Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chapter 37

Andi went back to the doctor's to get the results of the tests. As she waited for the doctor to come into her room her mind wandered to all the possible scenarios, some good and some bad. Andi put her hand on her abdomen and just hoped the doctor had figured what was going on with this pregnancy.

Kris had not been able to go with Andi to her appointment because of a media event for the Penguins. He had his phone turned on and the volume up so he could hear when Andi called him about her tests results. Kris, Max, Marc Andre, Sidney, Jordan, Tyler and Evegeni were at Dick's Sporting Goods store for an autograph session with kids from the local Boys and Girls Club. It was loud but very controlled and everyone was having a great time talking and hanging out. At one point while Kris was talking with a couple of kids his cell phone went off and he looked and saw that it was Andi.

"Hey I really need to take this guys but I will be right back" Kris said and the kids nodded and Kris answered his phone, "Hey sweetheart what's up?"
"You will not believe this but there were actually two babies but one miscarried really early and that is why I was feeling horrible but the other baby is doing fine" Andi said sounding very upset.
"I am so sorry sweetheart. Are you ok?" asked Kris sounding really concerned. Sidney overheard Kris talking to Andi and walked over to him and got his attention.

"Kris you ok, man?" Sidney asked Kris, who looked at Sidney and shook his head.
"Andi, listen I am coming home so we can talk ok darling. I will be there very soon. Love you" Kris said.
"OK Kris, love you" Andi said and then they both hung up.

"Sid, I need to go and be with Andi now. Some came up and I need to be with her" Kris said shaking slightly.
"Go and be with her and don't worry about it. Family is the most important thing. I will tell everyone you had an emergency so go" Sidney said.
"Thanks Sid. I appreciate it a lot" Kris said heading out of the store.

Sidney walked over to where Kris had been hanging out with the kids and their teammates, "Sorry guys but Kris had a family emergency so he sends his apologies for having to leave so soon".
The kids and the rest of the guys all were understanding and continued on hanging out.

Kris drove as quickly as he could to their apartment. When he got into the apartment he heard Andi crying in their bedroom. He found her sitting on the bed with rocking Luc in her arms. Andi looked up at Kris, who came over and sat down next to her on the bed and put his arms around her. Kris just held Andi for a while as they processed what had just happened.

Finally Andi moved so that she could let Luc sit on the floor and she looked at Kris and he looked at her, "We still are having a baby just not two but its probably for the best".
"Are you really ok with that?" Kris asked looking deeply into Andi's eyes and he could tell she was just saying that but not really believing it at all.
"No" Andi said still looking at Kris.
"I figured. Losing a baby is sad and we will always wonder why it happened" Kris said pulling Andi close to him again.
"Yeah its weird that one baby survived and the other didn't. The doctor says it happens sometimes with twins for many different reasons" Andi explained as she relaxed against Kris's chest.
"Well at least we still have one of them to enjoy and love" Kris said kissing Andi's temple.
"Yeah you are right, Kris" Andi said and then they heard Luc talking and both Andi and Kris moved to see Luc looking at them with an adorable smile and he said, "Dada Dada".
"Oh my goodness, Luc you are too funny, son" Kris said and laughing which made Andi laugh and realize that she was going to be ok with Kris by her side.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chapter 36

Warning Adult Content

Andi was having a kinda rough time with this pregnancy and she could not figure out why. She was doing everything the doctors told her to do, like eat right and exercise but she felt horrible all the time. Kris was worried about Andi and he tried his best to help her relax and be stress free.

One day Andi was resting on the bed and Kris was holding her in his lap and rubbing her back.

"Oh god Kris that feels wonderful right now" Andi said after having thrown up for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.
"Good because you need lots of rest" Kris said as he continued rubbing her back.
"I think when I go and see the doctor tomorrow I am going to ask her what is going on with me and this baby because this is ridiculous" Andi complained.
"Yeah we definitely need to know what's going on because you had such a easy pregnancy with Luc so it just does not make any sense" Kris said and then kissed Andi's temple.


The next day Andi went to her doctor's appointment and Kris came along too. The doctor walked in and smiled at them.

"Hello Andi, how are you today?" asked Dr. Evans.
"Not that great and this is my husband, Kris" Andi said as Dr. Evans and Kris shook hands.
"Nice to meet you Kris and Andi, let's see what is going on shall we" Dr. Evans said as she started to check Andi out.

The doctor put some gel on Andi's abdomen and the turned on the sonogram machine so they could look at the baby. The baby was very small since it was early in Andi's pregnancy but they saw it but the doctor did not see anything unusual so she decided to have the nurse take some blood and they would do some tests to see if something else was going on to make Andi feel so bad during this pregnancy.

Andi and Kris left the doctors office and headed out to lunch. They got to the restaurant and were seated and they started talking about the baby.

"I really hope that everything will be ok sweetheart" Kris said smiling at Andi.
"Yeah I am worried now because she said that once in a while a mom and baby can have Rh blood differences and that can be a problem" Andi said looking concerned at Kris.
"I know you are worried, Andi, but we will just have to wait and see what the tests say and then deal with everything then. Right now I want you to forget about the tests and just enjoy the fact that we are having another baby and the fact that I love you so much" Kris said taking Andi's hand and kissing her palm.
Andi smiled at Kris and said, "I love you too Kris".
They continued their lunch and then headed to pick up Luc at daycare.

Later on that evening, Kris and Andi were in bed watching a movie and then Andi slid her hand across Kris's chest. Kris turned his head to look down at Andi who was smiling at him devilishly.

"Are you sure about this, sweetheart?" asked Kris being a gentleman as he turned so that he was on his side facing Andi.
"Yes buddy or else I would not be initiating this now would I?" Andi giggled as Kris started to tickling her and then moved above Andi.
Kris started laughing too because Andi found Kris's soft spot as she nibbled on his earlobe and whispered naughty things in his ear.
Then Kris helped Andi out of her pajamas and then Kris quickly took off his boxers.

They both starting touching and kissing each other. Kris then flipped them over so that Andi was on top. Andi looked at Kris like he was crazy.

"Hey I think it will be hot to have you in charge since you started this, Sexy Mama" Kris joked.
"Fine I don't mind being in charge now" Andi said with a devilish grin and then took Kris's hands and put them above his head, "You can not touch me unless I tell you, got it buster!" demanded Andi and Kris shook his head, yes and smirked.

Andi started by giving Kris a deep and hard kiss on his lips and then she moved her kisses along his jawline and then his neck. Then Andi moved along his chest and then stopped at his abs. She moved her hands across his abs and then moved back up to kiss him again on his lips. Kris was going crazy and Andi knew it and that was the plan finally she looked at him, "Kris you can now touch me". And with that Kris quickly flipped them so that he was on top and then spread Andi's legs and slid fast into Andi. Kris started moving in and out of Andi quickly and Andi was going crazy now because of the amazing feelings that Kris was creating with their lovemaking. Kris leaned down and starting kissing Andi's neck and that made Andi lose it quickly as her orgasm hit her powerfully, "Oh my god Kris, yes yes YES!" Kris felt Andi's orgasm and then he moved one more time and then he felt his too and he swore under his breath and then collapsed in Andi's arms. After Kris and Andi both calmed down, Kris moved off of Andi and lay on his back. Andi moved onto Kris's chest and smiled down at her husband, "Mr. Letang that was outta this world but I think you knew that, right" Andi laughed.
"You know Mrs. Letang, I always want to make sure that I love you in an outta this world kinda way" Kris joked with a huge grin on his face.
"I love you too" Andi said and then leaning up to kiss Kris deeply.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chapter 35

Andi and Kris were back in Pittsburgh and both were back to the real world. Andi was working and Kris was back to playing. The fans were thrilled that Kris was back on the ice and so were his teammates. Andi was also getting used to have Luc at daycare and Luc loved being around other kids.

Life was back to normal until Andi started to feel nauseous one day at work but she thought nothing of it because they were cleaning the arena for a game and she thought it was the fumes getting to her. Andi finally left work that day and headed to pick up Luc from daycare because Kris has some interview with the NHL network.

When Andi picked up Luc he was happy to see her.

"Hey little guy, how's my man?" Andi asked Luc who was giggling and smiling.
Luc just continued to coo and then the teacher said, "He was really good today and ate really well, Mrs. Letang".
"Thanks so much, Ms. Jessica. You are so good with him and the other babies in here and he loves being here" Andi said as she got Luc and his stuff together and then headed out.

When Andi got back home, she started feeling nauseous again. So she set Luc down on the floor of the bedroom and ran into the bathroom and threw up. Andi felt her forehead and she did not feel hot and then it hit her as she looked in the mirror.

"No this is crazy but then again its totally possible. O brother" Andi sighed and then walked back over to Luc and sat down next to him.
"So little guy what do you think about being a big brother" Andi asked Luc who was busy playing his blanket.
Andi continued to think and talk out loud to Luc, "I wonder what your dad is going to think about the possibility of another baby Letang".
"I think that would be wonderful" Kris said and Andi turned to see Kris standing in the doorway of their bedroom.
"Holy moly, you surprised me" Andi said shaking her head.
"Sorry about that but I figured I better answer since you were talking about me" Kris said as he went and sat down next to Andi and he put his hand on her abdomen, "So you think you might be pregnant again?"
"Geez its possible but I will go to the doctor's later on this week and find out for certain" Andi said as she leaned her head on Kris's shoulder.
"If you are then this is wonderful and I am happy because being a dad is the greatest thing ever" Kris exclaimed as he smiled brightly.
"I agree with you, Kris, being a parent is amazing" Andi said as she lifted her head to look at Luc and smile.

Later on that week, Andi went to the doctor to find out if she was pregnant. The nurse has just taken her blood and she was waiting for the results. Finally the doctor walked back into the room.

"Mrs. Letang you are pregnant" the doctor said as she wrote something in Andi's file.
"Wow that's cool" Andi said smiling.

As Andi left the doctor's office she headed to the Mellon arena to find Kris. The guys were practicing and Andi went to the door to the ice and caught the attention of Bill Guerin.

"Hey Andi, what can I do for you?" asked Bill.
"Can you get Kris for me please?" Andi asked sweetly.
"I think I can" Bill said as he shut the door and skated over to Kris and then Kris looked over and smiled and headed towards Andi.

"Hey beautiful" Kris said as he leaned down and kissed Andi's temple.
"Hey Hot Stuff" Andi said smiling at Kris.
"What do I owe this personal visit from my gorgeous wife?" Kris asked looking utterly amazing in his practice gear.
"I have news" Andi said and before she could say anything Kris just looked at her and grinned and pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.
"Ok we don't need to see that now" Max said as he walked by the two of them.
"Hey get over it Talbot, I am going to be a dad again so I need to celebrate with my wife" Kris exclaimed as he continued to hold Andi close.
"Congratulations" Max said smiling at Andi and Kris.
"Thanks Max" Andi said.

Later that day Kris, Andi and Luc had an enjoyable family evening together. They went for a walk around a nearby park. Kris pushed Luc in a baby swing while Andi decided to swing too. It was lots of fun just hanging out together.

That evening after Andi put Luc to bed, she came out and found Kris looking at a baby names book.

"So what names have you come up with for this little person" Andi said as she sat down next to Kris on the sofa.
"I don't know since we do not know if its a boy or a girl" Kris said as he looked at Andi.
"Do you want a boy or a girl this time?" asked Andi as she looked at Kris.
"I don't care truthfully" Kris said shrugging.
"I want a little girl since we have a boy but if its a boy I am fine with that too" Andi said.
"Yeah a little girl would be wonderful and she will not date until she is 30 and has a career" Kris joked.
"Kris, you are hilarious" laughed Andi.
"Hey I am going to be protective if it is a girl. I just want our children to be happy and successful".
"I understand and like the way you think, darling".
"Good then let's watch the Islanders and Rangers game tonight because I need to see what we have to deal with for our game against the Rangers" Kris said and so he turned on the tv as he and Andi snuggled together.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chapter 34

Warning Adult Content

Andi and Kris were enjoying their time in the Bahamas for their honeymoon. They spent lots of time on the beach and in the bedroom.

Kris planned a special candlelight dinner in their room one night. Andi had gone to the spa for the day and Kris had worked things out with the resort so that Kris could surprise Andi. When Andi got back from her day at the spa, she noticed that the room was only lit by candles and smelled like heaven.

Andi wandered further into their suite to see a beautiful table setting with roses and candles. She looked at the food and it was one of her favorites, shrimp with pasta. There was even a bottle of white wine on the table too. As Andi was checking out the setting she did not notice as Kris came up behind her and put his arms around her. She jumped and Kris laughed.

"So you think its funny to scare your wife, eh" Andi said as she turned around in Kris's arms.
"Yeah kinda but who else did you think was putting their hands on you?" Kris asked.
"Nobody except for you can touch me" Andi exclaimed as she leaned up to kiss Kris.

Kris then lead Andi to her seat and pulled out her chair and helped her get settled at the table and then went and sat down across from her. The food look amazing and Andi wasted no time in trying the wonderful smelling food in front of her.

"Oh my this is so tasty. Kris thank you for this wonderful dinner" Andi said as she enjoyed her food.
"Anything for my beautiful wife" Kris said smiling at Andi and he too enjoyed his dinner.

After dinner Kris had brought along some cds and they happen to have a cd player in the suite so he put in one of the cds so they could dance.

"Mrs. Letang, may I have this dance" Kris asked as he took Andi's hand in his and pulled her too him.
"I think that can be arranged, Mr. Letang" Andi joked as she put her arms around Kris's shoulders and then they slow danced to the music.
"Kris, this is a wonderful ending to my fun day at the spa so thank you" Andi said as she enjoyed just being in Kris's arms.
"What can I say I am just an awesome husband and you are welcome, sweetheart. I just thought we could have a nice romantic dinner alone since most of the time we have been eating at the restaurants here" Kris said smiling at his beautiful wife.

Later on that evening, Andi and Kris decided to go for a evening walk along the beach. Andi took Kris's hand in hers as they wander along the private beach of the resort. At one point, Kris decided to sit on the sand and made Andi sit in front of him as he held her as they listened to the waves come onto the sand. The stars were out and the sky looked like a bunch of tiny diamonds all shiny and bright.

They had been sitting for a while and Andi started to shiver and Kris hugged her tighter and asked, "Are you ready to head back?"
"Yeah, I am getting a little cold" Andi said snuggling closer to Kris so he got up and helped her up and they headed back to the hotel.

When they got back to the room, Kris pulled Andi into his arms and kissed her deeply and then picked her up and took her to the bed where he proceed to lay her down. Andi looked up at Kris and smiled as he took off his shirt and then laid back down next to her. Andi proceeded to help Kris out of the rest of his clothes and then her clothes.

Kris leaned down and kissed Andi deeply and then he moved to nibble on her earlobe and whisper, "I love you so much Andrea" and then let his hands and lips wander all over her body. Andi giggled as the sensations that Kris's hands and lips were doing to her body. It felt like heaven and Kris knew exactly what made her go crazy. Finally he moved back up and kissed her again and she moved her legs so that he could enter her in one strong movement. Kris started a rhythm and Andi match his motions and it felt perfect.

"Oh god Kris! Wow yes oh my wow" was about all Andi could say as Kris continued to love her. Kris said something incoherent as he moved above Andi and then she felt his hand moved between them and caress her breasts and she lost it then as her orgasm hit her hard, "Good God Kris yes yes!" which set Kris off on his orgasm too and he emptied his seed into Andi's womb. They both were exhausted afterwords and Kris collapsed on Andi as she held him tightly. Kris finally moved off of Andi and rolled onto his back and Andi moved onto his chest so she could look at him.

"I love you" Andi said as she smiled at Kris and he put his arm on her back and said, "I love you too".
"Kris that was earth shattering as it always is" Andi joked as she smiled.
"It was unbelievable and perfect as it always is with you Andi" Kris said as he grinned.
"You are a nut but what can I say, I am perfect" Andi joked.
"Yes you are in every way sweetheart" Kris agreed.


They spent the next couple of days enjoying their honeymoon as a happy newlyweds. Finally it was time to head back to Pittsburgh and deal with the real world. Plus Andi and Kris missed their son, Luc, and could not wait to see him and their family and friends.