Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 10

Mild Adult Content

Kris got up and headed into the bathroom and then headed into the kitchen to make something that resemble breakfast for the two of them. Andi woke up a few minutes later and went into the bathroom and then headed into her kitchen to see what in the world Kris was trying to do.

"Please don't destroy my kitchen" joked Andi as she went over to Kris and gave him a good morning kiss.
"Hey I am not a complete disaster in the kitchen" laughed Kris as he pulled out the cereal and bowls.
"Oh boy cereal for breakfast. Thanks Rachel Ray" Andi said sarcastically and ate her cereal.
"Yeah make fun of me and my awesome cooking skills" Kris said sticking out his tongue.
Andi stuck her tongue out back at Kris and finished eating.

They cleaned up and then Kris had to head out but promised to call when he got to Miami which was their first stop.

"I will be watching the game tomorrow night after class" Andi said as Kris was holding her.
"You better be" Kris said and kiss her and then left.

Monday evening finally came around and Kris had called Andi when they got to the hotel. And they talked until Kris had to leave for a team meeting.

Andi was watching the game and the Pens were beating the crap out of the Panthers. Andi was impressed that Kris was kicking ass. The third period was starting and the Panther players were playing really rough and hitting hard. At one point Kris was skating to help defend against a Panther player and the guy purposefully hit Kris at a bad angle and Kris went down on his ankle wrong and could not get up quick. A penalty was called against the Panthers and a Pens trainer came out to help Kris off the ice. Kris was wincing badly because the pain in his ankle was horrible.

Andi was in shock and was really worried about Kris. She was like please be ok and come back out onto the bench. Andi watched the television and the game went on and Kris did not come back and then she heard the commentator say that Kris had sprained his ankle and was out for the rest of the game and the road trip. Andi was so upset and knew that Kris was pissed off.

Andi watched the rest of the game and was happy when the Pens won. Then she headed to bed but kept her cell phone nearby because she was sure that Kris would call.

Andi woke up the next morning and realized that Kris had never called her. Oh well she headed for the bathroom and then got ready for work. She tried to call him before she headed out the door but got his voice mail and left him a message.

Andi got to work and was really busy. Finally she sat down to work on something at her desk her phone started ringing and she answered it.

"Kris hey how are you feeling?" Andi asked.
"I will feel better when I am with you" Kris said and then tapped Andi on the shoulder.
Andi jumped out of her seat and dropped her phone, "Good gracious Kris you scared me".
"Sorry" Kris said as Andi bent down and picked up her phone and then turned it off.
Kris had his ankle in a cast so that it would be stable and he was using crutches too.
"I like the gold and black cast there. Very stylish" Andi smiled.
"Yeah the doctor said I could choose a couple of colors if I wanted to so of course I went with gold and black".
"Sounds good. So I know that you are not happy to come home early from a road trip because of this".
"I want to be playing and helping the guys win but here I am injured but I hope that a certain someone will be willing to play nurse for me" Kris said suggestively as he winked at Andi.
"I heard that "Iceberg" is available to be your nurse" Andi came back with and Kris looked at her with a look of disgust.
"No, the Penguins mascot is not going to take care of me its going to be you in a sassy and skimpy little nurses outfit" Kris whispered into Andi's ear. She blushed bright red and Kris said, "I think I have a couple errands to run so I am going to go but I am planning on staying at your place until you have cured me. I will see you later" Kris said as he hobbled out of her cubicle.
Andi just stood there and wondered what in the world Kris had up his sleeve especially since he declared she was taking care of him.

Andi headed to class and when she got there the teacher had left a sign in sheet and an assignment to take and work on so she headed home.

When Andi got home she walked in to see Kris sitting on her sofa with his ankle propped up on some pillows.

"Hey beautiful, I thought you had class?" Kris asked.
"No she canceled but had an assignment to work on so I am home early which is nice because I am tired" Andi said as she headed to her bedroom and dropped off her stuff and then walked back to the living room where Kris was making himself at home.

"Do you want anything?" Andi said as she walked into the kitchen to get a bottle of water for herself.
"Actually there is a something" Kris said and Andi walked over to where he was sitting and sat on the table in front of him.
"What?" asked Andi.
"You see that box over there. Bring it over here to me" Kris said.
Andi got up and got the box and brought it to Kris and gave it to him. He motioned for her to sit where she was so she did.
Kris opened the box and the showed Andi what was inside and her eyes popped out of her eye sockets.
"You have lost your freaking mind Kris" Andi said loudly.
"No I have not you are going to wear this while you take care of me" Kris grinned.
"It will barely cover anything" Andi said punching Kris's arm gently.
"Hey that hurt" Kris said rubbing his arm.
"Oh get over yourself Kris. I barely hit you crybaby" Andi said annoyed.
"Since you want to be mean to poor injured Kris then you have to go and put that outfit on now" Kris demanded.
"Excuse me" Andi said looking at Kris like he had lost his freaking mind.
Kris got up off the sofa and picked Andi up and threw her over his shoulder and then grabbed the outfit and slowly walked her into the bedroom and dropped her onto the bed and threw the outfit at her, "Put it on now because I hurt and need the help of "Sexy Nurse Andi" this evening".
Then Kris hobbled out of the bedroom but before he shut the door he gave Andi his puppy dog eyes and left Andi sitting on the bed with the sexy nurse outfit.

Andi could not believe that she was doing this but she went into the bathroom and got situated in the outfit and looked at herself in the mirror and did her hair and makeup and found a pair of high heels that looked good. She took a deep breath and then opened the door to the bedroom and sashayed out into the living room and stopped in front of Kris.

"I heard there was a poor injured hockey player here that needed my help" Andi said standing in front of Kris who was smiling at this unbelievable sexy nurse.
"That would be me" Kris said sitting up and taking Andi's arm and pulling her to his lap.
"What can I do to make you feel better?" Andi asked in her best sexy voice.
"Kiss me" Kris said.
So Andi kissed Kris and then Kris deepened the kiss and let his hands roam all over her body.
Before Andi realized it Kris had taken off the nonexistent outfit she had been wearing and his shirt and boxers were off too. He lowered her onto him and they made love there on the couch.

After the fun in the living room they made it into the bedroom where they both got ready for bed and snuggled closely and went to sleep.

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