Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chapter 5

Kate stayed over Saturday at Andi's because she was still upset over seeing Kris kiss that girl.

"I just don't get it. How could he kiss her and who is she?" Andi questioned angrily.
"I don't know but right now I think we need some sleep" Kate said.
"Yeah I guess you are right" Andi said as she got up and grabbed something to sleep in for herself and Kate.

They were getting ready for bed when there was a loud knocking at Andi's door.
Andi started for the door and Kate stopped her, "Its probably Kris and I don't want you two to start a yelling match at this hour so I will get it and tell him to come back tomorrow".
"Fine" Andi said as she sat down on the bed as Kate left the bedroom.

Kate heard more knocking and then she opened the door and sure enough there was Kris standing there.

"Listen Kris before you say anything, Andi needs some space and time before she talks to you" Kate explained.
"No I need to talk to her now, Kate. Let me in" Kris demanded.
"Kris you are being loud and its late and I don't think the neighbors appreciate this so leave now and come back when Andi is less upset" Kate calmly explained.
"No Kate" Kris pushed passed Kate even though she tried to stop him but its a little hard when you are up against a six foot tall hockey player defenseman who is determined to get somewhere. Kris got to Andi's bedroom door and opened it and Andi sat up and looked at Kris with wide eyes.

"What are you doing in my apartment?" asked Andi quite surprised.
Kris came over and sat down next to Andi, "I am so sorry about that girl in the club".
"You looked like you were happy that she was there and all over you. And then you guys kissed! I thought we were together but maybe I was mistaken" Andi said as tears started to fall again.
Kris pulled her into his arms and Andi tried to push him away but again how can you push away a defenseman who could probably bench press a house.

After a few minutes Andi calmed down and then Kris let her sit back and he looked at her and explained, "That girl is my ex girlfriend, Erin. We broke up two years ago but for some reason she thought that she could fix us but its never going to happen. She slept with a ex friend of mine and I caught them. Its not something that I obviously want to talk about. And if I need to say it then here goes, You are my girlfriend, Andi, because I think I have fallen in love with you. And I say that because you are independent, strong, and have goals in life and its does not hurt that you have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life!"

Andi sat and just looked at Kris and he seem totally sincere about what he had just said. Kris loved her!

"I know that you are surprised at what I just said but it came from the heart and I have no interest in getting back with my ex" Kris said still searching Andi's eyes for forgiveness.
" Kris this is a lot of information at 3am" Andi said biting her lip.
"I know but its all true and I am so sorry for what happened and I needed to explain since you left so quickly tonight. I hope that you can forgive me, Andi".
"Yeah I know sorry about that" Andi said.
"Its fine. If I had been in your shoes I might have done the same thing" Kris said with a smile.
Andi looked at Kris and smiled back at him and said, "I forgive you, Kris but I think we need to learn more about each other before things even more serious between us. Is that cool with you?" asked Andi.
"Whatever you want Andi. I just want you in my life" Kris said giving Andi a hug and this time she let him hold her.

A knock came from Andi's bedroom door and Kris and Andi broke apart to see Kate standing there.

"Hey is everything cool in here?" Kate asked looking concerned at Andi.
"Yeah its cool we talked" Andi said motioning for Kate to come and sit next to her which Kate did.
"I think that I am going to head home and let you two girls get some sleep" Kris said getting up.
"I will walk you to the door" Andi said as she got up and walked with Kris to the door.

At the door Kris turned around and said, "Goodnight Andi".
"Goodnight Kris" Andi said and then Kris leaned down and gave her a quick kiss and then left.

Andi locked up and headed to her bedroom where Kate was still sitting on the bed.

"So everything is cool with you two?" Kate asked.
"Yeah long story short, his ex girlfriend was that girl but they are not getting back together. And Kris told me he loves me" Andi said happily.
"Man well I am glad he is not interested in that girl anymore but I am extremely happy that Kris says he loves you" Kate said giving Andi a hug.
"Yeah I am a very lucky girl and I might be falling in love with him too but I want to be sure when I tell him" Andi said smiling.
"I understand Andi. Goodnight" Kate said getting comfortable on her side of the bed queen sized bed.
"Goodnight Kate and thanks for everything. You are the bestest friend ever" Andi said as she laid her head on her pillow and fell asleep.

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