Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 17

Finally it was time for Andi and Kris to head back to Pittsburgh. They had a great time visiting Andi's family but now it was time to get back into the real world. Andi's parents took them to the airport and Andi and Kris said their goodbyes right before they went through security.

"Thanks for everything mom and dad. This had been a wonderful Christmas" Andi said hugging her parents.
"I agree its been lots of fun visiting with all of you and thanks for having me" Kris said shaking Mr. Walkers hand and giving Mrs. Walker a hug.
"It was wonderful seeing both of you and we are so glad you came to visit" Mr. Walker said.
"I agree it was a wonderful time. And I will miss you Andi but I know we will see you soon. And Kris it was wonderful to meet you finally" Mrs. Walker said smiling at them.

It was time for Andi and Kris to head to their gate so last hugs and goodbyes were said then Kris and Andi headed through security.

Kris and Andi got back to Pittsburgh a couple hours later and were very happy to see Andi's apartment. They both dropped their bags on the bedroom floor and both were exhausted after the trip and headed straight to bed.

The next day Kris had practice and was slowly but surely was healing and the trainers were saying that they were hoping that Kris would be able to play by the end of January. Andi was thrilled that Kris would soon be playing and not constantly needed her attention not that she minded but when they were at games and he had to sit up in the team box and Andi was sitting with the girls and all Kris would do was text her all game long about anything and everything.

Andi was leaving class and heading to her car and she heard someone call her name, "Andi, hey Andi hold up".
Andi turned to see a guy from one of her classes, "Oh hey Sam what's up?"
"Hey I don't mean to hold you up but I was just wondering if you were interested in working on that project together" Sam asked.
"Yeah sure that would be fine" Andi said as she put her bags into her car.
"Cool what's your number?" Sam asked and they exchanged numbers and then Sam headed to his car and Andi got into her car and headed home.

When Andi got home she went into the kitchen and then made herself something to eat and then went and got comfortable on the sofa and turned on the television and ate her dinner. Andi's cell phone started ringing and she looked at it to see who was calling her and it was Kris.

"Hey hot stuff, what's going on?" Andi said smiling to herself.
"Hey beautiful, not much just hanging out and thinking that I might come over" Kris said.
"That's fine. I am just chilling out because its been a long day" Andi said.
"Yeah I bet it has. How are your new classes this semester?" Kris asked.
"They are both fine and luckily they are both shorter semester classes so I will be finished with them before I have the baby. I was kinda worried but it worked out in the end. Thank goodness".
"That really works out perfectly. Ok well I will be over shortly".
"Sounds good. See ya".

Andi finished her dinner and cleaned up and tried to straighten up a little bit before Kris showed up. Luckily Andi's place was already clean and ready for whoever stopped by because that was just the way Andi was about her apartment. Sure enough about fifteen minutes later, Kris arrived.

"Hey" Kris said as he walked in and shut the door and then headed over to Andi and sat down next to her.
"Hey yourself" Andi said giving Kris a quick kiss.
"So are we just chilling out tonight?" Kris asked as he got comfortable on the sofa and pulling Andi against his chest. Andi snuggled up and responded, "Yeah we are just sitting her and not moving for a long time". Kris just laughed and then they watched the Rangers play the Islanders.

Andi ended up falling asleep on Kris's chest and Kris moved slightly trying not to wake Andi up but she did.

"Hey sorry I did not mean to wake you?" Kris said as he held out his hands and she took them and helped her up.
"Its fine and I actually need to go to the bathroom anyway thanks to the baby" Andi laughed and then headed towards the bathroom.

Andi walked out and went to get some pajamas, "Are you staying here tonight?" asked Andi as she went to finish getting ready for bed.
"Yeah I think I will" Kris said as Andi walked out of the bathroom and Kris headed in.

Andi got comfortable in bed and was asleep before Kris came out and he turned out the lights and got into bed and moved so that he could hold Andi next to him in bed.

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