Friday, August 21, 2009

Chapter 15

Warning Adult Content

Andi and her sister had gone for a walk the morning of Christmas Eve before it started to snow.

"Elise there is something I have to tell you" Andi said as they wandered along the sidewalk.
"What's up Andi?" Elise said as she looked at her older sister.
"I'm pregnant" Andi said biting her lip.
"Really! What did mom and dad say?" Elise said surprised.
"Mom and dad were surprised I think but they are fine with it as long as Kris marries me. And he kinda proposed last night but he called it a preprosal because he did not have a ring to give me but when we get back to Pittsburgh I know I will have a ring" Andi explained happily.
"Well I am happy for you, Andi and if you need anything I am here for you. You will have to send me a picture of your ring when you get it" Elise said as she hugged Andi.
"I will Elise and thanks for being a great sister" Andi said as they realized it was getting colder so they hurried back to the house.

Christmas Eve at the Walker's house was nice. They made hot chocolate with marshmallows and sat around fireplace and enjoyed a fire and each others company. Mr. & Mrs. Walker were sitting on one sofa, Andi's sister, Elise, was chilling on the floor near the Christmas tree. Kris was sitting with Andi sitting in his lap with her head on his chest.

At one point Elise looked out the window and said, "Look everybody its snowing!" Everyone turned to look out the window and sure enough the snow was really coming down but it looked so pretty. Andi had gotten up and walked over to the big bay window in the front of the house to get a better look. Kris came up behind Andi and put his arms around her waist and enjoy the view too.

"Wow look at it. Its so amazing and beautiful" Kris said.
"Yeah it is beautiful" Andi agreed.
Elise walked over to where they were standing and said, "Hey you wanna go out and enjoy it while its coming down?"
Andi smiled, "Yeah like when we were little. Come on Kris let's get bundled up and have some fun".

Andi and Elise were off to get ready and Kris followed behind. After the three of them were are set they headed out to play in the snow. Elise and Andi ran around like they were little kids seeing snow for the first time. Kris just stood back and watched them play around. The girls then tried to catch snowflakes with their tongues and Kris joined in on that. They all looked so silly but it was fun. Then Andi whispered some thing to Elise and they started making snowballs and throwing them at Kris who retaliated back. At one point Andi was laughing so hard that she knelt down in the snow and ended up on her back laying up looking at the sky. Kris quickly ran over to her to make sure she was ok.

"Hey are you ok baby?" Kris asked looking down at Andi who was enjoying just laying there.
"I am fine and this is quite relaxing actually" Andi said smiling.
"Really?" Kris asked and then decided to try it and laid down next to Andi.
"Hey this is not that bad" Kris said.
"Yeah but I think my whole body is starting to go numb" Andi joked but made no effort to get up.
Kris sat up and then looked to make sure Elise did not hear what he was about to say and then leaned down, "I know how to make you warm again" and then he kissed Andi.
Andi just blushed and sat up on her own to look around for her sister, "Hey where did Elise go?" Andi asked.
"Here I am" Elise called out and Andi and Kris turned from where they were sitting and saw her over by the side of the house with more snowballs.
"Watch out Kris she is armed" Andi said and she got up and ran behind a tree nearby and Kris followed quickly but not before he got hit by a snowball in the leg.

They had another snowball fight and Elise finally gave up because Kris had very good aim and got Elise in the arm a few too many times.

They all finally had decided they were freezing and it was time to go inside and defrost and get warm. After they had gotten into warm clothes and everyone got settled in the living room again. Mr. Walker suggested they all watch "Its A Wonderful Life" on the television so that is what they did. Then everyone headed to bed so that Santa would show up.

Andi was getting ready for bed in the bathroom when Kris knocked and then walked in.
He closed the door and locked it.

"Whoa buddy what do you think you are going to do right now?" Andi said as Kris was trying to get her to play.
"I want to have some fun with you" Kris said trying to get Andi to stay put but she kept moving.
"My parents for goodness sake are right down the hall and my sister is close by too, dude" Andi whispered pushing his hands away but not having much luck because the bathroom was small.

Finally Kris succeeded and grabbed Andi and sat her on the counter. Kris looked at her with a smirk and then kissed her. Clothes came off quickly and then Kris lifted Andi's legs around his waist as he entered he slowly. Andi put her arms around Kris's shoulders and held on tightly. He moved in and out of her slowly and started a rhythm that felt amazing to Andi. He leaned down and kissed her to keep he quiet. She moved one of her hands into Kris's hair and then Kris then moved faster and they both felt their orgasms hit together. Andi kissed Kris again and then he emptied his seed into her womb as their little world exploded. Kris held Andi close while they both calmed down and then he moved out of her and gently stood her on the ground.

"Hey are you ok?" Kris said holding Andi close.
"Yeah I am. I just can't believe we did that but it was fun" Andi laughed and then moved away to get dressed.
Kris grabbed his boxers and put them on and whispered, "Yeah it was lots of fun".

After their little escapade in the bathroom they both finished getting ready for bed and then went to sleep.

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