Andi said walking over to Kris and kissing him and he put his arms around her waist and held her.
"Are you sure, Andi, because I know what we did last night was special and I don't want you to think that I was pressuring you into anything".
"You did not pressure me into anything. Last night was very special to me too. I just have lots of things to get done today before I go to the game tonight".
"I just want to make sure because I love you" Kris said still holding Andi and then kissing her forehead.
"OK now that we have that all straightened out. You need to get your cute butt to practice so that you can kick some ass at tonight's game" Andi said swatting him on the butt.
"I will call you later sweetheart" Kris said kissing her one more time as he headed out.
"Love you Kris".
"Love you more, Andi".

Andi then shut the door to her apartment and headed to start getting ready for her day. She got a load of laundry started and then got her purse and headed out to take care of some errands and then the task of cleaning the apartment would be the last thing.

Kris headed home to get his stuff for practice and then headed to the Iceoplex at Southpointe for today's practice.

When he got there he headed to the locker area and got ready for practice. Kris was actually early but there were a few already there, like Sidney, but then more of the guys started showing up and then everyone started heading out onto the ice.

Max noticed that Kris had a little more energy this morning than most of them so he was of course curious as to why so he went over and decided to bother Kris.

"Good morning buddy. You look very happy this morning any particular reason why?" Max asked with a huge grin on his face.
"Morning Max" Kris said looking surprised.
"OH come on Kris, I can tell when someone got some last night especially when I saw that you got here before me. You and Andi hooked up finally" Max joked around with Kris.
"Its none of your business what Andi and I did last night if we did anything at all. Get your mind out of the gutter Max and go and learn how to score a goal" joked Kris.
"Oh come on Kris can't you give me something especially since I have not hooked up in a while" Max said pleadingly.
"I am not going to tell you anything about what I do or don't do in the bedroom this morning. Go bother Sidney maybe he will finally admit something if you bug him enough" Kris laughed.
"Oh come on you know Sidney is so closed mouth about anything in his personal life but I have a feeling that he is interested in Andi's friend, Kate" Max confessed.
"Good then go and see if Sidney will actually tell you about that because I am keeping my mouth shut about me and Andi. And mainly its none of your business, Max" Kris said still standing there with Max as they watched Sidney skate with a puck and then shoot it past Marc Andre.
"Come on Kris we all talk about things. Especially our sex lives dude" Max complained.
"No you talk about your sex life and makes sure everyone knows everything" Kris empathized and looked at Max who looked shocked.
"That is so not me" Max said exasperated and then skated off.
Kris just shook his head and laughed and then headed in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile Andi got home from several errands and put away groceries and other things and then started cleaning.

While Andi was cleaning her cell phone went off so she went over and answered it.

"Hello" Andi answered.
"Hey sweetheart. How are you?" asked Kris so sweetly.
"Hey gorgeous, I am good" Andi said smiling to herself.
"What are you up to?" asked Kris.
"I just got home a little bit ago from my errands and now I am cleaning the apartment" Andi said as she sat down on the sofa.
"Wow then you have had a day so far".
"I have and in a little while I am going to eat some lunch because I am starving".
"Hey how about I bring something over and we have lunch together?"
"Sure that sounds good to me".
"Then I will see you in a little while. Love you" Kris said.
"See you soon and love you too" Andi said and then hung up her phone and then decided to shower again because she felt gross after doing some major cleaning and went off to do that before Kris showed up with lunch.

About an hour later Kris showed up with food that smelled wonderful to Andi.

"What did you get for lunch?" asked Andi peaking into the bag that Kris sat on the counter.
"All sorts of Chinese food" Kris said as he walked into the kitchen to get some plates.
"Yummy that sounds great and I am so hungry" Andi said patting her stomach.
"Glad I made a good decision and I am hungry too" Kris said leaning over to kiss Andi on the cheek.

They sat and ate and talked about the game that night. The Pens were playing the New York Rangers and then the Pens were going on a 3 day road trip to the south.

"I know tonight's game is going to be tough because the Rangers are on a winning streak right now" Kris mentioned.
"Yeah but you guys have been doing well too" Andi replied.
"Yeah I know but that lost to the Devils the other night sucked" Kris said sounding disgusted.
"Well you win some you lose some and I know you did not want to hear that but its the truth, Kris".
"Yeah I did not want to hear that" Kris frowned as he continued to eat.
"You guys should do well with your three road games because the Thrashers and the Panthers are doing ok but I know that the Hurricanes are going to be an interesting game" Andi said trying to make Kris feel better.
"Yeah I am sure we can beat the Thrashers and the Panthers but the Hurricanes might be the only tough one but we shall see" Kris said smiling.

They continued eating and then Kris said that he would clean up and Andi was not complaining whatsoever so she went into the living room and sat down in front of the television and turned on NHL network to see recap of games that had happened last night since she and Kris had been 'preoccupied'.

Kris finished up and wandered over to sit next to Andi and put his arm around her shoulders.

The newscaster said that the race in the Southeast division was no contest with the Hurricanes getting a huge win over the Capitals last night.
Andi looked up and Kris who was staring intently at the television with concern on this face. Andi knew this was not a good thing for the Pens and Kris because it was getting closer to the holidays and the Pens were trying hard to keep the number one spot in the Eastern conference but the Hurricanes were knocking on the door with for the number one spot too.

"Wow the Hurricanes really trashed the Capitals bad last night" Kris commented.
"Yeah they did" Andi said.
"Hey since I will be gone for three days can I stay here after the game?" Kris asked with a devilish grin on his face and the nibbling on Andi's ear.
"Whoa slow down boy" Andi started giggling because of what Kris was doing.
Kris continued what he was doing and also laughing and then it turned into a tickling competition between the two of them on the couch. Kris moved so that he had an advantage by moving on top of Andi but she decided to use a hockey move of pulling the jersey that Kris had on over his head which worked because Kris was trying to fix his jersey so then Andi was able to get out of his grasp.

"Hooray I win" Andi stood up next to the sofa and jumped up and down.
Kris hung his head in defeat and then laughed, "I am impressed with the jersey over the head move Miss. Walker".
"Why thank you Mr. Letang. I was never sure if that move would ever be useful to me but I see it has" Andi laughed as she sat back down next to Kris.
He pulled her to him and held her and then said, "Hey you never answered my question?"
"Yes you can stay over tonight since you will be gone for three days" Andi said.
"Cool because I don't know what I am going to do with myself without you" Kris said looking pitiful.
"Oh please you will live without me for three days because you are a grown ass man" Andi said sarcastically.
"I don't think I will be able to live with out your for three days and so I think we might have to repeat last night so I can think about it while I am on the road" Kris grinned.
"Well if you win then we can repeat last night but if not then you will just have to remember out night at the hotel" Andi teased playfully.
"OH you don't play fair, Andi" Kris said.
"Poor poor Kris. What are we going to do with you?" Andi giggled.
"I am going to head home for my nap and then I will be back to pick you up for the game tonight that we are going to win" Kris empathized and winked as he gave Andi a quick kiss and then left.
Andi went to her desk to get one of her textbooks so that she could get ahead on some of the reading for her classes.

Kris showed up and Andi was ready and they headed to the arena for the game. Andi gave Kris his pregame hug and then went upstairs to find Kate sitting waiting for her.

"Hey its been forever since we having seen each other" Kate said smiling.
"Yeah I know and I am so sorry but you know work, classes and Kris have been taking up so much time its ridiculous and I am so sorry that I have ignored you" Andi apologized.
"I understand Andi so don't worry about it. Work has been crazy for me too. And Sidney and I are officially a couple but we are keeping it on the down low for now" Kate said happily.
"Yeah I am so happy for you Kate" Andi said giving Kate a hug.

Kate and Andi watched the game and were able to catch up between periods. The Pens actually pulled off a win that night but it had been a hard fought game between the two teams. Andi and Kate headed downstairs afterwords to see their guys.

The girls waited and finally Kris appeared with a huge grin on his face and Andi knew exactly why he was grinning.

"Hey Andi, Kate did you enjoy the game?" Kris asked as he took Andi's hand and pulled her into his embrace.
"Yeah it was an unreal game but congrats on the win, Kris" Kate said.
"Thanks Kate your boyfriend should be out next year maybe" joked Kris as he smiled at Andi, who just shook her head.
"Hey how did you know that Sid and I are together?" asked Kate looking surprised.
"Max got it out of him before warm ups" Kris said.
"He said that we were keeping it quiet. OH well I told the only person that I wanted to know" Kate said nodding towards Andi and the girls gave each other a high five.
"Bffs forever" Andi said smiling.
"OK well thanks and I will see you guys later have a good evening" Kate said sitting back down on the sofa.
Andi and Kris waved to Kate and headed out to the car.

When they got home Kris headed straight towards the bedroom and Andi stayed back to lockup and then went to find Kris.

Kris was all comfortable in the bed waiting on Andi, "Are you joining me in here?"
"Can you give me a minute please Mr. Antsy?" asked Andi as she headed into the bathroom.
"You better move your cute butt along quickly" Kris joked.
A few minutes later Andi came out and climbed into bed and Kris pulled her close and said, "You have way too much clothes on for what we are going to be doing" and then Kris helped Andi out of her pajamas.

He moved over Andi placed kisses along her neck and then her collarbone. Then he moved to her shoulder and then he suckled her breasts. Andi grabbed onto Kris's shoulders and he kissed her. Then he moved back up and she moved her legs so that he could enter her slowly. Kris started slowly and then started a little faster and then switched it up and it made Andi go crazy. Kris knew he was doing everything right because Andi was calling out his name several times. Finally he felt her orgasm hit her and then he felt his as he emptied his seed into her womb. Kris collapsed on Andi and she held him tightly. Finally he moved off of Andi and held her as he moved on his side.

"That will definitely hold me over those three days I am gone" Kris said smiling and then kissing Andi.
"Wow Kris, I think the earth actually moved that time" Andi joked as she smiled too.
Kris laughed at Andi's comment, "I love you Andi".
"I love you too Kris" Andi said snuggling into Kris's chest.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chapter 8

Warning Adult themes

Kris woke up and first and watched Andi sleep all curled up facing his chest. He absentmindedly was rubbing her back and just thinking how lucky he was that she forgave him after the stupid Erin incident. He really needed to do something special for Andi tonight. Kris lay there thinking when Andi moved slightly and opened her eyes to realized that Kris was watching her.

"Good morning Kris" Andi said smiling.
"Good morning beautiful" Kris said leaning in for a good morning kiss.
"Oh gracious what time is it?" Andi said sitting up to look at the clock realizing that she woke up with plenty of time to get ready for work.
"My internal clock gets me up early so I can go for a run so I would have made sure you were up on time" Kris said kissing Andi on the forehead.
"Good because I can't afford to be late" Andi said moving out of Kris's embrace and go into the bathroom.
Kris lay in the bed until Andi came out and then he got up and headed into the bathroom.

Andi walked into the kitchen to start the coffee and try and figure out what to eat.

"Cereal it is" Andi said to herself as she pulled out a box from the cabinet and got a bowl.
Just then Kris walked into the kitchen, "I see we are eating the "breakfast of champions" and then grab a bowl for himself and poured himself some cereal too and then sit down next to Andi at the table.
"Yeah what can I say, Wheaties, are good as long as you add a little sugar" Andi laughed as she continued to eat her breakfast.
Kris nodded and ate too and then they cleaned up and Andi went to shower and get dressed. Kris put on his clothes from yesterday and then went into Andi's living room and pulled out his cell phone to make reservations at a nice restaurant for a special dinner for Andi and he made another call for a surprise after dinner.

Andi finally came out of the bedroom ready for work and saw Kris sitting watching the morning news. Andi got her bags and Kris got up and turned off the TV and they headed out.

Kris walked Andi to her car, "Oh before I forget I am taking you out to dinner tonight and then I have a surprise afterwords since it is Friday night and we both had the night off. So what do you say?"
"Yes that sounds wonderful and a surprise afterwords. You have my curiosity peaked" Andi said as she set her bags into her car.
"Yeah I just want to spend a nice evening alone with my girlfriend whom I love very much" Kris winked as he kissed Andi and then held the door to her car as she got in.
"You are very mysterious right now, Mr. Letang. So when should I be ready for this adventure tonight?" asked Andi as she got settled into her car.
"I will pick you up at six thirty tonight. Oh and pack an overnight bag too" Kris said sneakily as he closed her car door and waved as he went to his car.

Andi drove off towards work thinking about what Kris had said to her in the parking lot of her apartment building, "OK Andi, forget that for now and concentrate on driving to work without getting into an accident".

Andi got to Mellon arena with no problems and then headed up to the offices where she had plenty of work to get finished.

Kris headed home and changed into some running shoes, shorts and ipod and headed out for a nice relaxing run. After an hour Kris got home and showered and then got ready for practice at the arena.

Andi was working hard and actually getting everything completed that Mr. Anderson said he needed.

Finally it was time to go home and get ready for her adventure with Kris. As Andi headed to her car she smiled and was still wondering what in the world they were going to be doing that she needed an overnight bag.

Andi got home and got ready for her date and packed her bag too. Sure enough Kris was on time knocking at her door.

"Hey Kris, you look pretty snazzy tonight" Andi joked with him.
"Thanks I try to keep up with all the latest fashions" Kris said doing a twirl and then tired to do a pose which was very pitiful.
"OK that was ridiculous and don't quit your day job" Andi said as she went over to pick her bags and then Kris took her bags for her so she just held her purse. Andi locked up her apartment and they headed to Kris's car and then were off on their adventure.

They got to the restaurant and were seated. Andi again was quite impressed with Kris's choice. It was an elegant seafood place that was decorated with an amazing large aquarium in the middle of the restaurant so that you could watch the fish while enjoying your dinner.

After dinner Kris drove Andi to the waterfront for a walk along the Monongahela River. They walked along together holding hands and enjoying the views. At one point they went and sat on a bench.

"Now I know you are wondering why I asked you to bring an overnight bag and you will find out in a little while" Kris said mysteriously and then kissed Andi.
Andi just smiled and laid her head on Kris's shoulder while they enjoyed the sunset.

Finally they left and headed back to the car where they drove to the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. When they drove up to the hotel, Andi thought to herself, 'Oh my god this place is elegantly fancy'. Kris pulled and stopped the car and the valet opened Andi's door and helped her out of the car. Kris got out and walked around and handed his keys to the valet and then a bellhop helped get their bags out of the car and took them inside where Kris went and checked them in. Andi looked around at the utterly gorgeous lobby. It was magnificent with chandeliers, piano and lots of sofas. She was glad that she was dressed up or else she would have felt extremely out of place.

While Andi was admiring the beautiful decor of the lobby, Kris walked over to her and put his arm around her waist and whisper, "Let's head up to our room". Andi turned and Kris took her hand and they walked to the elevator with the bellhop right behind them. They got off on their floor and headed down a hallway to their room.

Kris opened the door to the room and held the door for Andi to walk into. She walked in and her eyes went wide the room was huge and gorgeous. Andi continued to look around the room and stopped when she saw the large bouquet of roses sitting on a table in the sitting room of their "Renaissance Suite". There was a card in the flowers with her name on it so she took it out and opened it up and read it.

I am very lucky to have you in my life.
I am also happy that you are such a forgiving person.
You have stolen my heart with your beautiful smile.

Andi felt tears spring up in her eyes and then she heard Kris say, "I see that you have found your flowers. I hope you like them".
"Yes I do they are lovely, Kris. Thank you and this note is so sweet" Andi said and Kris walked over to her and put one arm around her waist and with his other hand he tilted her chin to looked up at him and brushed the tear from her cheek with his thumb and then kissed her.

Andi pulled back and smiled at Kris, "This room is unreal Kris. We have two bedrooms and this sitting area and did you see that jacuzzi tub, we could fit the entire team in it".
"Hey not too shabby for a very special evening, eh" Kris said smiling back at Andi.
"Yeah not too shabby at all" Andi said as she walked over to the doors of the balcony and opened them and walked out, "Kris come and look at this view. Its gorgeous".
Kris walked over to where Andi was standing and stood behind her and put his arms around her waist, "Its nice and you can see all of Pittsburgh lighted up at night".
"Very cool" Andi said and then she shivered and Kris suggested that they go back inside so they did.

"Since you were so impressed with the jacuzzi tub, do you want to try it out?" Kris asked.
"Sure you go and get it ready OK" Andi said.
"OK I will meet you in their shortly" Kris said and kissed Andi quickly and then headed into the bathroom leaving Andi in the bedroom.

Andi sat down on the bed and blew out a breath and starting giving herself a pep talk, "OK this is Kris he is awesome and perfect and loves me and I love him. Of course it might help that I tell him this. Man I am sitting here talking to myself when there is one unbelievable hot, naked guy in the bathroom. Oh Shut up Andi and just go in there". Then she got undressed and put on one of the hotel bathrobes.
"Hey Andi come on its ready" Kris called out.
"I am on my way" Andi said as she walked into the bathroom that was probably bigger than her apartment. When she got in there Kris was relaxing in the tub and the jets were sending bubbles every where. She also noticed a bottle of champagne and two champagne flutes sitting next to the tub.

"Come on in the water is great" Kris said.
Andi started to slide off the robe and she notice that Kris was being a gentleman and closed his eyes but she had a feeling he was peaking but whatever and she got into the tub, "Oh my word it really does feel amazing. I think I need one of these at my apartment so I could relax after my crazy classes".
"Yeah seriously this is amazing and very relaxing" Kris said taking Andi's hand and pulling her to his lap.
They lay there for a while and then Kris sat up which made Andi sit up and he grabbed the flutes and poured them some champagne. He gave her a flute and kept one for himself, "I think we should make a toast. So here goes, Andi I love you with all my heart and I think you are the other puzzle piece to mine because we fit so well together".
"Cheesy but I loved it. I have one too. Kris, you mean the world to me and I realize tonight that I can finally say this, I love you too" Andi said clinking their flutes together and they each took a sip of the champagne and then Kris took the flutes away and then pulled Andi to him and kissed her deeply.

Kris got out of the tub and put a towel around himself and then held one out for Andi and she put it around her and then they headed to the bedroom.

Once they got into the bedroom Andi turned to look at Kris and took his hands in hers and looked at him, "I want to be with you tonight". Kris smiled and leaned down and kissed her deeply and then took off his towel and then gently took off her towel. He picked her up and then laid her gently down on the bed and then she sat up and Kris slid in next to her and laid her down on the bed and moved above her. He enter her slowly so she could get used to him. Then Andi pulled Kris down for a kiss and kicked her legs around his waist and he moved in and out of her slowly. It was amazing and then she felt her orgasm hit her and she cried out and then Kris's orgasm hit him a couple of minutes later and he swore under his breath and collapsed on top of Andi and she held him. They lay together for a little bit and then Kris moved off of Andi and pulled her close.

"That was perfect, Kris" Andi said with the biggest smile on her face.
"Yeah it was unbelievable and you are perfect, sweetheart. I love you" Kris said smiling back and kissing Andi deeply again.
"I love you too Kris".

They then fell asleep in each other arms.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chapter 7

Andi woke up the next morning as her alarm went off. She did not remember turning on her alarm but then it hit her, Kris. She got up and got ready for her day.

As Andi was getting her cell phone off its charger, she saw a note and opened it.

If you are reading this then I turned on your alarm clock correctly.
I hope you slept well last night and by the way the Avalanche won the game.
Have a great day tomorrow and see you at Mellon.
I love you, Kris :)

Andi smiled as she read the note and then put her cell phone in her purse and headed off to work.

When Andi got to the arena it was crazy there were fans everywhere and then it hit her that the Penguins were having an open practice today so fans could come and watch. She drove into the area where people who worked with the Penguins could park and she just happened to find a spot next to Kris's car and parked. She headed towards the entrance and showed her pass and went into the building.

Andi got to her cubicle and put things away and then got started with a project that Mr. Anderson had given her yesterday. As she was working on that she heard Mr. Anderson call her name so she got up and walked into his office.

"Good morning Mr. Anderson" Andi said politely.
"Good morning Andi. Do you mind heading down to the ice this morning and helping, Sara with showing where people can sit for this mornings practice. I know I ask you to do that other thing but that can wait and no rush with it ok. Oh and just stay and enjoy practice and then when its over come back up with Sara" Mr. Anderson said.
"Sure no problem Mr. Anderson" Andi said as she headed towards the ice and found Sara and helped her out.

There were media people who were sitting in one area and fans were to sit in another area. Andi and Sara got everyone situated and then they sat back and watched the guys practice. It was really cool and fun seeing all the drills and other skills they worked on.

Kris happen to look up in the seats at one point and see Andi and smiled to himself and figured she had gotten his note. He was still staring at her when someone bumped into him and he looked to see who decided to hit him.

"Wake up Tangers" called out Max as he pushed Kris and then looked to see what was staring at and then laughed.
"Dude what's the deal with hitting me in practice?" Kris said pushing Max back.
"Your attention is needed on the ice not making googly eyes with your girlfriend" Max said in a cutesy voice.
"I will give you googly eyes if you don't shut up Max" Kris said and then skated off to shoot some pucks at Marc Andre.
Max just laughed and then skated off himself towards Sidney and a few others who were listening intently to what the coach was saying.

Practice ended and Sara and Andi made sure everyone headed out in an orderly fashion and the two of them headed back to the offices.

Andi headed to her car after work and saw a note on her windshield so she took it off and read it.

Hope you had a good day.
I will bring dinner over before the game.
Then we can drive together.
Love, K

Andi did not have class that night which was nice so she was able to go to the game but they had an assignment they had to turn in to the professor so that is where Andi was headed now. After that she was heading home to take a bath to relax after the kinda busy day at work.

Andi got home after stopping off at school and dumped all her stuff on the floor of her room and went to draw her bath. She decided to put some bubbles in it just for the fun of it. Finally Andi got in and it felt so relaxing that she ended up falling asleep. After a while she kept hearing a knocking sound and could not quite figure out where it was coming from and then it hit her, Kris. She got out of the tub and grabbed a towel and put it around herself and went to answer the door.

"Hey I like the outfit a lot, Andi" Kris said winking and then pulling her towards him and kissing her.
Andi just blushed, "I kinda lots track of time and was relaxing in the tub after a kinda crazy day".
"Well I hope you are hungry because I brought dinner. I assume you got my note" Kris said letting go of Andi and heading into the kitchen.
"Yeah I did and thanks for getting dinner. That was sweet of you, Kris".
"Hey anything you wish is my command, Andi. Now go and get dressed so we can eat because I am starving" Kris said shooing Andi to her bedroom while he set up dinner.

Andi came out a few minutes later dressed in a pair of jeans and a Letang jersey that Kris had given her a few weeks back.

"I like the outfit" Kris said smiling and pulling out her chair and Andi sat down.
"Thanks some random guy gave this old jersey to me. He even autographed it for me too. He thinks he is something special and I have no idea who he was but I figured it has penguins on it so I figured I would fit in" Andi joked as she ate her food.
"OH really some random guy huh. Did he had a name by chance?" asked Kris playing along.
"Yeah he said his name was 'Kristopher Letang' but I don't know anyone by that name" Andi said teasingly.
Kris just laughed as he continued to eat. When they were done they both cleaned up and then headed out to the arena.

Kris parked his car and being the gentleman that he was went around and opened the door for Andi and helped her out of the car.
They walked hand in hand into the arena and of course the fans were screaming, "Kris, Kris" and he waved with his free hand to the fans. Andi looked up and of course several of the female fans looked at her liked she was evil.

"That was interesting" Andi said as they got inside.
"What do you mean?" Kris said looking at Andi confused.
"I think your female fans are not happy to see a girl on your arm" Andi explained.
"I really don't care what they think. You are my girlfriend and that is all that matters" Kris said pulling Andi into his arms for his pregame hug and then he kissed her before she headed upstairs to find her seat and watch the game.

Veronique was at the game and so Andi was able to talk with her. Kate had a family thing so she was not able to come but had sent Sidney a good luck text before the game. Andi knew something was kinda slowly starting between Kate and Sidney and that was cool with her. Kate had told Andi that they were just good friends and that he had given her quick kiss after a game but Sidney made sure it was in private. Andi was happy for Kate especially since they were best friends.

The Pens were playing the New Jersey Devils that night but the Pens never really got into a good groove and ended up losing the game 3 to 5.

Andi went down to wait for Kris and when he finally came out he looked disappointed.
Andi did not say anything to him as he walked over to her and gave her a hug. She held him and then he said, "Lets get out of here". So they left the arena and got into the car and went to Andi's apartment.

It was late and Kris came in with Andi and she looked at him, "I guess I will see you tomorrow at the arena".
"Actually I was hoping that I could stay over tonight and I promise to keep my hands to myself" Kris said as he put his hands in his pockets.
"Well I guess so since you promised you can stay" Andi said taking one of Kris's hands out of his pocket to lead him into the bedroom.

Andi grabbed her pajamas and headed into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Kris stayed in the bedroom and striped down to his boxers his t shirt and then got into bed. Andi came out later and climbed in next to Kris. Andi lay on her side looking at Kris who was looking at her.

"Goodnight Kris" Andi said smiling.
"Goodnight Andi" Kris said leaning in for a good night kiss and then he pulled her into his embrace and Andi snuggled into his chest and fell asleep instantly.