Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chapter 7

Andi woke up the next morning as her alarm went off. She did not remember turning on her alarm but then it hit her, Kris. She got up and got ready for her day.

As Andi was getting her cell phone off its charger, she saw a note and opened it.

If you are reading this then I turned on your alarm clock correctly.
I hope you slept well last night and by the way the Avalanche won the game.
Have a great day tomorrow and see you at Mellon.
I love you, Kris :)

Andi smiled as she read the note and then put her cell phone in her purse and headed off to work.

When Andi got to the arena it was crazy there were fans everywhere and then it hit her that the Penguins were having an open practice today so fans could come and watch. She drove into the area where people who worked with the Penguins could park and she just happened to find a spot next to Kris's car and parked. She headed towards the entrance and showed her pass and went into the building.

Andi got to her cubicle and put things away and then got started with a project that Mr. Anderson had given her yesterday. As she was working on that she heard Mr. Anderson call her name so she got up and walked into his office.

"Good morning Mr. Anderson" Andi said politely.
"Good morning Andi. Do you mind heading down to the ice this morning and helping, Sara with showing where people can sit for this mornings practice. I know I ask you to do that other thing but that can wait and no rush with it ok. Oh and just stay and enjoy practice and then when its over come back up with Sara" Mr. Anderson said.
"Sure no problem Mr. Anderson" Andi said as she headed towards the ice and found Sara and helped her out.

There were media people who were sitting in one area and fans were to sit in another area. Andi and Sara got everyone situated and then they sat back and watched the guys practice. It was really cool and fun seeing all the drills and other skills they worked on.

Kris happen to look up in the seats at one point and see Andi and smiled to himself and figured she had gotten his note. He was still staring at her when someone bumped into him and he looked to see who decided to hit him.

"Wake up Tangers" called out Max as he pushed Kris and then looked to see what was staring at and then laughed.
"Dude what's the deal with hitting me in practice?" Kris said pushing Max back.
"Your attention is needed on the ice not making googly eyes with your girlfriend" Max said in a cutesy voice.
"I will give you googly eyes if you don't shut up Max" Kris said and then skated off to shoot some pucks at Marc Andre.
Max just laughed and then skated off himself towards Sidney and a few others who were listening intently to what the coach was saying.

Practice ended and Sara and Andi made sure everyone headed out in an orderly fashion and the two of them headed back to the offices.

Andi headed to her car after work and saw a note on her windshield so she took it off and read it.

Hope you had a good day.
I will bring dinner over before the game.
Then we can drive together.
Love, K

Andi did not have class that night which was nice so she was able to go to the game but they had an assignment they had to turn in to the professor so that is where Andi was headed now. After that she was heading home to take a bath to relax after the kinda busy day at work.

Andi got home after stopping off at school and dumped all her stuff on the floor of her room and went to draw her bath. She decided to put some bubbles in it just for the fun of it. Finally Andi got in and it felt so relaxing that she ended up falling asleep. After a while she kept hearing a knocking sound and could not quite figure out where it was coming from and then it hit her, Kris. She got out of the tub and grabbed a towel and put it around herself and went to answer the door.

"Hey I like the outfit a lot, Andi" Kris said winking and then pulling her towards him and kissing her.
Andi just blushed, "I kinda lots track of time and was relaxing in the tub after a kinda crazy day".
"Well I hope you are hungry because I brought dinner. I assume you got my note" Kris said letting go of Andi and heading into the kitchen.
"Yeah I did and thanks for getting dinner. That was sweet of you, Kris".
"Hey anything you wish is my command, Andi. Now go and get dressed so we can eat because I am starving" Kris said shooing Andi to her bedroom while he set up dinner.

Andi came out a few minutes later dressed in a pair of jeans and a Letang jersey that Kris had given her a few weeks back.

"I like the outfit" Kris said smiling and pulling out her chair and Andi sat down.
"Thanks some random guy gave this old jersey to me. He even autographed it for me too. He thinks he is something special and I have no idea who he was but I figured it has penguins on it so I figured I would fit in" Andi joked as she ate her food.
"OH really some random guy huh. Did he had a name by chance?" asked Kris playing along.
"Yeah he said his name was 'Kristopher Letang' but I don't know anyone by that name" Andi said teasingly.
Kris just laughed as he continued to eat. When they were done they both cleaned up and then headed out to the arena.

Kris parked his car and being the gentleman that he was went around and opened the door for Andi and helped her out of the car.
They walked hand in hand into the arena and of course the fans were screaming, "Kris, Kris" and he waved with his free hand to the fans. Andi looked up and of course several of the female fans looked at her liked she was evil.

"That was interesting" Andi said as they got inside.
"What do you mean?" Kris said looking at Andi confused.
"I think your female fans are not happy to see a girl on your arm" Andi explained.
"I really don't care what they think. You are my girlfriend and that is all that matters" Kris said pulling Andi into his arms for his pregame hug and then he kissed her before she headed upstairs to find her seat and watch the game.

Veronique was at the game and so Andi was able to talk with her. Kate had a family thing so she was not able to come but had sent Sidney a good luck text before the game. Andi knew something was kinda slowly starting between Kate and Sidney and that was cool with her. Kate had told Andi that they were just good friends and that he had given her quick kiss after a game but Sidney made sure it was in private. Andi was happy for Kate especially since they were best friends.

The Pens were playing the New Jersey Devils that night but the Pens never really got into a good groove and ended up losing the game 3 to 5.

Andi went down to wait for Kris and when he finally came out he looked disappointed.
Andi did not say anything to him as he walked over to her and gave her a hug. She held him and then he said, "Lets get out of here". So they left the arena and got into the car and went to Andi's apartment.

It was late and Kris came in with Andi and she looked at him, "I guess I will see you tomorrow at the arena".
"Actually I was hoping that I could stay over tonight and I promise to keep my hands to myself" Kris said as he put his hands in his pockets.
"Well I guess so since you promised you can stay" Andi said taking one of Kris's hands out of his pocket to lead him into the bedroom.

Andi grabbed her pajamas and headed into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Kris stayed in the bedroom and striped down to his boxers his t shirt and then got into bed. Andi came out later and climbed in next to Kris. Andi lay on her side looking at Kris who was looking at her.

"Goodnight Kris" Andi said smiling.
"Goodnight Andi" Kris said leaning in for a good night kiss and then he pulled her into his embrace and Andi snuggled into his chest and fell asleep instantly.

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