Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chapter 37

Andi went back to the doctor's to get the results of the tests. As she waited for the doctor to come into her room her mind wandered to all the possible scenarios, some good and some bad. Andi put her hand on her abdomen and just hoped the doctor had figured what was going on with this pregnancy.

Kris had not been able to go with Andi to her appointment because of a media event for the Penguins. He had his phone turned on and the volume up so he could hear when Andi called him about her tests results. Kris, Max, Marc Andre, Sidney, Jordan, Tyler and Evegeni were at Dick's Sporting Goods store for an autograph session with kids from the local Boys and Girls Club. It was loud but very controlled and everyone was having a great time talking and hanging out. At one point while Kris was talking with a couple of kids his cell phone went off and he looked and saw that it was Andi.

"Hey I really need to take this guys but I will be right back" Kris said and the kids nodded and Kris answered his phone, "Hey sweetheart what's up?"
"You will not believe this but there were actually two babies but one miscarried really early and that is why I was feeling horrible but the other baby is doing fine" Andi said sounding very upset.
"I am so sorry sweetheart. Are you ok?" asked Kris sounding really concerned. Sidney overheard Kris talking to Andi and walked over to him and got his attention.

"Kris you ok, man?" Sidney asked Kris, who looked at Sidney and shook his head.
"Andi, listen I am coming home so we can talk ok darling. I will be there very soon. Love you" Kris said.
"OK Kris, love you" Andi said and then they both hung up.

"Sid, I need to go and be with Andi now. Some came up and I need to be with her" Kris said shaking slightly.
"Go and be with her and don't worry about it. Family is the most important thing. I will tell everyone you had an emergency so go" Sidney said.
"Thanks Sid. I appreciate it a lot" Kris said heading out of the store.

Sidney walked over to where Kris had been hanging out with the kids and their teammates, "Sorry guys but Kris had a family emergency so he sends his apologies for having to leave so soon".
The kids and the rest of the guys all were understanding and continued on hanging out.

Kris drove as quickly as he could to their apartment. When he got into the apartment he heard Andi crying in their bedroom. He found her sitting on the bed with rocking Luc in her arms. Andi looked up at Kris, who came over and sat down next to her on the bed and put his arms around her. Kris just held Andi for a while as they processed what had just happened.

Finally Andi moved so that she could let Luc sit on the floor and she looked at Kris and he looked at her, "We still are having a baby just not two but its probably for the best".
"Are you really ok with that?" Kris asked looking deeply into Andi's eyes and he could tell she was just saying that but not really believing it at all.
"No" Andi said still looking at Kris.
"I figured. Losing a baby is sad and we will always wonder why it happened" Kris said pulling Andi close to him again.
"Yeah its weird that one baby survived and the other didn't. The doctor says it happens sometimes with twins for many different reasons" Andi explained as she relaxed against Kris's chest.
"Well at least we still have one of them to enjoy and love" Kris said kissing Andi's temple.
"Yeah you are right, Kris" Andi said and then they heard Luc talking and both Andi and Kris moved to see Luc looking at them with an adorable smile and he said, "Dada Dada".
"Oh my goodness, Luc you are too funny, son" Kris said and laughing which made Andi laugh and realize that she was going to be ok with Kris by her side.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chapter 36

Warning Adult Content

Andi was having a kinda rough time with this pregnancy and she could not figure out why. She was doing everything the doctors told her to do, like eat right and exercise but she felt horrible all the time. Kris was worried about Andi and he tried his best to help her relax and be stress free.

One day Andi was resting on the bed and Kris was holding her in his lap and rubbing her back.

"Oh god Kris that feels wonderful right now" Andi said after having thrown up for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.
"Good because you need lots of rest" Kris said as he continued rubbing her back.
"I think when I go and see the doctor tomorrow I am going to ask her what is going on with me and this baby because this is ridiculous" Andi complained.
"Yeah we definitely need to know what's going on because you had such a easy pregnancy with Luc so it just does not make any sense" Kris said and then kissed Andi's temple.


The next day Andi went to her doctor's appointment and Kris came along too. The doctor walked in and smiled at them.

"Hello Andi, how are you today?" asked Dr. Evans.
"Not that great and this is my husband, Kris" Andi said as Dr. Evans and Kris shook hands.
"Nice to meet you Kris and Andi, let's see what is going on shall we" Dr. Evans said as she started to check Andi out.

The doctor put some gel on Andi's abdomen and the turned on the sonogram machine so they could look at the baby. The baby was very small since it was early in Andi's pregnancy but they saw it but the doctor did not see anything unusual so she decided to have the nurse take some blood and they would do some tests to see if something else was going on to make Andi feel so bad during this pregnancy.

Andi and Kris left the doctors office and headed out to lunch. They got to the restaurant and were seated and they started talking about the baby.

"I really hope that everything will be ok sweetheart" Kris said smiling at Andi.
"Yeah I am worried now because she said that once in a while a mom and baby can have Rh blood differences and that can be a problem" Andi said looking concerned at Kris.
"I know you are worried, Andi, but we will just have to wait and see what the tests say and then deal with everything then. Right now I want you to forget about the tests and just enjoy the fact that we are having another baby and the fact that I love you so much" Kris said taking Andi's hand and kissing her palm.
Andi smiled at Kris and said, "I love you too Kris".
They continued their lunch and then headed to pick up Luc at daycare.

Later on that evening, Kris and Andi were in bed watching a movie and then Andi slid her hand across Kris's chest. Kris turned his head to look down at Andi who was smiling at him devilishly.

"Are you sure about this, sweetheart?" asked Kris being a gentleman as he turned so that he was on his side facing Andi.
"Yes buddy or else I would not be initiating this now would I?" Andi giggled as Kris started to tickling her and then moved above Andi.
Kris started laughing too because Andi found Kris's soft spot as she nibbled on his earlobe and whispered naughty things in his ear.
Then Kris helped Andi out of her pajamas and then Kris quickly took off his boxers.

They both starting touching and kissing each other. Kris then flipped them over so that Andi was on top. Andi looked at Kris like he was crazy.

"Hey I think it will be hot to have you in charge since you started this, Sexy Mama" Kris joked.
"Fine I don't mind being in charge now" Andi said with a devilish grin and then took Kris's hands and put them above his head, "You can not touch me unless I tell you, got it buster!" demanded Andi and Kris shook his head, yes and smirked.

Andi started by giving Kris a deep and hard kiss on his lips and then she moved her kisses along his jawline and then his neck. Then Andi moved along his chest and then stopped at his abs. She moved her hands across his abs and then moved back up to kiss him again on his lips. Kris was going crazy and Andi knew it and that was the plan finally she looked at him, "Kris you can now touch me". And with that Kris quickly flipped them so that he was on top and then spread Andi's legs and slid fast into Andi. Kris started moving in and out of Andi quickly and Andi was going crazy now because of the amazing feelings that Kris was creating with their lovemaking. Kris leaned down and starting kissing Andi's neck and that made Andi lose it quickly as her orgasm hit her powerfully, "Oh my god Kris, yes yes YES!" Kris felt Andi's orgasm and then he moved one more time and then he felt his too and he swore under his breath and then collapsed in Andi's arms. After Kris and Andi both calmed down, Kris moved off of Andi and lay on his back. Andi moved onto Kris's chest and smiled down at her husband, "Mr. Letang that was outta this world but I think you knew that, right" Andi laughed.
"You know Mrs. Letang, I always want to make sure that I love you in an outta this world kinda way" Kris joked with a huge grin on his face.
"I love you too" Andi said and then leaning up to kiss Kris deeply.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chapter 35

Andi and Kris were back in Pittsburgh and both were back to the real world. Andi was working and Kris was back to playing. The fans were thrilled that Kris was back on the ice and so were his teammates. Andi was also getting used to have Luc at daycare and Luc loved being around other kids.

Life was back to normal until Andi started to feel nauseous one day at work but she thought nothing of it because they were cleaning the arena for a game and she thought it was the fumes getting to her. Andi finally left work that day and headed to pick up Luc from daycare because Kris has some interview with the NHL network.

When Andi picked up Luc he was happy to see her.

"Hey little guy, how's my man?" Andi asked Luc who was giggling and smiling.
Luc just continued to coo and then the teacher said, "He was really good today and ate really well, Mrs. Letang".
"Thanks so much, Ms. Jessica. You are so good with him and the other babies in here and he loves being here" Andi said as she got Luc and his stuff together and then headed out.

When Andi got back home, she started feeling nauseous again. So she set Luc down on the floor of the bedroom and ran into the bathroom and threw up. Andi felt her forehead and she did not feel hot and then it hit her as she looked in the mirror.

"No this is crazy but then again its totally possible. O brother" Andi sighed and then walked back over to Luc and sat down next to him.
"So little guy what do you think about being a big brother" Andi asked Luc who was busy playing his blanket.
Andi continued to think and talk out loud to Luc, "I wonder what your dad is going to think about the possibility of another baby Letang".
"I think that would be wonderful" Kris said and Andi turned to see Kris standing in the doorway of their bedroom.
"Holy moly, you surprised me" Andi said shaking her head.
"Sorry about that but I figured I better answer since you were talking about me" Kris said as he went and sat down next to Andi and he put his hand on her abdomen, "So you think you might be pregnant again?"
"Geez its possible but I will go to the doctor's later on this week and find out for certain" Andi said as she leaned her head on Kris's shoulder.
"If you are then this is wonderful and I am happy because being a dad is the greatest thing ever" Kris exclaimed as he smiled brightly.
"I agree with you, Kris, being a parent is amazing" Andi said as she lifted her head to look at Luc and smile.

Later on that week, Andi went to the doctor to find out if she was pregnant. The nurse has just taken her blood and she was waiting for the results. Finally the doctor walked back into the room.

"Mrs. Letang you are pregnant" the doctor said as she wrote something in Andi's file.
"Wow that's cool" Andi said smiling.

As Andi left the doctor's office she headed to the Mellon arena to find Kris. The guys were practicing and Andi went to the door to the ice and caught the attention of Bill Guerin.

"Hey Andi, what can I do for you?" asked Bill.
"Can you get Kris for me please?" Andi asked sweetly.
"I think I can" Bill said as he shut the door and skated over to Kris and then Kris looked over and smiled and headed towards Andi.

"Hey beautiful" Kris said as he leaned down and kissed Andi's temple.
"Hey Hot Stuff" Andi said smiling at Kris.
"What do I owe this personal visit from my gorgeous wife?" Kris asked looking utterly amazing in his practice gear.
"I have news" Andi said and before she could say anything Kris just looked at her and grinned and pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.
"Ok we don't need to see that now" Max said as he walked by the two of them.
"Hey get over it Talbot, I am going to be a dad again so I need to celebrate with my wife" Kris exclaimed as he continued to hold Andi close.
"Congratulations" Max said smiling at Andi and Kris.
"Thanks Max" Andi said.

Later that day Kris, Andi and Luc had an enjoyable family evening together. They went for a walk around a nearby park. Kris pushed Luc in a baby swing while Andi decided to swing too. It was lots of fun just hanging out together.

That evening after Andi put Luc to bed, she came out and found Kris looking at a baby names book.

"So what names have you come up with for this little person" Andi said as she sat down next to Kris on the sofa.
"I don't know since we do not know if its a boy or a girl" Kris said as he looked at Andi.
"Do you want a boy or a girl this time?" asked Andi as she looked at Kris.
"I don't care truthfully" Kris said shrugging.
"I want a little girl since we have a boy but if its a boy I am fine with that too" Andi said.
"Yeah a little girl would be wonderful and she will not date until she is 30 and has a career" Kris joked.
"Kris, you are hilarious" laughed Andi.
"Hey I am going to be protective if it is a girl. I just want our children to be happy and successful".
"I understand and like the way you think, darling".
"Good then let's watch the Islanders and Rangers game tonight because I need to see what we have to deal with for our game against the Rangers" Kris said and so he turned on the tv as he and Andi snuggled together.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chapter 34

Warning Adult Content

Andi and Kris were enjoying their time in the Bahamas for their honeymoon. They spent lots of time on the beach and in the bedroom.

Kris planned a special candlelight dinner in their room one night. Andi had gone to the spa for the day and Kris had worked things out with the resort so that Kris could surprise Andi. When Andi got back from her day at the spa, she noticed that the room was only lit by candles and smelled like heaven.

Andi wandered further into their suite to see a beautiful table setting with roses and candles. She looked at the food and it was one of her favorites, shrimp with pasta. There was even a bottle of white wine on the table too. As Andi was checking out the setting she did not notice as Kris came up behind her and put his arms around her. She jumped and Kris laughed.

"So you think its funny to scare your wife, eh" Andi said as she turned around in Kris's arms.
"Yeah kinda but who else did you think was putting their hands on you?" Kris asked.
"Nobody except for you can touch me" Andi exclaimed as she leaned up to kiss Kris.

Kris then lead Andi to her seat and pulled out her chair and helped her get settled at the table and then went and sat down across from her. The food look amazing and Andi wasted no time in trying the wonderful smelling food in front of her.

"Oh my this is so tasty. Kris thank you for this wonderful dinner" Andi said as she enjoyed her food.
"Anything for my beautiful wife" Kris said smiling at Andi and he too enjoyed his dinner.

After dinner Kris had brought along some cds and they happen to have a cd player in the suite so he put in one of the cds so they could dance.

"Mrs. Letang, may I have this dance" Kris asked as he took Andi's hand in his and pulled her too him.
"I think that can be arranged, Mr. Letang" Andi joked as she put her arms around Kris's shoulders and then they slow danced to the music.
"Kris, this is a wonderful ending to my fun day at the spa so thank you" Andi said as she enjoyed just being in Kris's arms.
"What can I say I am just an awesome husband and you are welcome, sweetheart. I just thought we could have a nice romantic dinner alone since most of the time we have been eating at the restaurants here" Kris said smiling at his beautiful wife.

Later on that evening, Andi and Kris decided to go for a evening walk along the beach. Andi took Kris's hand in hers as they wander along the private beach of the resort. At one point, Kris decided to sit on the sand and made Andi sit in front of him as he held her as they listened to the waves come onto the sand. The stars were out and the sky looked like a bunch of tiny diamonds all shiny and bright.

They had been sitting for a while and Andi started to shiver and Kris hugged her tighter and asked, "Are you ready to head back?"
"Yeah, I am getting a little cold" Andi said snuggling closer to Kris so he got up and helped her up and they headed back to the hotel.

When they got back to the room, Kris pulled Andi into his arms and kissed her deeply and then picked her up and took her to the bed where he proceed to lay her down. Andi looked up at Kris and smiled as he took off his shirt and then laid back down next to her. Andi proceeded to help Kris out of the rest of his clothes and then her clothes.

Kris leaned down and kissed Andi deeply and then he moved to nibble on her earlobe and whisper, "I love you so much Andrea" and then let his hands and lips wander all over her body. Andi giggled as the sensations that Kris's hands and lips were doing to her body. It felt like heaven and Kris knew exactly what made her go crazy. Finally he moved back up and kissed her again and she moved her legs so that he could enter her in one strong movement. Kris started a rhythm and Andi match his motions and it felt perfect.

"Oh god Kris! Wow yes oh my wow" was about all Andi could say as Kris continued to love her. Kris said something incoherent as he moved above Andi and then she felt his hand moved between them and caress her breasts and she lost it then as her orgasm hit her hard, "Good God Kris yes yes!" which set Kris off on his orgasm too and he emptied his seed into Andi's womb. They both were exhausted afterwords and Kris collapsed on Andi as she held him tightly. Kris finally moved off of Andi and rolled onto his back and Andi moved onto his chest so she could look at him.

"I love you" Andi said as she smiled at Kris and he put his arm on her back and said, "I love you too".
"Kris that was earth shattering as it always is" Andi joked as she smiled.
"It was unbelievable and perfect as it always is with you Andi" Kris said as he grinned.
"You are a nut but what can I say, I am perfect" Andi joked.
"Yes you are in every way sweetheart" Kris agreed.


They spent the next couple of days enjoying their honeymoon as a happy newlyweds. Finally it was time to head back to Pittsburgh and deal with the real world. Plus Andi and Kris missed their son, Luc, and could not wait to see him and their family and friends.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 33


Andi and Kris were headed off to the Bahamas for a week of fun and relaxation. They got to the resort which was amazing. Their room was huge and Andi was a little bit overwhelmed at the size and extravagance but she knew Kris wanted only the best for her, not that she was complaining, but something more simple was her style.

Andi went to the balcony to check out the view from their room, while Kris was talking with the bellhop. Andi walked out and was amazed at the view they had of the beach. The view was breathtaking with the perfect blue sky and the ocean seemed to go on forever. She knew that she wanted to go and relax on the beach and maybe play in the water so Andi headed back into the room and went to her suitcase to find her new bikini that she had gotten for this trip. Then she headed into the bathroom to get ready for the beach and while she was doing that, Kris saw her disappear into the bathroom and knocked on the door.

"Hey Andi, you ok?" Kris asked.
"Yeah just getting into my swimsuit because I want to go and relax on that beautiful beach I just saw so move you cute ass along and you can join me" Andi replied.
"OK sounds good" Kris said as he went to get himself ready for the beach.

Andi and Kris settled their towels on a quiet part of the beach and then decided to go swimming in the ocean. They splashed around and just enjoyed the view around them.

"Wow this place is unreal" Andi exclaimed as she floated on her back.
"Yeah its great" Kris said watching as Andi just relaxed in the water.
"Man you really can forget about all the craziness of life while being here" Andi said enjoying the sun against her skin.
Kris then splashed Andi and she stood up and looked at Kris, "What was that for?"
"I don't know. I just felt like it" Kris laughed.
"Oh so you just wanted to eh" Andi smirked and then splashed Kris back and he did not expect it and then he grabbed her and pulled her to him and then kissed her.
"I bet you did not expect that" Kris laughed again.
"Yeah I did because you are my adorable husband and we are on our honeymoon" Andi said giggling.
"Well then I guess it will have to happen again" Kris said and proceeded to kiss Andi again.

After a while Andi and Kris went back to their towels and dried off and decided to walk along the beach. Kris took Andi's hand in his as they wander along the beach and checked out seashells.

Finally they headed back to their hotel room to get ready for their dinner reservations. As they were heading to the hotel restaurant, Kris turned to Andi and said, "You look amazing Mrs. Letang".
"Why thank you Mr. Letang. You don't look so shabby yourself" Andi said as she smiled at Kris, who smiled back.

After dinner, Andi and Kris headed back to their room because they both were exhausted from the day of traveling. They went and sat on the balcony of their room and enjoyed the view. Kris was holding Andi in his lap and Andi was resting on Kris's chest. They sat there for a while until Kris noticed Andi had fallen asleep in his lap. He hated to move her because she seem so relaxed but he thought they would be more comfortable in bed plus it was their wedding night and of course Kris was looking forward to that.

"Andi sweetheart, sorry to wake you up but I think we will be more comfortable in bed" Kris said as he slightly shook Andi awake.
"Oh gracious did I fall asleep. I guess I was really comfy in your lap." Andi said drowsily as she stretched her arms.
"Actually I think you are exhausted just like me but I have a second wind because you know what we get to do now" Kris said as he winked and grinned like a cheshire cat.
"We get to go to sleep now" Andi said sarcastically as she got up off of Kris's lap and headed inside. Kris followed Andi inside as he closed the doors. Andi headed into the bathroom so that she could get herself ready for bed. Kris knocked on the door, "Hey are you decent? Not that it matters because you are my wife".
"Kris, just give me a minute, please" Andi responded.
"Are you OK sweetheart" Kris said sounding worried.
"I am fine. Don't worry your cute little butt" Andi laughed which made Kris feel better and he got himself situated.

A couple of minutes later Andi came out of the bathroom and walked over to the bed where Kris was sitting in a pair of boxers. He turned and his eyes went wide. Andi was in a white baby doll nightie with a silk robe. She looked like an angel to him at that moment.

"Oh my god Andi! What are you trying to do to me?" Kris exclaimed as he let his eyes roam all over her body.
"I was trying to kill you with beauty and then take all your money and run to Vegas and live it up" Andi joked as she sat down next to Kris on the bed.
"Well at this point I would so let you do that and I will die a happy man" Kris laughed as he pulled Andi close and kissed her deeply.

Kris laid Andi down and of course he took off that nightie, robe and his boxers and proceeded to kiss Andi everywhere. Andi squirmed at the feeling of Kris's lips on her body because it felt like heaven.
"Oh god Kris that feels so good" Andi called out and Kris continued what he was doing until he could not take it anymore himself. He moved back up and looked into Andi's eyes, "I love you" was all he said before he kissed her deeply and then she moved her legs and he slowly entered her. Kris took his time with his movements. Slow first then a little faster and of course he knew he was driving Andi nuts but it felt perfect too. Andi grabbed onto Kris's shoulders and held on as she felt her orgasm hit her quickly. She cried out Kris's name several times which drove Kris to finally thrust one more time and spill his seed into Andi's womb as he felt his orgasm hit too. They lay together for a little bit and then Kris moved off of Andi and pull her close. They snuggled together and then Andi looked up at Kris, "Hey I love you too" she said and then kissed Kris and then they feel asleep together their first night as husband and wife.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter 32

The next morning came and Andi and Elise were up and decided to order room service because Andi did not want to take a chance and see Kris until it was time. The food arrived and the girls enjoyed strawberries on waffles and orange juice.

Andi's cell phone went off and she looked to see who was calling her and surprise it was her soon to be husband.

"Good morning Kris. How are you?" Andi answered.
"I am great because I am supposed to be getting married to the perfect woman whom I love completely. How are you?" Kris asked.
"I am excited and have butterflies in my stomach because there is this awesome guy that I am supposed to be marrying in a little while" Andi said happily.
"Really some awesome guy, eh" Kris joked.
"Yeah he is awesome, cute and wonderful. Of course I love him with all my heart" Andi said dreamily and smiled to herself.
"What can I say I am Mr. Perfect" Kris bragged.
"Excuse me, did you think I was talking about you, Kris? Actually I was talking about Sidney Crosby, you know your teammate. He is my dream man" Andi said sarcastically.
"I don't think so because for one thing Sidney is in Pittsburgh and I would fight his ass for your honor and love" Kris said seriously.
"Kris you know I love you and so enjoying joking with you and can't wait to see you when I walk down the aisle. Now I hope that you are leaving the hotel because I have to leave soon to get ready. Are you guys leaving soon?" Andi asked.
"Yeah we checked out about a half an hour ago and are at your parents house getting ready" Kris explained.
"Ok cool well then Elise and I are going to leave soon then to and head to my aunt's place to get ready too. I love you and will see you soon" Andi said as she started getting her bags situated.
"I love you too and will see you very soon sweetheart. Oh and Luc was good for your parents and he loves you too" Kris said as he looked at Luc who was on the floor playing with a stuffed bear.
"Tell my beautiful baby boy, that mommy loves him too and give him a kiss from me too and thank my parents a million times too. OK I gotta go, love you" Andi said.
"Love you too Andi" Kris said and then they both hung up.

An hour later Andi and Elise were at their aunt's house getting ready for the wedding. Andi was getting her hair and makeup done. Finally after a couple more hours it was time for the wedding to begin.

The photographer was getting all sorts of pictures of Andi while she was getting ready and the photographer's assistant was with the guys.


Everyone was sitting in the backyard of Andi's aunt's house where the wedding was going to happen. The day was perfect with an amazingly sunny late afternoon in late March.

Finally Kris and his friends came out from the side of the house and headed to where the minister was standing. They all looked gorgeous in their tuxes. Andi's mom was holding Luc who looked so cute in his little baby tux. Kris looked over at Luc, who was cooing and babbling, and Kris just laughed at his son and then the music started as the bridesmaids started walking down the aisle. Kris looked up and started getting nervous but a good nervous because Andi would be his wife soon.

All the bridesmaids were down the aisle and then the music changed and then out walked Andi and her dad and Kris could not believe how beautiful she looked. Kris had a huge smile on his face and Andi looked at Kris and she could not believe how handsome he looked. She had major butterflies and tried not to cry but she could not but get seriously emotional because this was the perfect day ever!

As Andi walked past her mom and her son, she smiled at Luc and he babbled and tired to reach for her and Andi blew a kiss to Luc. Andi's dad gave her hand to Kris and Kris took her hand.

"Kris you take good care of my little girl" Mr. Walker said.
"I will sir" Kris said and smiled.

The minister started the ceremony and thanked everyone for coming for this special day for Andi and Kris.

"We are gathered here today to join Andrea Walker and Kristopher Letang in holy matrimony. Together, we can accomplish anything. Together, we will be better than we could be alone. Together, we will share our love with the world. Together, our love will grow into a bond too strong to break."

"Kristopher will you take Andrea to be your lawfully wedded wife. Through sickness and health and highs and lows of life?"
"I do" Kris said smiling.
"Andrea will you take Kristopher to be your lawfully wedded husband. Through sickness and health and highs and lows of life?"
"I do" Andi said smiling brightly.

"Can I have the rings please?" the minister asked and then he blessed the rings.

"Circles have no beginning and has no end, and so in the long and sacred tradition of marriage rings have come to symbolize eternal love and endless union of body, of mind, and of the spirit. They have been given by lovers to each other as tokens of faith, trust, and hope as well as a tangible sign of a promise given and kept through the days of their lives together."

"At this time Andi and Kris wish to say their vows that they wrote personally" the minister said.

"Andi, You mean the world to me and I am the luckiest guy in the world to have you in my life. You are a strong, amazing, wonderful mother and woman. We have had our ups and downs but we make each other better all the time. I love you and can't wait to live the rest of my life with you and all the adventures we will share. I love you Andrea forever" Kris said as tears filled up his eyes.

"Kris, You are my heart and soul. I love you with all my heart. I am so happy that I am going to be your wife and teammate in life. We are definitely each others 'puzzle pieces' to quote you from our date at the William Penn Hotel. You are a great dad to our son and that makes me very happy. I can not wait to figure out all the adventures we will have as a family. I love you Kristopher always" Andi said through her tears.

"By the power vested in me by the state of Michigan, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Kristopher you may kiss your beautiful bride" the minister said.

Kris looked at Andi and lifted her veil and pulled her close and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. After the kiss there were lots of hoots and hollers and the happy couple turned to see all their family and friends smiling at them.

Andi and Kris walked down the aisle and then Andi looked at Kris and they gave each other the look and then ran towards the dock and ran off the walkway and jumped straight into the lake with a hug splash.

Everyone was surprised but loved how Andi and Kris ended the ceremony but it was what Andi wanted and Kris had agreed. Andi and Kris finally got out of the lake and greeted everybody.

The reception was lots of fun and the food was great. Everybody had a great time dancing, talking, eating and just enjoying the wedding. Andi and Kris had lots of fun.

At one point Kris, Andi and Luc were having a quiet family moment on the dock.

"Andi we did it!" Kris exclaimed as he smiled at Andi.
"Yes we did and now I am Mrs. Letang and its awesome" Andi said happily.
Kris was holding Luc in his lap, "Hey buddy, mom and I are finally married. Isn't that great".
Luc just babbled and Andi and Kris just laughed.
"Kris I love you so much and this has been the best day ever" Andi exclaimed smiling at Kris.
"I love you too Andi and everything is perfect" Kris said and then leaned down and kissed Andi deeply.

Finally it was time for Andi and Kris to head off for their honeymoon. Andi's parents were taking care of Luc for them so they could have a week off to be newlyweds.

Andi and Kris were sent off on their honeymoon adventure after hugging everyone goodbye.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chapter 31

That night Andi and Elise were in their hotel room getting ready to head down to the pool area.

"Elise are you just about ready?" asked Andi who was all ready and kinda impatient because she had overheard Matthew, one of Kris's friends, saying he was really wanting to go to the pool area as soon as they got to the hotel.
"Almost, Miss Impatient" Elise said as she finally came out of the bathroom.
"OK, lets get this show in the road" Andi said as she grabbed her bag and room key.

When Andi and Elise got to the pool area, Kris and his buddies were acting like kids by doing cannonballs into the pool. Andi realized they were making it into a contest as to who could make the biggest splash. She just rolled her eyes and went to put her stuff on a table where Elise was getting situated.

"They look like they are having fun" Elise smiled as she watch the antics.
"Yeah they do but I am wondering am I marrying a man or a kid" Andi joked as she laughed at the boys.
"Seriously but who cares Kris is hot" Elise stated.
"That is true" Andi said smiling to herself.

The girls sat down at their table and watched the show the boys were putting on until Kris looked over and saw them and waved to Andi. Andi waved back and then she and Elise got up and headed to the pool stairs and got in. The girls were just barely in the pool when Kris, Matthew and Andre walked over and jumped in and then started splashing them. Andi and Elise quickly went underwater so that they could avoid the splashing from the guys.

While Andi was under she felt someone grabbed her around her waist and she turned to see Kris looking at her underwater. She smirked at him and he smirked back and then kissed her. Then they both had to come of for air.

"Well, I have to say that I have never been kissed underwater before" Andi whispered.
"Neither have I but its always fun to try new things" Kris whispered back and then kissed Andi again.
"OK you two need to save that for the honeymoon and we really don't want to see that" Andre said sarcastically.
"Oh get over yourself. I can kiss Andi where ever and whenever I feel like it" Kris said and proceed to kiss Andi for a third time.

Andi, Kris, Elise, Andre and Matthew ended up having a fun time swimming and hanging out at the pool that night.

It was getting late and everyone had to get up at a decent hour the next morning for the wedding. Everyone got dried off and then headed to the elevators. While they were waiting for the elevator Kris whispered something to Andi and she just laughed.

"Hey guys Andi and I are gonna take the stairs and meet you in a little bit" Kris announced.
"You better not keep her too long because she needs her beauty sleep" Elise said.
"Don't worry I will get her to her room before midnight" Kris said and then got a look from Elise that made him think twice, "Fine, I will get Andi to her room in a few minutes. Is that better, Elise?"
"Fine" Elise stated and then the elevator opened and she and the boys got in and headed up.

Andi and Kris were walking along the hallway of the hotel and then they went out a side door where there was a balcony and a couple of chairs. Kris went over and sat down on one of the chairs and pulled Andi onto his lap. Andi turned so that she was facing Kris.

"So what's up?" Andi said looking at Kris.
"Nothing I just wanted to have you to myself for a few minutes" Kris said as he held her tightly.
"OK" Andi said contently as she leaned into Kris's chest and relaxed with him.

They sat there for a little while and enjoyed the silence and the night sky.

Finally Kris took Andi up to her room and when they got to her door she turned to look at him. She felt like it was their first date and should she kiss him goodnight or not but Kris made up her mind by kissing her deeply. Andi felt like the world just disappeared and it was only the two of them and no one else.

"Goodnight sweetheart" Kris said and then laughed because Andi had a funny look on her face.
"What are you laughing at dude" Andi said punching Kris in the arm.
"You just looked so surprised right after that kiss" Kris said still snickering.
"Snicker and joke all you want and I might rethink about tomorrow" Andi said trying to look annoyed but it did not work because she started laughing too.
"I don't think you want to rethink tomorrow because you love me too much and you think I am hot!" Kris said continuing to laugh.
"Oh my god! You did not just say that I think you are hot. That's hilarious but I will confess its so true. You really are HOT!" Andi giggled and made sure to emphasize the word 'hot'.
"Hey what can I say, I try" Kris smiled.
They laughed for a couple of minutes and then the door opened and Elise stood there and looked at the two of them.

"OK Kris you need to go now and you will see Andi tomorrow. Now get moving" Elise demanded.

Kris started to head to his room but Andi grabbed his arm and leaned up to kiss him one more time, "Good night and sweet dreams, Hot stuff. I love you" Andi said.
"Good night sweetheart and I love you more" Kris said and then trotted off towards his room. Andi went inside and closed the door behind her and just smiled to herself and was now really hoping that tomorrow would hurry up and she would finally be Mrs. Letang.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chapter 30

Andi, Kris and Luc flew to Michigan for their wedding. Their flight was only slightly delayed an hour because of weather in Michigan. When they finally landed in Michigan, Andi was getting butterflies because the next day she would not be Andi Walker anymore she would be Andi Letang and that was scary in a good way. She loved Kris with all her heart and knew he loved her too.

Andi moved slightly in the rental car to look at her baby boy, who happen to be sleeping, which was a god send because he had been fussy on the flight. Kris was driving and glanced at Andi who was still looking at their sleeping son and then she turned to look at Kris, "Man I thought that everyone on the plane was ready to kill us because Luc would not stop crying".
"Yeah I know but he is a baby and that is the main thing they do" Kris said as he was concentrating on driving.
"I know and I think his ears were bothering him because of the altitude but you are right he is just a baby. But the cutest baby in the world" Andi smiled as she moved back in her seat.
"I agree that he is the cutest because he looks just like his gorgeous mother" Kris commented and smiled.
"Why thank you Mr. Letang. That was sweet" Andi said smiling too.
"You are welcome soon to be Mrs. Letang" Kris said.

They finally got to Andi's parents house and went inside to see everyone. Andi's parents and sister were happy to see Andi, Kris and Luc. Andi was holding a sleeping Luc as she walked into the house.

"Look at my adorable grandson" Andi's mom whispered as she helped Andi get Luc situated in another room so that he could continue to sleep. After he was taken care of Andi and Kris sat down with Andi's family and hung out.

Later on that afternoon, Andi, her mom and sister went out to check on a few very last minute wedding things while Kris, Andi's dad and Luc went to a nearby park to play.

While Andi's mom was talking with the minister, Elise walked over to Andi who was sitting down looking at her cell phone.
"Hey Andi" Elise said sitting next to her sister.
"Hey" Andi said looking at her sister.
"You know that you can't stay with Kris tonight because of wedding tradition and what about my adorable nephew?" Elise asked.
"Did mom not tell you that you and I are staying at a hotel tonight and that Kris will be there with a couple of his friends. We have separate rooms so you and I can have a girls night. And mom and dad are being brave grandparents and watching Luc tonight" Andi explained to her sister.
"No mom forgot to tell me but I know she has a lot on her mind but that is great! I can't wait for you and me to just hang out and have one of our girls nights especially at a hotel" Elise giggled with excitement.
"Yeah its gonna be fun and of course we can do whatever we want. Oh don't forget to pack your swimsuit because they have an indoor pool and hot tub area" Andi smiled.
"You said that Kris is gonna be there too. What if we see them at the pool or somewhere else at the hotel?" asked Elise.
"Its not that big of a deal because as long as we are not in the same bedroom tonight then its all good" Andi said.
"Its all good then" Elise said smiling at Andi.

Everyone got home to get ready to go out for dinner. Kris and Andi were in their room getting ready when Kris walked over to Andi and turned her so that her back was to his chest, "Now close your eyes" he said.
"Dude if you are trying to do something kinky you need to rethink it because our son is right on the bed and we need to leave in five minutes" Andi joked.
"I like you train of thought there but that is not what I am planning but maybe for the honeymoon. Now just stand there for a second" Kris said and then place a chain around Andi's neck. She felt something touch her neck and she put her hand to feel what Kris had put there but he pushed her hand away so she crossed her arms across her chest and waited until Kris told her what to do.
"OK now you can open your eyes" he said and moved her so that she could see the beautiful necklace that he had placed on her neck. It was a beautiful, Tiffany Keys Heart Key locket.
Andi's eyes went wide, "Kris this is beautiful and I love it".
"You have stolen the key to my heart and look inside the locket" Kris said and Andi opened the locket and there was a picture of Luc.
"Kris wow how perfect" Andi said smiling.
"I put his picture in their because he is here because of how much we love each other and he is always close to your heart" Kris said as he leaned down and kissed Andi.
"I love you Kristopher Letang" Andi said as she looked into his eyes.
"I love you too Andrea Walker" Kris said and then kissed her again.

Then they all headed out for the family dinner.

Here is a picture of the locket that Kris gave to Andi.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chapter 29

Andi and Kris were getting married right before the playoffs. Kris would be 'benched' for a couple of games for 'not producing well as of late' but in reality it was so that he could get married. Andi got a great laugh out of him being "benched".

"Oh this is hilarious" laughed out loud Andi as she read the line up paper that Kris was showing her.
"Laugh it up sweetheart because if I was not 'benched' we so would not being getting married until this summer and I know you did not want that" Kris stated adamantly.
"I am sorry but this reason is so stupid because you have actually been scoring like a mad man but I wonder what the fans are gonna think" Andi said as she continued to snicker.
"Yeah, I have already heard that some fans are pissed off that I will not playing and think the same thing you do that, it is a dumb reason but they needed something other than me being injured as to why I got pulled. But they will find out soon enough the real reason and I will be the happiest guy in the universe after we get married" Kris explained and then leaned over and kissed Andi.
Andi smiled after the kiss, "I will be the happiest girl in the universe when we are married too because then you are so stuck with me until forever".
"I love the idea of being stuck with you forever" Kris smiled as he hugged Andi tightly.

Andi was still finishing up last minute plans for the wedding. She and Kris tried their best not to have anymore arguments about the wedding so they chose the idea of debating issues and it worked out better and they usually ended up with a good compromise or some amazing sex.

They had only two weeks left to get things situated and luckily Andi's mom and sister were helping from the Michigan end. So Andi just had the Pennsylvania end to worry about and that was not to horrible. Plus Kris was really making an effort to do whatever he could do which was mainly getting his tuxedo and get an outfit for Luc.

Every evening Andi was exhausted with all the planning of her wedding. Kris was the best fiance and brought home dinner most nights and they two of them would just snuggle on the couch and watch tv after Luc went to bed.

One evening when Andi, Kris and Luc were heading home after a particular bad game by the Penguins, they got home and Andi knew to leave Kris alone so she went into Luc's room and fed him and got him ready for bed. When she was finished with Luc, she headed into the bedroom and Kris was laying on the bed still dressed except for his jacket and shoes and he was staring at the ceiling. Andi just left him be and got herself ready for bed and when she got out of the bathroom and went and got under the covers and then leaned on her side looking at Kris.

"Is the ceiling giving you any insight as to what happened tonight?" Andi said sarcastically.
"Yes it is saying we suck and that is why I could not score tonight" Kris said sounding pissed off.
"Wow I never knew that the ceiling had all the answers. Maybe I should ask it to tell my fiance that to get over his attitude and move on from this crappy game or he will not be getting lucky anytime soon" Andi said and then moved so that she had her back to Kris so the she could sleep. Kris turned his head so that he could see Andi's back and put his hand through his hair and got up and went into the bathroom and then came back out and got under the covers. Kris put his arm around Andi's waist and pulled her to him, "Hey I know that you are still awake and sorry for my bad attitude. We can't go to bed angry at each other so turn around so I can give you a goodnight kiss" Kris whispered into her ear. Andi turned around so that she was facing Kris and she looked into his eyes, "Apology accepted Tangers".
"I love you Andi" Kris said and then kissed Andi deeply.
"I love you too Kris" Andi said and smiled as she moved into Kris's arms and everything was perfect.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Chapter 28

Warning Adult Content

Andi was going to be going back to work soon and so she and Kris had to find a daycare to put Luc in while they both were working. They had been given several suggestions from Natalie Lemieux. Andi had been super grateful because she had no idea where to look and wanted a really good place. Luckily Kris was able to go with Andi to visit a couple of the places and they finally decided on one that had been on the top of Natalie's suggestion list. They place was amazing and the people were very nice and really genuinely having fun with the babies and kids.

A week later Andi was back at work and at one point she was sitting at her desk staring at a picture of Luc and Kris. Andi was starting feeling bad for having to leave her baby in daycare but Kris kept reminding her that she needed some time away from Luc and she knew he was right. Andi was in her own little world and did not hear Kris call her name.

"Andi, sweetie" Kris said and then touched Andi's shoulder after she had not heard him the first couple of times calling her name.
Andi jumped and turned around and saw Kris standing there, "Oh hey sorry I was just thinking".
"Yeah I can tell and I see now why you were" Kris said as he pick up the picture.
"I miss our baby" Andi said as Kris put his arm around her shoulders and Andi leaned her head on Kris's chest.
"Yeah but he is not that far away and I am actually done for the day so I was going to go and pick him up and then get dinner. That is why I am here just to let you know that I was picking Luc up so that you would not have to" Kris said kissing the top of Andi's head and smiling.
"Ok thanks for telling me and I should be heading out of here in about another hour so I will see you and Luc soon" Andi said.
"Sounds good. And since we both have the day off tomorrow we can work on wedding plans and I promise no arguments on my part" Kris said smiling.
"I promise no arguments on my part too. And yeah we need to get everything finalized soon because we don't have that much time left before the big day" Andi agreed.
Kris kissed Andi and then headed out to pick up Luc and then get dinner. Andi went back to work and started counting down the minutes until she could leave.

When Andi got home, Kris had dinner all set up and Luc in his playpen.

"Dinner is ready for you sweetheart" Kris said as he took Andi's bags and set them on the floor.
"Wow now this is something a girl could get used to" laughed Andi as she kissed Kris's cheek.
"Hey anything for you, my darling Andi" Kris said pulling Andi close to him and kissing her deeply.
"Wow" was all Andi could say and then smiled at Kris who winked back at her.
"My thoughts exactly" Kris laughed.
"I need to feed 'Little Letang' so let me get him taken care of and then we can eat" Andi said as she picked up Luc and then headed into the nursery.

A little bit later, Andi came back out holding Luc, "All I can say is that this guy was a seriously hungry little guy".
"Yeah well 'Big Letang' is starving so let's eat" Kris joked and Andi went and settled Luc down in his baby seat and then went and sat down with Kris at the table.

The next day Kris, Andi and Luc spent the day together figuring out details for the wedding. They went to the florist and worked everything out with them. The bouquets were full of red, pink roses and the flower arrangements for the tables and other settings were gardenias.

Andi, Kris and Luc went out to lunch at a family oriented place and they were sitting and eating when out of the blue, Kris heard someone call his name.

"Kris" a female voice called out and Kris and Andi turned to see Erin walking towards their table.
"Hey Erin how are you?" Kris asked completely shocked to see her again.
"I am good darling. How are...who are you?" Erin asked staring at Andi.
"I am Andi, Kris's fiance and the mother of his son" Andi smirked as she put her left hand on the table with gorgeous sparkly ring showing.
"Oh I guess its nice to meet you. I am Erin" Erin said looking quite shocked.
Andi smiled sweetly, "Its nice to meet you, Erin".
Erin turned her attention back to Kris, "Well, I am glad you are happy Kris. Good Luck with everything" Erin said.
"Thanks Erin" Kris said and then Erin walked away.

"Wow that was so nice of her" Andi said sarcastically and then turned her attention to Luc.
"Yeah that was totally random. Are you ready to go?" asked Kris.
"Yeah I am" Andi said as she grabbed her bag and Kris picked up Luc and they headed home.

When they got home, Andi went and put Luc down for his afternoon nap and then she walked into the living room and found Kris sitting on the sofa looking at his phone.

"Hey are you ok?" Andi asked as she sat down next to Kris and put her hand on his arm.
"Yeah its just so weird that she showed up and acted like such a bitch" Kris said looking at Andi.
"She is not important anymore and I am sorry if I came off obnoxious but she really was bitchy acting to me. Oh well, I think I know what we can do to forget her" Andi said seductively into Kris's ear.
Kris looked at her and smirked and stood up and then grabbed Andi's hand and helped her off the sofa and then proceeded to pick her up and throw her over his shoulder and started walking into the bedroom.

Clothes were thrown this way and that way and they were then both laying on the bed. Kris moved above Andi and starting kissing her everywhere and then Andi moved her legs around Kris's waist and he entered her and started moving and making Andi go crazy in an amazing way.

"Kris, Kris" Andi called out loudly and then Kris leaned down to kiss Andi deeply. Andi moved her hips to Kris's movements and then she felt her orgasm hit her hard and she called out, "Kris oh my god!" Andi's orgasm made Kris have one too and then he emptied his seed into her her womb. They lay there together for a little bit and then Kris moved off of Andi and laid down on his back. Andi moved so that she was leaning on his chest and smiling down at him.

"We are some crazy parents right now eh" Andi said.
"Why do you say that sweetheart?" asked Kris as he put his hand on Andi's back and gently rubbed it.
"Making love in the afternoon while our child is in the other room. I know he is just a baby and has no idea but someone might joke that we are neglecting him" Andi joked.
"Oh yeah we are so neglecting Luc and are such horrible parents. Whatever baby" Kris joked back.

They lay on their bed together and ended up napping together too.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chapter 27

Warning Adult Content

Wedding planning was crazy for Andi and Kris. They agreed on most of the plans but one day they got into an argument about what to serve for dinner.

"I think that we should have three choices. A chicken dish, seafood and a vegetarian dish" Andi said exasperated at Kris.
"Why in the world do we need any sort of vegetarian. Most of my family and friends are gonna want some sort of meat" Kris said sounding really ticked off.
"Be quiet Kris. Luc is sleeping in the other room" Andi said looking really upset and annoyed.
"He is fine and I am not being loud. Chill out Andi".
"Excuse me. Who are you telling me to chill out when you so need to chill out Kris. Gracious get over yourself".
"Whatever Andi".
"Geez Kris maybe we need to stop this conversation before either of us says something that really should not be said" Andi suggested and then went to check on Luc.
Kris sat down on the sofa and turned on the television and started watching some game.
Andi checked on Luc had not waken during the argument so then Andi heard the television going and decided to head into the bedroom and take a bath. Andi got some bubble bath and poured it in and then finally climbed into the tub. Andi felt extremely relaxed as soon as she sat back in the tub. She closed her eyes and just chilled out and tried to forget about the argument she and Kris had had earlier. Man sometimes maybe it would be easier to elope because planning a wedding is a real pain in the ass. Andi continued to soak in the tub until she felt the water start to get cooler so she got out and put a towel on and then headed into the bedroom.
When she got there Kris has just walked into the bedroom and taken off his shirt.
They just looked at each other for a few seconds before Kris walked over to Andi and took her face in his hands and leaned down to kiss her. Andi held onto her towel and just gave into the kiss. Before she realized it they were on the bed and nothing between them. Kris was kissing Andi's neck and her collarbone.

"Oh geez Kris that feels so good" Andi giggled as she let one of her hands move through his hair and then the other one was holding onto the sheet next to her. Kris continued what he was doing and both of them were enjoying touching each other. Kris moved Andi's legs and then slowly entered her.

"Oh god yes" Andi called out as she held onto Kris.
Kris mumbled something incoherent and continued moving in and out of Andi.
Andi finally felt her orgasm hit her and she cried out, "Oh god yes!"
Kris thrust a few more times and then emptied his seed into Andi's womb. Then he collapsed on top of Andi. Andi held Kris tightly and kissed his forehead and then said, "That was amazing! Kris and I am sorry about our earlier argument. Do you forgive me?"
Kris moved off of Andi and pulled her into his chest, "I am sorry too and you have no need to apologize it was all my fault. I hope that you accept my apology. Love you sweetheart".
"Love you too dude" Andi joked and kissed Kris again.

Sure enough a few minutes later as Kris and Andi were cuddling after making love, they heard a little person starting to cry over the baby monitor. Andi got up and went into the bathroom and then got some clothes on and went to feed Luc. Andi sat in the rocking chair and fed Luc and Kris came in and they talked about more about the food for the wedding. Andi finished feeding Luc and then burped him and before Andi got him back into his crib he was out.

"Man he is so much like you, Kris. Feed him and then he is asleep. Gracious" Andi joked as she looked at Kris who just shrugged his shoulders.
"Hey there are other things that I need to" Kris winked and leaned down and kissed Andi deeply.
"Oh brother you are such a guy" Andi said as she rolled her eyes this time and then walked out of Luc's room as Kris followed.

They went back to the bedroom and got comfortable in the bed and decided to watch a movie.

Andi got comfortable in Kris's arms and ended up falling asleep in Kris's arms and then Kris turned off the television and snuggled with Andi in his arms and went to sleep too.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chapter 26

Kris had promised Andi that he would leave practice early so that she and Vero could go wedding dress shopping. When he got home, Andi and Luc were playing on the floor.

"Hey its my two favorite people in the whole world" Kris said smiling.
"Hey Luc is that daddy?" Andi asked Luc as she patted his little belly and he kick his feet in the air excitedly.

Kris came over and sat down with Andi and Luc and played with Luc's little feet.

"Hey buddy, are you having fun with mommy?" Kris said making funny faces at his son.
Luc continued to kick his feet and wave his little hands.
"Yeah we are having a fun time just sitting here" Andi said.
"That's good. So when is Vero coming over?" asked Kris as he looked at Andi.
"She should be here soon. I need to finish getting ready so if you don't mind watching your son" Andi replied as she got up and headed into the bedroom and Kris continued to play with Luc.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Kris went up and answered the door.

"Hey Vero come on in. Andi should be out in just a second" Kris said as Vero wandered in and saw Luc laying on the floor.
"Hey Kris and there is the man of the hour" Vero said as she walked over to Luc and knelt down next to him and started playing with Luc.

Kris went to check on Andi in the bedroom. Kris walked in and Andi was just coming out of the bathroom.

"Hey Vero just got here" Kris said as he walked over to Andi and hugged her and gave her a quick kiss.
"Thanks and I am just about ready" Andi said smiling at Kris and then she grabbed her purse. They walked back out into the living room together.

"Vero hey are you ready for our wedding dress adventure?" Andi asked and laughed.
"Yeah I am ready. Shopping is always fun" Vero said with a huge smile.
Kris just laughed at that comment and said, "Have fun you two. I think I am going to take Luc back over to Mellon since I had to leave early and he can chill while I workout a little bit more" Kris saw that Andi looked a little concerned about that idea, "And relax Andi, Luc will be fine, I promise".
"OK just keep a close eye on him because there are lots of people and things around and I don't want my baby to get hurt" Andi said.
"I swear I won't let our baby get hurt, Andi. Now go and have fun shopping. Love you" Kris said as he practically shoved Andi out the door.

The girls headed out for a fun afternoon of wedding dress shopping. Andi had several places she wanted to check out and Vero was fine with that.

Meanwhile at Mellon arena, Kris was working out while Luc was playing in his car seat with a toy. Kris was watching him just so that Andi would not kill him. At one point a few of Kris's teammates walked into the room.

"Hey Tangers what's up?" asked Max in his usual jovial and crazy self.
"Just working and out and hanging out with my son" Kris said pointing to Luc on the floor.
"Hey its a baby penguin" laughed Marc Andre as he walked over to Luc and knelt down and gently patted his head.
"Hey Double L" joked Max and he too sat down next to Marc Andre and made silly faces at Luc. Luc totally enjoyed the attention.
Sidney walked into the room and noticed the group of guys sitting on the floor and wandered over to see what was going on. Then he noticed Luc in his baby seat and Sidney laughed as all the guys were baby talking and being completely silly.

"I see we all have become a bunch of kids in here now" Sidney declared as he joined in the fun too.
"Hey Sid. Yes we might be tough hockey players but deep down we are all kids at heart especially when a baby is around" laughed Kris who looked at Luc and realized how fun it was being a dad.

Kris got home before Andi so he decided to give Luc a bath and get dinner ready for Andi. Kris and Luc had a fun bath time and then while Kris was getting dinner situated Luc was laying on the floor in the living area playing. Just as Kris finished everything Andi came home.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said as he met Andi at the door and gave her a kiss.
"Hey Tangers, how are you two guys?" asked Andi as she put down her bags.
"We had a great time at the arena. Luc is seriously popular with the guys but he was very good" Kris said proudly.
"That's great" Andi said as she walked over and looked down and Luc who was just having a blast with a stuffed penguin toy.
"Luc is so amazing" Kris said putting his arms around Andi as they both watched him.

After dinner and getting Luc settled for the night, Kris and Andi sat in the living room and talked about Andi's shopping trip.

"How did the dress shopping go?" Kris asked as he held Andi in his arms while they cuddled on the sofa.
"Actually it went great. I found the perfect dress and a few other things too" Andi said contently.
"That's good. Did you find dresses for your bridesmaids? And what did Vero think?" questioned Kris.
"She and I debated about few dresses and we finally agreed on one that looks good and that I like too" Andi said.
"I can't wait until you are my wife" Kris said kissing Andi's temple and she moved to smile at Kris, "I can't wait either".
"I love you Andrea" Kris said.
"I love you too, Kristopher" Andi said smiling and knowing that life could not be more perfect with her amazing fiance and adorable baby boy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chapter 25

Andi was still on maternity leave so besides taking care of her newborn son, she was working on wedding plans. Andi was looking at several wedding magazines and websites to get ideas.

One afternoon Andi was sitting on the sofa researching wedding ideas on her laptop when her cell phone started ringing. Andi looked at her phone and recognized who was calling her.

"Hello Vero, what's going on?" Andi asked as she answered the phone.
"Hey Andi, how are you doing? And how is that absolutely cute baby of yours?" asked Vero.
"I am very tired because of that cute baby. Luc is doing well and eating like there is no tomorrow" Andi laughed.
"Good to know that Luc is doing well. Are you up for some company this afternoon?" Vero asked.
"Of course I would love for you to come over. I am never tired for good friends to come and visit" Andi said excitedly.
"Cool then I will be over in about twenty minutes" Vero said.
"Sounds good and see you in a few" Andi said and then hung up her phone and got up to get the living area presentable.

A little while later on Vero and Andi were chatting away while sitting on the sofa and looking at wedding magazines.

"I declare some people have some crazy tastes as to what is appropriate for a wedding these days" Vero laughed as she showed Andi some picture in one of the magazines.
Andi laughed too and continued flipping the pages of the magazine she was looking through.

Kris showed up about an hour later and he walked in on Vero and Andi playing with Luc.

"I see that you all are having a fun time here" Kris mentioned.
"Hey Kris" Andi said handing Luc to Vero so that she could give Kris a quick kiss and hug.
"Hey Vero" Kris said while he was still holding Andi in his arms.
"Hey Kris. Are you surviving the combination of fatherhood and hockey well?" asked Vero as she gently bounced Luc.
"Yeah its crazy but so worth it in the end because Luc is just amazing" Kris exclaimed.
"That's good to hear because maybe at some point, Marc Andre and I will think about kids or not" joked Vero as she smiled at Luc, who was totally happy sitting with Vero.

Vero stayed around for another hour and then left so that Andi, Kris and Luc could have some time together.

After Vero left, Andi laid Luc on his gym mat with a few toys and then sat leaning against the bottom of the sofa while Kris sat next to her. Kris grabbed one of the many magazines off the sofa and starting flipping through it.

"So what have you decided on our wedding or would you rather just elope?" Kris asked as he smirked at Andi.
"You know eloping is always a nice idea because it cuts down on planning. But I was thinking we get married in Michigan because my aunt has an amazing house with this cool pier that goes out into the lake" Andi explained.
"That sounds cool but why are talking about a cool pier?" Kris asked confused.
"You are gonna laugh about why I mentioned the pier" Andi said looking at Luc.
"I promise I won't laugh so tell me" Kris said as he turned Andi's face to look at him.
"You swear you won't laugh?" Andi asked seriously as she looked into Kris's eyes.
He nodded, "I swear on my life."
"OK well ever since I was little and had my wedding planned to my perfect guy after the ceremony we would run down my aunt's pier and jump straight into the water" Andi said seriously and she waited to see if Kris kept his promise and not laugh.
"Wow that sounds like fun. But you would ruin your wedding dress jumping into a lake" Kris said and he did not laugh.
"I don't plan on getting some extremely expensive dress so it would be fine if I jumped in the lake. And thank you for not laughing at my idea" Andi said leaning up to Kris and kissing him deeply.
"Hey its your wedding and your dream to jump in a lake so what is the point of laughing at that" Kris said smiling at Andi.

That evening after Kris and Andi put baby Luc to bed, they got ready for bed too and then snuggled together and watched the Hurricanes play the Thrashers.

"Man the Canes are seriously kicking ass on the ice tonight" Kris commented.
"Yeah look at Cam Ward he is like a brick wall" Andi noticed as she got more comfortable in Kris's arms.
"Yeah he is tough to score on lately" Kris said as he looked at Andi snuggled up in his arms.
Andi looked up at Kris who was looking at her and he leaned down for a kiss that left both of them breathless.
"Kris we can't right now" Andi said.
"I know and its fine. I love you sweetheart" Kris said smiling as he held her closely.
"Love you too Kris" Andi said as she put her head on Kris's chest and they continued watching the game.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chapter 24

Kris, Andi and Luc stayed with Kris's parents for about a week and then headed back to Pittsburgh. Since Luc had been born in Canada he was a Canadian citizen but since his mom was an American he could be an American citizen so Andi and Kris had a major decision on their hands. In the end they decided that Luc would stay a Canadian citizen it was just easier that way.

Andi was very exhausted and was sleeping at any moment she could so that she had the energy to deal with Luc. Luckily though Kris helped out when he could even though he had practice and games. Andi and Kris were a team and were determined to be the best parents they could to Luc.

One evening Andi was resting and watching the game on the television after she had put Luc to sleep. She was trying to stay up and see Kris when he got home because usually when he got home she was asleep. Andi did not realize it but she ended up falling asleep on the couch because she woke up as Kris was carrying her to bed.

"Hey was trying to stay up and to tell you what a great game" Andi said drowsily.
"Sweetheart, you just had a baby you need sleep instead of staying up for me" Kris smiled.
"But I swear that is about all I do is sleep and I feel like I am neglecting you" Andi confessed.
"You are not neglecting me and everything will be ok. Now go back to sleep and I will see you in the morning. I love you, Andi" Kris said as he kissed her and then laid her down on the bed.
Andi quickly got comfortable in the bed and Kris put the covers over her and she feel asleep again. Then Kris got ready for bed too and snuggled next to Andi.

The next morning Andi was surprised that she had not heard Luc cry during the night. It worried her so she got up and then it hit her that Kris was not in the bed with her. She got up and went into the bathroom and then headed out of the bedroom and the she heard talking. Andi quietly walked towards the bedroom that was now Luc's nursery. She paused at the door and looked in to see Kris sitting in the rocking chair holding Luc and giving him a bottle. Kris was telling Luc about the sport of hockey.

"Hockey is am amazing sport buddy. You get to skate around hitting guys and its fine. And when you score a goal is the best feeling around. Just knowing that you beat some of the best goalies in the league c'est magnifique" Kris explained as Andi watched smiling at Kris and Luc together. Andi knew that Kris was going to be the best dad in the world. She stood there for a little bit longer and then made her presence known.

"There are my two favorite guys" Andi said as she walked into the nursery.
"Good Morning Andi" Kris said smiling up at her as he continued to feed Luc.
"I was wondering why I did not hear Luc cry during the night but I see that you had everything under control" Andi said as she kissed the top of Luc's little head and then moved to give Kris a good morning kiss too.
"I figured you needed a night off from feeding Luc and I figured I could handle giving him a bottle a few times" Kris said feeling proud of himself.
"You have done a great job and thanks for letting me sleep" Andi said sitting down in another chair in the room.
"You are welcome, Andi. I knew when you tried to stay up last night to see me that I needed to give you a break" Kris said as he smiled at Andi and then realized that Luc was finished with his bottle and then Kris lifted Luc up onto his shoulders to get Luc to burp, which he did loudly and Kris and Andi laughed.
"Takes after his dad" Andi joked and Kris just shook his head.

They spent the day together and went for a walk around the apartment complex. That evening Kris did not have a game so he went out and got dinner for him and Andi and they had a nice quiet evening together.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chapter 23

Andi was in labor a long time since it was her first baby and Kris was doing everything he could to make sure she was comfortable.

"Kris can you get me some ice chips please?" asked Andi as she relaxed between contractions.
"Sure sweetheart" Kris said as he went to get the ice for Andi.

When he got back Andi was breathing through another contraction. Kris gave her a piece of ice and Andi took it gratefully.

"Oh my god if this kid does not hurry up and be born, I am going to scream" Andi complained and relaxed after the last contraction.
"The doctor said that it might take a while since this is our first baby" Kris said.
Andi just looked at Kris with a death stare, "Is there anything else I can do for you darling?"
"Yeah can you give me a back massage, please" Andi suggested so Kris came over and Andi moved up so that Kris could sit behind her and massaged her back.
"Oh wow that feels great, Kris" Andi said as she leaned her head forward.
"I am glad that I can do something for you, Andi" Kris said as he continued to help Andi relax.

The doctor came into Andi's room to check and see how Andi was doing.
"Hopefully soon you two will be parents. How are you feeling, Andi" the doctor said.
"Ready for this kid to be out of me" Andi said tiredly.
"I am sure you are and it will be soon. You just need to dilate a little bit more before you can give birth" the doctor said and then left the room.

"Ugh come on kid lets move it along" Andi said exasperated.
"The doctor said it will be soon so I know its hard waiting but try and relax" Kris said trying to calm Andi.
"You are not the one who has a baby inside of you and he or she is making me so uncomfortable and tired".
Kris was not sure what else he could do to make Andi feel better so he just held her and kissed her temple.
"Sorry Kris for sounding so unhappy about the baby right now but I feel weird" Andi apologized.
"Its ok Andi. I just wish I could make you feel better but I know there is really nothing else I can do for now. Just try and relax as best as you can sweetheart. I love you" Kris said as he held Andi tightly.
"I love you too, Kris" Andi said as she did her best to relax in Kris's arms.

About a couple hours later it was time for Andi to give birth. The doctor and nurses were in the room and Kris was there too helping.

"OK Andi I need you to push" the doctor said as Andi pushed holding onto Kris's hand.
"Oh god I don't think I can do this" Andi cried.
"Yes you can sweetie" Kris said.
"Another push Andi and we should have the head out" the doctor said and Andi pushed with all her might.

Then out of nowhere there was a loud cry as the doctor held Andi and Kris's new born baby boy.

"Its a boy" the doctor announced as Andi and Kris smiled at each other and Kris kissed Andi.
"We have a baby boy" Andi said completely exhausted as she leaned back on her bed.
"Yeah we do" Kris said smiling at Andi.

The doctor let Andi hold her son after the nurse cleaned him up. Kris and Andi were so amazed at this little person who was in their life now and forever.

After a few minutes the nurses needed to finish cleaning the baby and help Andi get cleaned up too.

Finally Andi and the baby were taken to out of the recovery room into their room and that is where Kris was waiting.

Andi held their son while Kris sat next to Andi and they just enjoyed the presence of their new son.

A nurse came over at one point, "Sorry to interrupt but I need to know have you decided a name for your son?"
"His name is Luc Jocelyn Letang" Kris said as he looked at baby Luc.
"Thank you" the nurse said and then left the room.

"I think that Luc would be proud to know that he has a namesake" Andi said as she looked at Kris and then kissed him.
"I agree and I am sure he is looking down here smiling" Kris said as he thought about his best friend, Luc Bourdon.

The rest of the evening Kris and Andi enjoyed their new bundle of joy, Luc.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chapter 22

The Olympic break was over and the regular hockey season had started back up. The Pens were back in action and Andi was at home enjoying the games on the television. Once in a while Vero would come and keep Andi company while they watched the game.

One evening as Andi and Vero were watching the Penguins play against the Flyers, Andi's cell phone rang and she picked it up and looked at the number it was Kris's parents number.

"Hello" Andi said looking at Vero with concern.
"Is this Ms. Walker?" asked the female voice on the other end.
"Yes, who is this?" asked Andi looking even more worried.
"I tried getting a hold of a Mr. Kristopher Letang but he was not answering his phone and his step father suggested I call you instead. I am Mrs. Johnson a nurse at Montreal General Hospital. Mr. Letang's mother was brought here. Now can you get a message to Mr. Letang please" the nurse said.
"I will give him the message. Thank you" Andi said and then hung up her phone and called Mario Lemieux and luckily he answered. Andi explained the situation and Mario said that he would personally make sure Kris got the message and would be home soon.

Vero stayed with Andi while they waited for Kris to show up. He was home in about an hour and then Vero left saying that if they needed anything to call her.

Kris was frantic calling his step dad and they talked in French so Andi caught just bits of the conversation and could tell Kris was really scared about his mom. Finally Kris got off the phone and then came over to Andi and sat down and pulled her into his embrace. They sat there for a while in silence and finally Andi was wondering what was going on in Kris's mind.

"Hey are you ok?" Andi asked looking at Kris who was staring at the blank television.
"Huh" asked Kris tightening his embrace around Andi.
"You are really quiet so I am worried about you. What's going on with your mom?"
"My step dad said that my mom had some chest pains so they are trying to stabilize her. I am really scared for her. I need to go up and be with her but I also need to be with you too. I am torn about what to do".
"You need to be with your mom so go. I will be fine maybe my mom can come and stay with me while you are gone so that you will not worry about me too".
"No, I would feel better if you were with me so I can watch you too" Kris said being slightly possessive.
"Fine, I don't have the energy to start an argument with you. I will go with you and hope that everything with the baby will be ok on this trip" Andi said giving in to Kris.

Kris worked on getting plane tickets and everything settled for their trip back up to Montreal.

That evening Kris and Andi were on a plane to Montreal. Luckily the trip was stress free for Andi and the baby. Kris and Andi got to his parents house and his step dad met them there. Andi said that the best thing for her was to stay at the house and rest and the guys go to the hospital. Kris agreed and decided that they would take two cars and that Andi's cell phone was on. After everything was settled the two men left for the hospital and Andi got comfortable in the bedroom and went to sleep.

A few hours later Kris came home and let himself in and went to check on Andi and when he saw that she was sleeping he relaxed. He got ready for bed and slid bed and pulled Andi to him and went to sleep.

The next morning Andi woke up to see Kris still sleeping next to her and she smiled and then got up and went into the bathroom. Andi decided to take a shower and get ready for the day and while she was finished the door to the shower opened and a towel was handed to her.

"Great service here" Andi joked as she put the towel around her as best as she could with her huge baby bulge.
"Anything for you my lady" Kris joked back as he kissed her.
"How is your mom?" Andi asked as she went to get her clothes off the counter and get dressed.
Kris sat up on the counter and watched Andi and then said, "She is stable but they think she might have had a very minor heart attack. They did surgery and cleared the artery and she supposedly should make a full recovery but they need to keep her for a while for observation since she just had surgery on her heart".
"Well I am glad that she is going to be fine" Andi said as she finished getting dressed.
"Yes I agree and do you feel up to going to the hospital with me and seeing her. I am sure seeing you will definitely be good for her" Kris asked.
"Yeah I will but right now we are starving" Andi said as she headed out of the bathroom with Kris following her.

The three of them got to Kris's mom's room. She was resting but when she heard the three of the talking she opened her eyes and smiled.

Kris's mom did her best to talk in English, "Hello Andi. How are you?"
"I am good. Kris has been taking great care of me and making sure I am doing what my doctor is telling me" Andi said smiling.
"That is good" Kris's mom said.

They all talked for a while and then while Andi and Kris went to get something to eat in the hospital cafeteria. At one point Andi started feeling pains in her abdomen and knew that something was different than last time she felt weird.

"Kris, something is not right with the baby" Andi said biting her lip and breathing hard.
"OK let's get you checked in here" he said quickly and they headed up to check Andi into the hospital. Kris stayed with Andi until they took her to a room to get her check out. Kris then went to find his parents and tell them that he had checked Andi in the hospital because of pains Andi was having in her abdomen. His mom told him go and be with Andi because she needed him and just keep them updated on Andi and the baby's situation. Kris went back to where Andi was being checked on and the nurse told him that he was needed in her room because he would probably be a dad very soon. Kris was suited up and taken into Andi's room where the doctor and nurses were prepping Andi for delivery. Kris walked over to Andi and she looked scared and he held her hand and kiss her forehead.

"Thank goodness you are here, Kris, I think its time for the baby and I am freaking out" Andi said as tears filled her eyes.
"I am here and not going anywhere, Andi. You are so strong and everything will be fine. I love you".
"I love you too, Kris. Just keep holding my hand".

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chapter 21

"Mr. Letang?" the nurse asked and Kris stood up and walked over to her.
"Yes, that's me" Kris said looking at the nurse.
"Come with me sir" the nurse said and Kris followed her.

They walked down a hallway and then into a door and the nurse stopped and turned to Kris, "She is resting right now but she was going into premature labor but the doctor was able to stop it. She needs lots of rest so we are keeping her overnight for observation" explained the nurse.
"Can I see her?" asked Kris as he looked into the room and saw Andi resting and connected to a bunch of wires.
"Yes you can but she needs her rest" the nurse said and then walked away.

Kris walked in and went and sat next to Andi and took her hand in his and looked at her resting form on the hospital bed. Andi moved when she felt someone take her hand and looked up and saw Kris.

"Hey" Andi said quietly as she smiled at Kris.
"Hey, how are you feeling now, sweetheart?" asked Kris.
"Much better now that I know what was going on. It was so weird Kris, one moment everything was fine and then poof, things went crazy. I asked the doctor how this happened because I have been so careful and doing everything I am suppose to. He just said sometimes it happens for no reason but everything is fine with the baby" Andi explained.
"I am just glad you and the baby are fine because when you woke me up this morning and told me something was not right with the baby, I was really freaking out" Kris said.
"I never knew that you were freaking out" Andi said still holding Kris's hand.
"I did not want to stress you out more. I am just glad things are good" Kris said and then his cell phone started ringing and he looked at it, "Its my mom".

"Bonjour, oui ok" Kris said and then closed his phone, "I am going to find them and bring them up here, ok".
"That's fine" Andi said letting Kris's hand go as he went to find his parents.

A few minutes later, Kris, his mom and step dad walked into the room. Andi smiled at them.

"Je suis heureux que vous ĂȘtes bien, Andi" Kris's mom said.
"Merci" Andi said as Kris sat back down next to Andi.
"Nous etions tres inquiete" Kris's step dad explained.
"I am fine" Andi said as Kris's parents smiled and Kris's mom walked over and gave Andi a kiss on the forehead and a hug.

They talked for a little while and then Kris's parents left. Kris stayed around and then decided he would go and get some better food for Andi even though the hospital gave her something to eat that was not that bad but Kris knew Andi's crazy cravings.

That evening there were some Olympic events of the television so Andi and Kris watched the snowboarding events and a skiing event. They joked about what they were watching and Andi loved just spending this time with Kris even if she was in the hospital on their vacation. These moments made Andi realize how much she loved Kris and how well the two of them connected and were just great together.

"Hey Kris" Andi said and Kris looked at her.
"Yeah" Kris said.
"I meant to tell ya thanks and I love you" Andi said smiling as tears filled her eyes.
"Why are you crying, sweetheart?" Kris asked totally confused as he held her and kissed her forehead.
"Because I am really happy" Andi explained which made Kris even more confused.
"Are you sure".
"Andi, I love you too" Kris said as he leaned down to kiss Andi.

The next day Andi was released from the hospital and was told by the doctor that bed rest was an order. Kris decided since Andi needed rest that they would have to cut their trip short and head back to Pittsburgh. They headed back that evening and were home a few hours later.

Andi was resting and hated that they could not make it to the Olympics but Kris said that their baby's health was much more important than anything else and Andi agreed.
Andi was on bed rest and so she and Kris spent the rest of the Olympic break watching the Olympics on the television and snuggled in each others arms.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chapter 20

Warning Adult Content

The weeks were going by and Andi was finished with her classes and only had two more and she decided that she would take them after she had the baby which would be over the summer.

Right now they were getting ready for their trip to see Kris's family and the Olympic games in Vancouver. Kris knew that his mom and step dad were looking forward to meeting Andi in person.

"Kris are you packed at all?" Andi asked as she was checking over her list.
"I did start" Kris said pointing to his suitcase that was opened with a few things in it.
"Come on Kris get your act together buddy. We have leave tomorrow afternoon and I want to leave on time" Andi was slightly stressing herself out and Kris could tell so he walked over to her and pulled her into his arms and held her.
"You need to chill out and stop stressing. It not good for the you or the baby, sweetheart" Kris said as he rubbed her back.
"I know but I want your parents to like me. I mean I know they like me but I want to make a good impression" Andi said as she finally let herself relax in Kris's arms.
"I think they like you because you are friendly, sweet and giving them their first grandchild" Kris said and Andi looked up and Kris leaned down and kissed her.
"I am happy to know they like me because you knocked me up with their first grandchild" Andi laughed as she rubbed her abdomen.
"I have no comeback for that one so I guess I will finish packing so that you will chill out. OK Andi" Kris said as he walked into the closet and Andi sat down on the bed and chilled out while she and Kris just talked more about their trip.

The following afternoon, Andi and Kris were sitting in the Pittsburgh airport waiting for their flight to Montreal. They were headed to see Kris's family for three days and then heading to Vancouver for a week of watching the Canadian and USA hockey games. Their flight was finally called and they boarded and then headed off for Montreal.

When they landed in Montreal and got through customs they found Kris's mom at the luggage claim.

"Bonjour Kris" his mom said and giving him a kiss and hug.
"Bonjour Maman" Kris said hugging his mom back.
"Maman, C'est Andi" Kris said as he introduced Andi to his mom.
"Bonjour Andi. Il fait beau de vous rencontrer finalement" Kris's mom said as she hugged Andi too.
"Merci, il fait beau de vous rencontrer aussi" Andi responded and surprised Kris's mom with her French.

Finally they got their luggage and then headed to the car and went home. When they got to the house, Kris's mom showed them where they were going to stay and she let them alone to unpack.

"I think my mom is impressed with your French. I know that you are not completely used to speaking it but if you wanna speak in English since you are more comfortable that will be fine and I will translate" Kris said.
"Yeah I think I would prefer to speak in English because even though I know French more or less, I am not as fluent as I could be" Andi explained.
"It will be fine" Kris said as they headed out of the bedroom and went downstairs to see what his mom was up to.
They got into the kitchen and she was cooking something and Andi was actually starving, of course it was thanks to Baby Letang as always.

Kris's step dad showed up a little while later on and they all sat around the kitchen table and had an amazing dinner and talked about everything.

That evening Andi was exhausted from the whole trip so she headed up stairs before Kris who sat around with his parents for a little while and then headed to bed himself. When he got up there, Andi was still awake and reading.

"Hey I thought that you were tired" Kris said as he got ready for bed.
"Not really" Andi said with a smirk on her face as Kris came over and got into bed.
Andi moved so that she was sitting on Kris's lap and then she grabbed Kris's shirt and he let her take it off of him and then she took off her pajama top and then Kris took over control and the rest of their pajamas were thrown on the floor. Kris then moved Andi onto his lap and he kissed her and then moved his hands along her back as she moved her hands in his hair. Kris paid special attention to Andi's breasts and suckled each one and then moved his hand between her thighs and caressed her clitoris which made Andi moan softly. Then Kris lifted Andi up slightly and then lowered onto him and he kissed her so that her moans were stifled. Then Kris gently flipped them so that Andi was laying on her back with her legs wrapped around his waist as he moved in and out of her. Kris changed up his pace sometimes going fast and then slowing it down to make the sensations of their lovemaking feel amazing. Finally Kris felt Andi squeeze him and she cried out as her orgasm hit her and then Kris felt his and then released his seed into Andi's womb. They collapsed together and then Kris moved off of Andi and they held each other.

"What is up with us making love in our parents houses?" Andi questioned as she laughed also.
"I have no idea but it sure is fun and I am so enjoying it" Kris joked back.
"You are silly, Kris" Andi laughed as Kris held her as they both continued laugh at their conversation.

That night Andi slept well until early in the morning when she felt some pains in her abdomen. She went into the bathroom and when she was still feeling weird she went over to Kris and shook him. Kris looked up at her slightly confused.

"Kris something is not right with the baby. I need to go to the hospital" Andi said with a pained look and Kris quickly got up and got situated while Andi did the same and then Kris drove Andi to the hospital and when they got there, Andi was taken in quickly and Kris had to wait and hope everything would be ok. He called his mom to let her know why they had rushed to the hospital. Kris's mom said that she and his step dad would be there as soon as they could. Kris was thankful for that and then he heard his name called by a nurse and he walked over to her.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter 19

The end of January finally showed up and Kris was thrilled that he could start playing again and Andi was relieved too. Kris was in full game mode and his teammates were thrilled that he was back. He could not wait until they played the Panthers again maybe giving a few checks to the Panther player that had sent him to the injured list for a while.

Now Andi was starting to show and it was so exciting. She was thrilled about becoming a mom and taking care of her baby. Andi and Vero had been shopping at baby stores looking at all the cute baby things. Andi made sure to buy things that either a boy or a girl to wear because they did not know what the gender of the baby.

"Andi, come and see this cute little outfit" Vero said as she held up a yellow and while shirt and shorts set that said 'Mommy's Little Angel'.
"Oh my, how cute" Andi said admiringly.
"You should get it because this baby is your little angel" Vero smiled.
"I will it is cute. Kris found another outfit that says 'Daddy's Little Helper' so its only fair" Andi joked as Vero handed her the outfit, "Oh and Kris has gotten the baby a couple of Penguins jerseys, and other things".
"I am not surprised" Vero laughed as they headed towards the cashier.

That evening Andi was relaxing and had decided to stay home instead of going to the game. She had told Kris is was just really tired and he was worried but she promised him she was fine.

"Sweetheart are you sure you don't want to come to the game?" Kris asked looking really concerned.
"I am fine, Kris, don't worry about me. I just am not in the mood to deal with the crowd at the arena. You need to concentrate on the game" Andi said hugging Kris.
"I just don't want to leave you alone if you don't feel well especially since you are pregnant" Kris said holding Andi close.
"I am happy that you are worried about me but I promise I just want to rest and maybe read something for my class. So go and kick some ass tonight and win for me. Promise" Andi responded.
"Fine but keep your phone on so if you need anything I will be here as fast as I can" Kris empathized.
"Its on and if you want to go and check feel free because I know you will" Andi said as she moved away from Kris.

Kris headed to check Andi's phone and make sure it was on and charged.
Andi went and grabbed one of her school books and then sat down on the sofa and started reading the new chapter. Kris came back into the living room and sat down next to Andi, "OK its on and I will be home as soon as I can. I might try and call you between periods to check on you ok" Kris said giving Andi her cell phone and then kissing her.
"Sounds good sweetheart et bonne chance au jeu" Andi said smiling at Kris.
"Merci Andi" Kris said as he headed out and blew her another kiss.

Andi read until it was time for the game and then turned it on and watched. The Penguins were playing very well together. Andi could tell Kris was really playing well just by his body language on the ice. Sure enough Kris called during both periods just to say 'hi' and see how she was doing. And of course she told him she was fine and it was nice to relax at home. The Pens won the game and that made Andi happy because then Kris would be happy.

Andi got ready for bed and was reading when Kris showed up. He walked in and smiled at Andi and then got ready for bed.

"You were playing great tonight, Kris" Andi commented as she lay in his arms.
"Yeah I felt good tonight and everything seemed to be clicking so it was a great game" Kris said kissing the top of Andi's head.
"I am happy for you" Andi said looking at Kris.
"I am exhausted. Good Night Sweet Andrea" Kris said as he leaned down for a kiss.
"Good night Kristopher" Andi said as she accepted the kiss.

The next day both of them had busy days. Andi had lots of work to get done and Kris had a team meeting to go to and then practice. Kris and Andi decided to meet up for lunch that day too since later on Andi had class and Kris had a volunteer activity he and his teammate Max Talbot were going to that evening.

After work Andi headed to class and was a little early which was fine so she sat down at a desk and was looking over her paper that she was going to turn in that night. She and Sam had both worked really hard on their papers. Class went well and then Sam walked Andi to her car and they chatted about class.

"Well I hope that we both get good grades on that paper" Sam said.
"Yeah we worked hard and I am sure we will" Andi agreed.
"Hey listen Andi, I noticed that when I was over at your place the other night when your fiance showed up, that he seemed a little jealous. I hope he was ok with me being there" Sam said.
"Don't worry about it. I forgot to tell him you were coming over to work but its fine. Kris told me he was surprised to see another guy there and he has become overly protective of me now that I am pregnant, Sam" Andi explained.
"OK because I have a girlfriend and I don't want to rock the boat in anyone's relationship" Sam explained.
"Its cool. Have a good rest of your evening Sam" Andi said as she got into her car.
"You too" Sam said as he headed towards his car.

Andi got home and settled for bed and decided to watch television in the bedroom and wait on Kris.

Kris showed up and was all smiles when he saw Andi laying in the bed so peacefully.

"Hey baby. How are you?" Kris asked as he went over to sit next to Andi.
"Hey I am good. How are you?" Andi asked as she leaned in for a quick kiss.
"I can't complain and now that I got a kiss from you, I am super" Kris laughed.
"That's good" Andi said smiling at him.

Kris got ready for bed and they snuggled together and watched a western conference game between the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators.