Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chapter 16

Christmas day arrived and Andi woke up first and sat up and watched Kris sleeping. She smiled to herself and then got up and headed into the bathroom when she walked back into the bedroom, Kris reached out for her and she walked back over to the bed and she climbed back in.

"Merry Christmas Andi" Kris said as he pulled her back into his embrace.
"Merry Christmas to you too" Andi said as she kissed him and then said, "When I came out of the bathroom, I heard my parents downstairs and me and Baby Letang are starving so come on sleepyhead and move your cute butt along".
"OK fine "Miss Antsy" Kris joked as he got up and headed into the bathroom and then they headed downstairs.

"Merry Christmas Mom, Dad, Elise" Andi said as she gave them all hugs.
"Merry Christmas Andi and Kris" her parents said as they were getting breakfast together.
"Merry Christmas guys" Elise said sitting at the table enjoying some hot chocolate.

Andi and Kris sat down at the table too and then her parents brought over breakfast and they all sat and enjoyed Christmas breakfast. Afterwords they headed into the living room to open presents.

Later on that day the weather had warmed up a bit and so Andi and Kris decided to take a walk. They wandered around the neighborhood and saw some kids at another house trying their best to build a snowman.

"Are you having a good time with my family?" Andi asked Kris.
"I am having a great time. Your family is really cool" Kris said taking Andi's hand and kissing her palm and then smiling at her.
"Good because I know they like you too. I was kinda worried what my parents were going to say when I told them about, Baby Letang, but looks like my mom is excited about being a grandmother" Andi said smiling back at Kris.

They got back from their walk and Andi said that she needed a nap and Kris decided that he would do the same. So they headed up to the bedroom and got comfortable and snuggled together for their nap.

Andi woke up to something smelling wonderful in the kitchen so she got up and headed downstairs and went to see what was going on the kitchen. Her mom was making mashed potatoes, turkey and carrots plus pumpkin pie for dessert.

"Oh man, mom this smells wonderful. How long before we eat because I am starving or should I say we are starving" Andi asked as she patted her abdomen and laughed.
"Soon sweetie. I know you two are hungry" Andi's mom laughed as she continued to work on the food.

Andi wandered into the den and saw that her father and sister were watching a repeat of last years Stanley Cup game seven between the Pens and the Wings. Andi went over to sit on a chair.

"I wonder who wins this game?" Andi said sarcastically and then looked at her dad.
"It should have been the Wings but I know I can't say that because you are now dating a Penguin player" Andi's dad joked back.
"Yeah you can't say anything bad about the Pens anymore because you are soon going to have a son in law who is a Pen" Andi laughed.
"I will get over it but it might take some time" Mr. Walker laughed too.

They all went back to watching the game. Kris finally wandered into the den and found Andi and she moved over so she could sit in his lap.

Finally it was dinner time and they all went into the dining room and had a very nice Christmas dinner as a family. All the food looked amazing and tasted wonderful and everyone agreed that this had been a perfect Christmas.

That evening everyone sat in the den and watched "A Christmas Carol" on television. After the movie everyone was tired so they all headed to bed.

When Andi and Kris were in their room for the night, Kris looked at Andi and kissed her, "Merry Christmas Andi. I love you and this had been a perfect Christmas. I just wanted to let you know".
"Merry Christmas Kris and it has been amazing and I love you too" Andi said kissing Kris back.

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