Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chapter 6

Andi was back to work on Monday morning getting coffee for everyone in the Media Relations office then she was off to run a bunch of copies. Andi was chilling in the copier room thinking about a project she had to finish for a class when she heard someone call her name.

"Andi, where are you?" called Mr. Anderson.
"I am here" Andi said as she stepped out of the copier room so he could see her.
"Oh good there you are. Listen can you run down to the ice and give these papers to Coach Bylsma right now" asked Mr. Anderson.
"Absolutely sir" Andi said taking the papers and heading down towards the ice. As she was getting closer she could see the guys skating around and shooting the puck at an empty net. Andi went over towards the door that leads onto the ice and saw that Marc Andre was near so she opened the door and called out to him.
"Hey Marc" Andi said and Marc Andre saw her and skated over to her.
"Hey Andi what's up" he asked in his adorable French Canadian accent.
"I need to give these papers to Coach Bylsma. So can you get him for me?" asked Andi.
"Sure not problem. Just close that door for your own protection because sometimes guy miss the net even in practice and I don't think that Kris would want you to be hit by a puck" joked Marc Andre as he skated off and get Coach Bylsma.

A few minutes later Coach Bylsma skated over to Andi and opened the door and stepped off the ice.
"Hey Marc Andre said you have something for me" Coach Bylsma said smiling.
"Yeah Mr. Anderson said to give you these papers" Andi said smiling back.
"OH yeah thank you. Tell Mr. Anderson I will get them filled out and back to him after practice".
"I will do that sir" Andi said as she headed back towards the offices. Andi had not seen Kris on the ice and was wondering where he was. Oh well Andi thought and then her phone started vibrating and she pulled it out of her pocket and of course she was not paying attention to where she was walking and she bumped into a tall guy and fell on her butt. Looking up Andi found Kris standing there laughing.

"Oh so me falling on my butt is funny to you, eh" Andi said as Kris extended his hand and helped her up.
"Sorry its just that we keep bumping into each other around here and I mean literally" Kris said.
"Yeah I know what's up with that" Andi said shaking her head and laughing.
"Maybe you just want to worship the skates of the best defenseman in the world" Kris said sarcastically.
"Sure Kris but I think you got it mixed up and you should be worshiping me the worlds best media assistant for the Penguins" Andi said smiling at Kris.
Kris walked closer to Andi and whispered in her ear, "Oh believe me, I worship everything about you and can't wait to show you more when you are ready". Then he winked at Andi and headed out onto the ice.
Andi blushed and then headed back upstairs to the offices and went to the staff lounge and got a cold water bottle from the refrigerator. She sat down on a chair and drank some of her water and remembered that she needed to finish the copies so she got up and headed towards the copy room.

That evening when Andi got home from class she started working on her homework and got distracted by what Kris had said to her at work.

"Andi you need to concentrate on this project and forget Kris" Andi said talking to herself. She continued to work until she heard a knock at her door.
Andi got up from the table and went to look through the peephole. It was Kris standing there so Andi opened the door.

"Hey" Kris said as he gave Andi a quick kiss as he walked inside her apartment.
Andi closed the door and turned to see Kris go and sit down on her sofa.

"I hate to say but I am working on homework so I am not great company tonight" Andi said heading back to the table and sitting down.
"That's fine. I just wanted to be in the same place as you tonight so do you mind if I watch TV?" asked Kris.
"No that's fine" Andi said getting back to what she was working on.

Every so often Kris would look over at Andi and smile at how serious she was concentrating on whatever it was that she was working on. He liked that she had wanted to succeed and do her best.

Finally Andi finishes her homework and puts her work neatly into a folder and then walks over to where Kris was and sits down next to him.
Kris puts his arm around her shoulders and they chill out watching a western conference hockey game between the Avalanche and the Coyotes.

Andi ends up falling asleep against Kris's chest. He picks her up carefully and then takes her back to her room where he lays her on the bed and covers her with a blanket. He also turns on her alarm and kisses her cheek and heads out but not before he writes her a note and leaves it by her cell phone.

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