Monday, August 17, 2009

Chapter 11

Andi's classes were winding down to the end of the semester and so it was exam time. Andi was really trying to concentrate but she was not feeling so hot. Usually if she lay on her back on the bed with the ceiling fan going on it felt relaxing. Kris was worried too because Andi had not been feeling well and it was the beginning of flu season.

"Hey you need to go to the doctor" Kris commented.
"I don't have the time with exams and work" Andi said laying still on her back on the bed on evening.
"No you need to make time Andi. I am worried and want you to feel better soon" Kris said laying on his side looking at Andi.
"Hey we can go now. Those urgent care places stay open forever. Let's go" Kris said sitting up and helping Andi up too.
But as soon as Kris did that Andi felt like she was going to puke and ran off into the bathroom where sure enough she threw up everything.
"Andi sweetie are you ok?" Kris asked as he walked over to her.
"No Kris I feel wonderful. Give me a break. I feel like I am going to die. UGH" Andi complained as she sat up and Kris handed her a wet washcloth. Andi cleaned washed her face and then slowly got up and brushed her teeth.
"Let's go" Andi declared as she realized she could not take feeling this horrible anymore. So they left and went to the doctors.

As Andi waited in the room for the doctor, Kris kept looking at her because she looked pale and wanted to make sure she did not faint. At one point Andi laid back on the doctor's table while they waited and Kris looked up.

"Hey are you ok?" Kris said standing up next to her and taking her hand in his.
"I hope so. I hate being sick" Andi said closing her eyes.

A few minutes later the doctor walked in, "Hey I am Dr. Carson. Ms. Walker how are you doing this evening?"
Andi slowly sat back up with Kris's help, "I am exhausted, been throwing up and not really interested eating".
"I would like to ask you some personal questions so do you mind if your....?"
"Boyfriend and yeah you can ask in front of him" Andi answered.
"Very well is there a possibility that you could be pregnant?" the doctor asked looking at Andi.
"I don't know" Andi said looking at Kris and then back to the doctor.
"I am going to have the nurse take some blood and we can find out very quickly. Is that ok Ms. Walker?"
"Yeah sure that's fine".
"Fine the nurse will be back shortly".

The doctor left and Kris walked over to Andi and smiled, "Hey wouldn't that be awesome if we are having a baby". Andi looked at Kris with a worried look, "Kris I have school that I really want to finish before we have kids".
Kris could tell that Andi was not totally thrilled with the possibility of being pregnant.

The conversation ended as the nurse walked in and got Andi ready to take some blood. After she got the blood she said the doctor would be back with the results shortly and then left Andi and Kris in the room alone again.

Kris sat down in a chair and grabbed a magazine and started looking at it while Andi laid back down on the table and stared at the ceiling thinking about the possibility of being pregnant with Kris's baby. Its not like she did not want his baby but she had a plan to finish school and get the Public Relations degree she had dreamed about for a long time. She sighed and knew that Kris was not happy with her answer earlier. She looked over at him he was intently reading something and then she looked back at the ceiling and put her hand over her eyes.

Finally the doctor knocked and the came in and Andi sat up and looked at the doctor and she put down the the folder, "Ms. Walker congratulations you are pregnant".
Kris had put down the magazine and looked at Andi and smiled. Andi smiled back but on the inside she was not thrilled.
"Thanks doctor" Andi said trying to be happy for Kris.
"Here is some information that you should read and then you need to go and see your regular doctor soon" the doctor said.
"I will do that tomorrow" Andi said taking the papers and getting off the table.

Kris and Andi headed out after the doctor and the checked out and left the office.

The ride back to Andi's apartment was quiet because Kris saw that Andi was looking at the papers the doctor had given her. He concentrated on driving them home and knew they would be having a major discussion very soon.

When they got into the apartment Andi headed straight back to her bedroom and laid back down on the bed.

"Andi we need to talk" Kris said following Andi into the bedroom and sitting next to her on the bed.
"I know" Andi said opening her eyes and looking at Kris.
"What do you think about us having a baby?" Kris asked.
"I know that you are not going to be happy with my answer but I really want to finish my degree".
"You don't have to you now because I will marry you and you can be a hockey wife and raise the kids".
Andi sat up and looked Kris in the eyes, "You told me before that you were impressed that I was goal oriented and did not have to rely on you all the time. And maybe I don't just want to be the little wife who just raises the kids. I want this degree and I want to work because its been my dream since forever. I can't believe you Kris. So just because you got me pregnant you want me to just quit and then cater to all your desires. You know before I say anything that I really regret I suggest that you leave and let me think about some stuff".

Kris just looked at Andi and then got up and grabbed his cell phone and walked out of the apartment and slammed the door. Andi sat back down on her bed and tried to calm down from yelling at Kris for being a chauvinistic pig. She put her hand on her abdomen and knew that the stress might not be a good thing for the baby so she took some deep breaths to relax. Before she knew it she was asleep.

Kris got home and decided to take a run on his treadmill. He was thinking 'how could she not want to just be with me and start a family'. He knew that she was right but he had just started talking without thinking but he really wanted to be with Andi and their baby. Kris finished his run and then jumped into the shower and the headed to bed.

Andi woke up when she heard her cell phone go off so she picked it up not looking to see who it was calling her.

"Hello" said a half awake Andi.
"Hey its time to get up and I am sure you did not set your alarm so I figured I could at least do something right for you today" Kris said.
Andi looked at the clock and smiled, "Thanks Kris. I am sorry for blowing up at you but I sure you know where I am coming from when I said what I said".
"Yeah I thought about what you said last night while I was running and how about I come over later this evening and we can talk. That is if you want to" Kris suggested.
"Yeah that would be great" Andi said as she sat up on the bed.
"Cool ok well I will let you get ready for work. I love you Andi" Kris said sweetly.
"I love you too Kris" Andi said.

They hung up their phones and both got ready for the day.

Andi finally got home from her long day and went and sat down on the sofa and turned on the television. She got comfortable and ended up falling asleep on the sofa and did not even hear when Kris showed up and let himself in. He smiled at the sight of Andi asleep. He knew she was exhausted so he quietly went and set up dinner because he was sure she had just come home and fell asleep. After everything was ready he walked over to the sofa and knelt down next to Andi and gently shook her.

"Sweetheart wake up" Kris said.
Andi moved and then opened her eyes to see Kris next to her, "Hey when did you get here?"
"A little while ago but I let you sleep while I got you something to eat" Kris said helping Andi up and lead her to the kitchen table and then she sat down.
"Wow this looks great but I am not feeling so hungry" Andi said biting her lip.
"You need to eat for the baby" Kris said sitting next to her putting his hand on her abdomen.
Andi looked down at his hand and knew Kris was right and so she picked up her fork and started to eat. Kris sat back and ate too.

They finished and cleaned up and headed into the living room and sat down so they could talk.

"Andi you can still finish school and have our baby. We will figure out something together" Kris said holding Andi.
"Yeah I know we will together" Andi said as she felt so relaxed in Kris's arms leaning her head on his chest.
Kris kissed the top of Andi's head and then grabbed the remote and turned on the Pens verses Thrasher game.

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