Monday, August 17, 2009

Chapter 12

The next few weeks were crazy because of exams and of course Kris being injured but he was now able to practice but that was it. He was still staying at Andi's apartment because as he said he loved having his sexy nurse to make him feel better. Andi laughed at that because part of that time she was secluded to reading for her exams. Kris would actually help her study and he was being good but once in a while he would would make a comment that made Andi blush but then she would deny him a kiss or a make out session and he would be good again.

Andi's exams were finally over and Andi was so happy because she had aced both exams and had gotten "A's" in both of her classes.

Of course Andi was slowing getting used to being pregnant. It was crazy with having morning sickness, eating weird things and of course the baby playing havoc with her bladder.

Kris was very confused by some of the crazy things that Andi wanted to get at the grocery store.
"Andi chocolate ice cream and carrots do not sounds like a good combination" Kris declared but got a death stare from Andi who put both things in the cart.
Kris decided after that to keep his mouth shut for the rest of the time they were in the store.

When they got home Andi and Kris put the groceries away and then Andi got the ice cream and carrots out and put them in a bowl and went and sat down in front of the television to watch a movie and Kris sat down and ignored what she was eating.

Kris was thrilled about being a dad and convinced Andi that they needed to go and shop at 'Babies R Us' because they had nothing for the baby. Andi agreed so one day when they both were free they went shopping for baby supplies.

When they got to the store Andi was overwhelmed but Kris was like a kid in a candy store. He was playing with everything and acting like a kid too. He was here and then he was there and Andi could not keep track of what he was doing so she gave up and went and looked at baby clothes.

Andi was looking at cute little baby girl dresses when a woman came by and was looking at the dresses too and then she said, "Is this your first baby?"
"Yes it is" Andi responded.
"Do you know if its a girl or a boy yet?" asked the woman.
"No not yet. Its too soon" Andi said as she continued to browse.
"I am sure that you will be happy with either one" the lady said as she smiled.
"Yeah I will definitely be happy with either one and very excited to become a mom" Andi said smiling and for the first time she realized that she really was excited about having the baby.

Andi did not know but Kris was close by and smiled to himself after hearing Andi admit she was excited about the baby. Andi continued to look around at clothes when all of a sudden she felt arms come around her waist, "Hey are you having fun?" asked Kris.
"Yeah this is actually fun and all the clothes are so cute and little" Andi said turning around in Kris's arms and looking up at him and he leaned down and kiss her.
"Yeah this place is totally unbelievable" Kris said smiling.
"I saw that you were having fun here" Andi said laughing at Kris.
Kris just shrugged, "Hey I am excited about being a father and want our kid to have a great life and so he or she needs all sorts of things".
"Yeah I agree he or she will have a great life especially since they will have me and you as their parents" Andi said smiling.

They finished shopping for the baby and then they went out to lunch. Then they headed home to relax after a crazy morning of shopping.

As they were sitting on the balcony of Andi's apartment and enjoying a rare warm fall day in Pittsburgh, Kris said, "Hey I heard you at the store that you were excited about the baby. Is that true or were you just being nice to that lady?"
"No its true, Kris. I think when I found out it was just a stressful time with classes ending and you being injured and I just did want need more craziness in my life but now that things are calm, I can actually realized that things will work out because you are here for me and that's all I can ask for" Andi explained.
"I am here for you and always will be because I love you Andi with all of my heart" Kris said and reached for her hand which she gave to him and he pulled her into his lap and he kissed her and then they just sat in each others arms.
"I love you too Kris" Andi said laying her head on his chest as he held her.

That night the Pens were playing at home so Kris was obligated to be there so he had to dress up in a suit. Andi got to be comfortable in her jersey and jeans using the excuse that she was pregnant and of course Kris just shook his head and smiled.
They headed out to the arena and then Kris went up to the box where players who were injured watched the game from while Andi went and found Vero and Kate and enjoyed it from the seats.

Andi and Kris had decided to tell their friends about the baby so when Andi found Kate and Vero at the game that night she sat down and said, "Guys guess what?"
"You and Kris are engaged?" Kate said smiling brightly.
"No" Andi said smiling and then put her hand over her abdomen and looked at the girls.
"Oh my word. You're pregnant!" Vero practically yelled out.
"Shhhh and yes I am" Andi said calmly but excitedly.
"Oh Andi that's wonderful. I am so happy for you and Kris" Kate said hugging her best friend.
"How is Kris reacting to this news?" Vero asked cautiously,
"He is thrilled beyond words about the baby" Andi said happily.
"That is great news, Andi" Vero said smiling.
"Yeah I was a little bit unsure at first because when I found out it was right around when Kris was injured and I was getting ready for exams but then we went to 'Babies R US' and it just hit me how wonderful this miracle I was given because Kris and I love each other. I know it sounds really cheesy but its the truth" Andi explained.
"Yeah Andi it is kind of cheesy but its so sweet in the end because you are so lucky to have Kris. He is such an amazing guy" Kate said.
"Yeah Kris is a sweetheart that is for sure" Vero said.
"Yeah he is a great guy and I am such a lucky girl to be with him" Andi thought smiling to herself.

The game got started and of course it was action packed. Andi was getting text messages from Kris every so often about how certain plays should be happening and then he would ask how she and the baby were doing. Andi just text him back saying she was fine and so was the baby.

Finally the game was over with the Pens destroying the Sabers. Kris was downstairs with his teammates in the locker room congratulating his teammates and waiting for Andi to come down with Kate and Vero. Kris had told his teammates that Andi was pregnant and they were happy for him.

"I can't believe that Tangers is going to be a dad. That's a scary thought for that poor little kid" Jordan joked.
"Hopefully Andi's gorgeous genes will overpower your ugly mug" Max commented so Kris punched Max in the arm.
"Ouch that hurt dude" Max said rubbing his arm.
"You so deserved that, Max" Sidney said, "Congratulations Kris. That is wonderful news".
"Thanks Sid, I appreciate that someone has something nice to say" Kris said giving Sidney a guy hug.

Finally everyone was heading out and Kris found Andi talking with Kate and Vero.

"Hey Kris. Congratulations on being a dad" Kate said giving him a hug.
"Yeah Kris that is wonderful news" Vero said too and then Kris got a hug from her too.
"Thanks Kate, Vero. Yeah I am so excited" Kris said smiling as he put his arm around Andi's waist.
"Hey Kris what's up with hugging all our ladies, man?" Sidney said as he walked over to Kate and put his arm around her waist.
"Are you jealous?" Kate joked as she smiled at Sidney.
"No because I am secure with our relationship" Sidney said smiling down at Kate and then in front of everyone kissed her.
"Whoa Sidney kissed a girl!" Kris hollered and Andi playfully punched him in the stomach.
Marc Andre and Vero just laughed.
Sidney just hugged Kate closer and shook his head, "Its like you have never seen a guy kiss his girlfriend before".
"You are so tight lipped about your personal life that I had to make an announcement even though everyone saw you" Kris joked.
"I am so glad you made sure everyone in Mellon arena knows that I kissed my girlfriend" Sidney joked back as everyone started heading out to their cars for the evening.

Andi and Kris were both exhausted after the game and headed straight to bed and snuggled close for the night.

"Goodnight Kris"
"Goodnight Andi and baby Letang" Kris said caressing Andi's abdomen and then giving Andi a goodnight kiss.

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