Friday, August 7, 2009

Chapter 1

Pittsburgh Penguins Defenseman #58 Kristopher Letang fan story!
Rating NC-17
By Caroline :)

A fresh start is always an adventure and that is what Andi wanted more than anything. She was moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to do just that and go back to school to get a degree in Public Relations. She had also gotten an interview for a job as an assistant for the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey organization. The job was basically just getting coffee, making copies and filing for the Penguins Media Relations department but it would work well with her school schedule so that is where Andi was heading now.

Andi got there and walked into the offices and found the receptionist.

"Hello I am Andi Walker and I have an interview with Mrs. Sheila Golden."
"I will let her know. Please have a seat" the receptionist said and then got on the phone.

Andi went and sat down and waited. She was a little nervous but was really hoping that she would get the job.
After about five minutes a lady walked out and came over to Andi, "Hello Ms. Walker and I am Mrs. Golden and its nice to meet you."
Andi shook Mrs. Golden's hand, "It is nice to meet you to, Mrs. Golden."
"Let's head to my office" Mrs. Golden said as Andi followed her down the hallway to an office.

Mrs. Golden motioned for Andi to have a seat and she did. They talked about Andi's goals in life and in the work world. After about fifteen minutes, Mrs. Golden was quiet impressed with what she had heard from Andi.

"Mrs. Walker, I am impressed and normally I would tell someone that I would get back to them but I think that you are the best person for the job. So if you are interested you have the job" Mrs. Golden said.
"I am very interested in the job" Andi said smiling.
"Very well then can you come back tomorrow at eleven o'clock so that we can get your paperwork finished and then you can start on Monday."
"I will be here tomorrow at eleven, Mrs. Golden and thank you for your time meeting with me today" Andi said as they shook hands again.
"Sounds good and I will show you to the lobby now" Mrs. Golden said as they headed back.

Andi had the rest of the day to wander around Pittsburgh and also check out apartments because if she had a job she needed a place to stay. She was staying with some friends but probably would not have to stay with them as long as she thought since she got the job. Andi had already taken care of getting her school classes earlier.

That evening Andi hung out with her friends and they talked about Andi's new job and how much fun it would it was that Andi was now in Pittsburgh.

The next day Andi headed over the the Penguins offices at eleven. She talked to the receptionist again and then Mrs. Golden came out and they headed into the office to fill out paper work. After that was done, Mrs. Golden gave Andi a tour of the offices and the arena. Mrs. Golden gave Andi a history lesson the Penguins organization but Andi already knew but kept quiet and just nodded at the appropriate times. Finally Andi saw and met with the Media Relations people that she would be working with on Monday. They were extremely friendly and very excited for Andi to start.

As they headed back to the lobby Mrs. Golden told Andi one perk for working with the Penguins was that she would get two tickets for all home games and they were good seats. Andi liked that perk of her job and thanked Mrs. Golden again and that she would see her at eight o'clock on Monday morning.

That evening Andi and her friends decided to celebrate Andi's new job with the Penguins. They went to Diesel a club that would be fun to check out. They had a great time checking out the cute guys and of course a few adult beverages helped out with the fun too.

At one point Andi and her friends were out on the dance floor having fun when a security guard came over and tapped Andi on the shoulder. Andi looked up and was kinda wondering what did I do but she could not think of anything and then the guard said loudly, "Hey someone was checking you out from the VIP area and was wondering if you want to come up?"
"Sure but only if my friends can come too because we all came together" Andi said.
"How many?" the guard asked.
"Its just three of us" she said.
"That's cool follow me".

So Andi and her two friends followed the guard to the VIP area. When they got up to the VIP area, Andi looked around trying to figure out who in the world had invited her up here. She and her friends went over to the bar and got another round but then were told that the drinks were on the house. They were not complaining but the VIP area was kinda crowded but not as bad as the lower area. Andi looked around the room and there were several guys that Andi kinda recognized but no acknowledgment of the guy who had been checking her out like the guard said.

Andi and her friends found a sofa and went and sat down because they were all needed a break from dancing earlier. They started talking and guessing which cute guy had invited them up there because no one was paying them any attention.

Andi thought well maybe this guy is shy but then again who knows. They continued their conversation when finally a guy walked over to them.

"Hey ladies I am glad you decided to come up here and hang with us" the guy said.
Andi looked at this guy and immediately recognized him and asked, "Hey are you the one that invited us up here?"
"Yeah I did. By the way my name is Max Talbot" the guy said.
"Hey I am Andi and these are my friends, Kate and Tara" Andi said.
Max shook all their hands and then said, "Come on over here and meet my friends, OK"
So Andi, Kate, Tara followed Max over to a huge sofa area where there were as Andi figured out most of younger players from the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team were hanging out.

Max introduced Andi and her friends to the guys and they sat down and started talking with them. Kate blurted out the Andi was going to be working in the Penguins offices soon. Andi was like 'oh my word' Kate did not just announced that here but the guys seemed cool with that and starting talking with her about her new job. One guy in particular that Andi had kept discreetly checking out ended up noticing her staring and smiled back at her. Andi closed her eyes because she could not believe she had been caught checking him out and then he got up and walked over to her and sat down.

"Hi I am Kris and you must be Andi" he said putting his hand out.
Andi shook his hand, "Nice to meet you Kris and yes I am Andi".

They chatted for a while and Kris asked for Andi's number which totally surprised her but she thought he had beautiful eyes and a hot accent so she gave it to him.

Finally after a while the girls thanked the guys for the fun time and hoped to see them around again. They left and headed back to the apartment and all got ready for bed. Andi fell asleep dreaming of Kris's beautiful eyes and accent.

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