Sunday, May 30, 2010


Life was now more settled because Kris had signed a long term contract with the Penguins organization. Andi was enjoying being a mother and she did finished her Public Relations degree and became a part time consultant for the Penguins so that she had plenty of time to raise Luc and Brennan.

Kris loved being a dad and had so much fun showing Luc and Brennan all the aspects of hockey. Kris made sure that Brennan and Luc could both skate and have fun no matter whether they decided to play hockey or not.

Andi and Kris were still in love as the first day they met and that was important for a happy life too.


The Penguins won the cup several more times throughout Kris's hockey career. Finally it was time for Kris to retire from hockey and he did a became an assistant defense coach for the Montreal Canadiens. Kris had wanted after his career was over to move back to Montreal and Andi agreed so it was the perfect match for their family.

Andi and Kris ended up seeing their children grow up and become amazing adults. Luc actually did follow in his father's footsteps and became a hockey player but he played right wing in college and then went on and was drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes. As for Brennan, she went to college and enjoyed following her brother's career and decided that sportscasting was more her style. Brennan ended up becoming a sportscaster for ESPN and mainly focusing on the NHL. She was very talented just like her brother and both were successful in their lives and of course Kris and Andi could not be prouder parents.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chapter 42

After all the cup craziness, Kris and Andi were getting ready for the new baby. Andi was now due any moment.

One particular morning Andi was watching Luc play in the den of their new house when she felt her water break.

"Oh goodness, Kris get in here now" yelled Andi which made Luc look at his mom with wide eyes.

Kris ran into the den, "What's wrong sweetheart?"
"We are having a baby. You need to get me to the hospital unless you want to deliver your child here" Andi joked as she got up from the couch.
"Not really. Let me get your bags and then we can head to the hospital." Kris said as he headed to the bedroom to get the bags.
Andi got Luc and headed to the car. She put Luc in his car seat and then Kris put Andi's bag in the trunk. Then Andi and Kris got in the car and they headed off.

As soon as Kris got Andi settled he called Marc Andre Fleury's girlfriend, Veronique because she and Marc Andre were gonna watch Luc for Kris and Andi while Andi was in the hospital. About thirty minutes later Veronique showed up and got Luc.


Andi was listening to the doctor telling her to push and squeezing the mess out of Kris's hand.

"Come on Andi just one more push" the doctor said.
"I can't" Andi said tiredly.
"Yes you can, sweetheart" Kris said.

Andi pushed and then the room with the cries of a baby.

"Congratulations you two have a beautiful baby girl" the doctor said.

"We have a daughter, Andi and she is beautiful" Kris said kissing Andi as the doctor placed their daughter on Andi's chest.
"She is perfect" Andi said as she held her baby girl.

As the new parents were enjoying their new pink bundle of joy the nurse came over to them, "What is her name so we can put it on the birth certificate?"
"Her names is Brennan Elliot Letang" Andi said.

The rest of the evening Kris and Andi enjoyed being the new parents of Brennan.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chapter 41

The celebration of winning the Stanley Cup again in Pittsburgh was thrilling and the whole city was excited. The Penguins parade was lots of fun for everyone and this time Kris had Andi and Luc with him. Andi was taking lots of pictures to capture this moment of the parade for Kris. Luc was having fun in the back of the truck, waving at all people. Everyone was having a blast and enjoying the parade.

After the parade was over everyone was heading to Mario's for a party. It was going to just be the families and good friends hanging out with Lord Stanley.

At the party Andi was talking with Vero and Kate about the Andi's pregnancy.

"Andi, when is this little bundle of joy due?" asked Vero.
"This little bundle is supposed to be born around the end of September so Kris knows that he might miss some of training camp to be a father again" Andi explained happily.
"That is so awesome. I have to wait until around until after the holidays before my little bundle decides to make his or her appearance" Kate said patting her abdomen. She and Sidney had just found out that Kate was expecting during the Stanley Cup Finals. Andi had been thrilled for her best friend because she knew that Kate and Sidney were meant to be together.
"Vero, you know we are all waiting on you and Marc Andre to get onto the baby bandwagon" Andi joked.
"Yeah we shall see" Vero said smiling at Andi and Kate.

Later on Andi went to find Kris and Luc. Kris was hanging out with several of his teammates watching the kids running around.

"Hey Tanger" Andi said putting her arm around Kris's waist and he turned and put his arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.
"Hey beautiful, are you doing ok?" Kris asked looking down at Andi with a smile.
"Yeah I am fine and it looks like Luc is having a blast with the other kids" Andi said smiling back at Kris.
"Yeah and hopefully he will be tired when we get home so it will be easy to get him ready for bed" Kris answered.
"That would be wonderful" Andi said hugging Kris closer.


A few weeks later Kris had his turn with the Stanley Cup and of course he took it home to Montreal and had a family party including Andi's family. Andi's parents and sister made the trip up there to enjoy all the fun. It was a great time and Kris loved that he had Andi and Luc to share this moment.

"Hey Andi" Kris called out from the back door of his parents house.
"Yeah Kris what darling?" Andi asked as she walked over to him.
"Come outside here for a moment ok" he said and held the door for Andi as she walked out.
Kris took her over to a spot on the back deck and pointed up to the stars.
Andi looked up and smiled at the gorgeous display of a cloudless night and said, "Wow Kris that is so beautiful".
"Oui, sa belle comme vous êtes aimée".
"Merci Kristopher. Je t'aime" Andi said.
"Je t'aime Andrea" Kris said and then kissed her deeply under the stars.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chapter 40

***Warning Adult themes***

The Penguins had home advantage again for the Stanley Cup finals because they had earned the most points in the league. Therefore the first two games of the Stanley Cup finals were in Pittsburgh. The Avalanche were a formidable opponent in the first two games. Each team won one game but that did not deter the Penguins in the next two games in Colorado. The Pens played like it was their last games and beat the Avs in both games.

Kris was on a tear too by scoring the game winner in OT in the second game. Of course that made Andi happy too. Kris was really trying to do well because he really wanted to win Lord Stanley's cup again and share the experience with Andi and Luc.

Game five was in Pittsburgh and the Pens had a chance to win the game on home ice which was a big motivator. Sidney gave the team short speech to hopefully get the guys ready for action.

"OK guys this is a huge moment and we can do it. I just want to say its a pleasure going to the rink with you guys everyday and playing our hearts out. So let do this and win for the home team!" Sidney said.

The rest of the guys all nodded their heads in agreement about Sidney's speech and then they headed out for warm ups.

The first period of game five was intense because both teams were motivated by different reasons to win. No one scored during the first period so both teams were even more ready for the second period. Out of no where Sidney sent a shot to Geno and then Geno faked the shot and sent it to Kris who them with all his might shot the puck past the Avalanche goalie to make it 1-0 Pens. Mellon arena went bananas and of course Kris was thrilled too. They had a shot at winning it and nothing was gonna stop them. The rest of the second period was action packed and the Avs had several good scoring shots but Marc Andre was having none of it. Finally the second period was over and everyone was catching their breath until the third period.

The Pens and Avs were back out for third period action and it was a thrilling hockey game. Sidney was determined to score a goal and sure enough he got one past the goalie too and it was 2-0 Pens. But sure enough the Avs fought back and scored a goal late in the third but that goal did not deter the Pens and they ended up winning the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in Penguins history.

All the players and their families were on the ice celebrating the win. Kris found Andi and hugged and kissed her.

"We did it again" Kris said grinning at Andi as he held her.
"Yes you guys did and it was an amazing game. I am so proud of you Kris" Andi said smiling up at Kris.
"I love you" Kris said and then kissed Andi again.

Kris's mom walked over with Luc and smiled at her son.

"Congratulations, Kristopher. Je t'aime" Kris's moms said as she hugged Kris.
"Merci mom" Kris said and then picked up Luc.

"Daddy you won the game" Luc said as Kris held him.
"Yes I did and this is the best day ever because I have you, mommy, Grand mommy and your little baby brother or sister too" Kris exclaimed happily.

The Letang crew as well as the rest of the Pens families and players all headed back to the dressing room for interviews and celebrating the Stanley Cup win.

After all of the celebrating and interviews everyone was ready to go home and chill out. That is what Andi and Kris did. They got home and got Luc to bed and then Kris called his mom to make sure she got to the hotel ok and the he and Andi had their own personal celebration in the bedroom.

Kris pulled Andi into his arms and kissed her and then picked her up and laid her gently onto the bed. Andi and Kris helped each other out of their clothes and then Kris gave Andi all the attention she needed.

"Oh god Kris yes" Andi called out as Kris slowly entered her and then slowly made love to her gently. Andi pulled Kris down to her and kissed him too and then after a few more thrusts, he felt her tighten around him and then her orgasm hit and his followed soon after. Kris swore under his breath and then collapsed on top of Andi and she held him. After a few minutes Kris moved off of Andi and pulled her close as they lay together.

"Making love to you Andi made tonight even more prefect and I love you completely, sweetheart" Kris said looking into Andi's eyes.
"I love you too Tangers and tonight has definitely been an amazing day and night" Andi said smiling back at Kris and then kissing him.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chapter 39

The Eastern Conference finals were starting and the Penguins had the home advantage so the first two games were in Pittsburgh. The games were intense and the Penguins won the first two games but they were close. Then they headed to Raleigh, North Carolina and played the next two games and the Hurricanes won the first one and then the Penguins won the second game.

Now they were back in Pittsburgh, and Kris was psyched because if they won tonight they won the Eastern Conference and move into the Stanley Cup finals. Andi and Luc were in the stands with all the rest of the Penguins wives and girlfriends. It was an extremely intense game with lots of scoring chances and a few fights. But the game ended with the Penguins winning 3 to 1.

After the game Kris found Andi chatting with Kate while they watched Luc run around the room.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said walking over to Andi and pulling her into his embrace and kissing her.
"Hey Tangers. Great game!" Andi said smiling at her husband.
"Hey Kate, how are you?" Kris asked as he held Andi close.
"I am good just waiting on my superstar boyfriend to get finished with all the reporters but its all good" Kate said smiling.
"Yeah Poor Siddo will be in there forever since he is the captain but its his world" Kris joked.
Kate nodded and then Andi, Kris and Luc said their goodbyes and they headed home.

The Penguins would be playing the Colorado Avalanche for the Stanley Cup this year. Andi was excited because she loved Colorado and had family out there. It was going to be another nailing biting series for the Stanley Cup and Kris and his teammates were all ready because they had done it once and it was time to do it again!


Kris and Andi had made a major decision while the playoffs had been going on. They were looking for a new house since they were getting ready to have another baby. They realized that Andi's little apartment had been fine for the three of them but now that Baby Tangers #2 was coming along, they needed more room. So Andi and Kris had been looking at houses in Pittsburgh that fit their needs. They decided that when the playoffs were done that was when they would move into their dream home.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Chapter 38

Andi's pregnancy had started getting easier after the loss of one of the fetuses but there was still one baby for Kris and Andi too look forward to having in their family. It sucked to lose a baby and Andi and Kris dealt with it the best they could. They went to a counselor that the doctor had recommended and that helped out a lot.

Meanwhile the Penguins were in the playoffs again and it was intense practices and games. But Kris was up for it because that was his job. Andi was dealing with it too because in a sense she was a single parent since Kris was in playoff mode. Andi did not mind because she loved being with her baby boy who was actually growing up fast. Luc was now walking, talking and having a personality of his own. Luc was very independent and wanting to get into everything. Andi was glad she had a curious little boy on her hands and not a shy kid that had to be with his parents all the time.

One evening Andi and Luc were at the game with several of the Penguin wives and girlfriends enjoying the game. The Penguins were playing the Flyers in the first round of the playoffs. Of course it was a very high paced game and both teams were not backing down. The game was tied until the third period when out of nowhere Sidney sent a rocket of a shot at the Flyer goalie and scored. Mellon Arena went wild and of course Kate was ecstatic because that was her guy. Sidney and Kate had recently decided to get a place together so of course Andi was happy for her best friend.

The Penguins won that game and went on to sweep the Flyers in four games and then move onto the second round to play the Canadians.

During the second round of the playoffs the Penguins had a harder time against the Canadians. They lost the first game but came back won the next three games but the Canadians were undeterred and won the fifth game but when the game came back to Mellon for game six the Penguins had been given a lecture from Coach Bylsma.

Kris took that lecture to heart and went out and played the game of his career and surprised everyone by getting a hat trick and winning the game for the Penguins. They were going to the Eastern Conference finals again.

That evening at home Andi and Kris were snuggled together in bed enjoying watching the recap of the game.

"Kris, I am so proud of you. That was an unbelievable game and I think you wowed everyone" Andi said looking at Kris who smiled and leaned over to kiss Andi.
"Thanks sweetheart. I realized I needed to do something because I did not want to lose and end my dream to get the Stanley Cup again" Kris said pulling Andi close.
"Yeah I have a feeling you guys are going to go all the way to the top" Andi said smiling at Kris who leaned over for another passionate kiss. Then Andi cuddled closer to Kris and they fell asleep in each others arms.

The Penguins had to wait a little bit to find out who their opponent would be for the finals because the Hurricanes and the Maple Leafs were playing a game seven and it would not happen for two more days. So the guys were having some very intense practices so that they would be in game form for whoever they ended up playing.

Kris was exhausted every evening and so Andi made sure their evenings were relaxing. The three of them would hang out and watch kid movies and have fun family dinners together.

Finally the Penguins found out that they were playing the Hurricanes in the finals and it worked out that the Penguins had home ice advantage for this round.

Everyone was looking forward to another intense and action pack series between the Penguins and the Hurricanes. The Eastern conference finals were about to begin.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chapter 37

Andi went back to the doctor's to get the results of the tests. As she waited for the doctor to come into her room her mind wandered to all the possible scenarios, some good and some bad. Andi put her hand on her abdomen and just hoped the doctor had figured what was going on with this pregnancy.

Kris had not been able to go with Andi to her appointment because of a media event for the Penguins. He had his phone turned on and the volume up so he could hear when Andi called him about her tests results. Kris, Max, Marc Andre, Sidney, Jordan, Tyler and Evegeni were at Dick's Sporting Goods store for an autograph session with kids from the local Boys and Girls Club. It was loud but very controlled and everyone was having a great time talking and hanging out. At one point while Kris was talking with a couple of kids his cell phone went off and he looked and saw that it was Andi.

"Hey I really need to take this guys but I will be right back" Kris said and the kids nodded and Kris answered his phone, "Hey sweetheart what's up?"
"You will not believe this but there were actually two babies but one miscarried really early and that is why I was feeling horrible but the other baby is doing fine" Andi said sounding very upset.
"I am so sorry sweetheart. Are you ok?" asked Kris sounding really concerned. Sidney overheard Kris talking to Andi and walked over to him and got his attention.

"Kris you ok, man?" Sidney asked Kris, who looked at Sidney and shook his head.
"Andi, listen I am coming home so we can talk ok darling. I will be there very soon. Love you" Kris said.
"OK Kris, love you" Andi said and then they both hung up.

"Sid, I need to go and be with Andi now. Some came up and I need to be with her" Kris said shaking slightly.
"Go and be with her and don't worry about it. Family is the most important thing. I will tell everyone you had an emergency so go" Sidney said.
"Thanks Sid. I appreciate it a lot" Kris said heading out of the store.

Sidney walked over to where Kris had been hanging out with the kids and their teammates, "Sorry guys but Kris had a family emergency so he sends his apologies for having to leave so soon".
The kids and the rest of the guys all were understanding and continued on hanging out.

Kris drove as quickly as he could to their apartment. When he got into the apartment he heard Andi crying in their bedroom. He found her sitting on the bed with rocking Luc in her arms. Andi looked up at Kris, who came over and sat down next to her on the bed and put his arms around her. Kris just held Andi for a while as they processed what had just happened.

Finally Andi moved so that she could let Luc sit on the floor and she looked at Kris and he looked at her, "We still are having a baby just not two but its probably for the best".
"Are you really ok with that?" Kris asked looking deeply into Andi's eyes and he could tell she was just saying that but not really believing it at all.
"No" Andi said still looking at Kris.
"I figured. Losing a baby is sad and we will always wonder why it happened" Kris said pulling Andi close to him again.
"Yeah its weird that one baby survived and the other didn't. The doctor says it happens sometimes with twins for many different reasons" Andi explained as she relaxed against Kris's chest.
"Well at least we still have one of them to enjoy and love" Kris said kissing Andi's temple.
"Yeah you are right, Kris" Andi said and then they heard Luc talking and both Andi and Kris moved to see Luc looking at them with an adorable smile and he said, "Dada Dada".
"Oh my goodness, Luc you are too funny, son" Kris said and laughing which made Andi laugh and realize that she was going to be ok with Kris by her side.