Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chapter 2

Monday morning came and Andi was at her new job. Mr. Anderson was showing Andi what she would be doing and where things were in the office. After her orientation Mr. Anderson showed Andi her cubicle where she had a desk and a filing cabinet for her use. Mr. Anderson said she could make it her own space within reason and Andi knew to be a professional so that would not be a problem.

Later on Mr. Anderson had some papers that needed to be collated and then filed so Andi started working on that project. After Andi had all the papers collated she headed to the file room. Andi was looking over something on one of the papers and was not paying attention to where she was headed and bumped into a tall person. Of course the papers went everywhere.

"Hey I am so sorry for not paying attention to where I was going" Andi said and the she looked up to see those eyes that had been in her dreams for several nights.
"Hey sorry I was not paying attention either. I was checking my phone. Here let me help you with this mess because its partially my fault too" Kris said smiling.

Andi almost wanted to melt because that smile was so perfect and again those eyes could make you forget your name. After all the papers were picked up Andi smiled back, "Merci, Kris".
"You are welcome. So you speak French, Andi?" asked Kris.
"Yes I do" Andi said as she was about to start back to her desk to re-collate the papers.
"Hold on" Kris said as he gently grabbed her upper arm, "Listen I know that we barely know each other but if you are maybe interested in having some dinner with me tonight. I would love to talk some more with you?" Kris asked and 'thinking man she probably has a boyfriend and what am I doing asking her out but man I really hope she says yes'.
"Sure that would be lovely Kris".
Kris smiled, "Great then I will pick you up at six thirty at your place so I guess I need your address".
Andi put down the papers she was holding and found something to write on and handed Kris her address, "I will see you later on".

Andi got home for her first day of work and was not completely tired especially since she going to dinner with Kris. Kate wanted to hear all about how Andi bumped into Kris and what they were going to do on their date.

"Kate, I have no idea other than we are two people going to have dinner together" Andi said as she was getting dressed.
"Oh come on he is cute you know you its a date for goodness sakes" Kate said plopping down on Andi's bed.
"No I don't know its a date because Kris just asked if I would have dinner with him and that's it" Andi said as she finished her makeup and then smiling at herself in the mirror.
"Yeah whatever you say Andi and I am Sidney Crosby's hidden girlfriend for the last five years" Kate said getting up and walking out of Andi's room.
Andi just laughed at Kate and then went to get her purse because Kris would be showing up anytime now.

Kris showed up on the dot of six thirty and he went up to Andi's apartment door and took a breath and then knocked on the door.
Andi heard the knock and went to open the door, "Hello Kris come on in".
Kris walked in and looked around the living room as Andi was picking up her purse, Kate walked in, "Hey Kris. I don't know if you remember me but I am Kate".
"Yeah I remember you from Diesel the other night" Kris said.
"Well you two have fun on your date" Kate said sweetly as Andi gave her a death stare.
"See you later, Kate" Andi said as she and Kris left for his car.

Kris being the gentleman that he is opened the door for Andi and helped her into his car and then walked around and got in himself.

The drive to the restaurant was quiet and when they got to the restaurant there was a valet. Andi thought to herself 'Wow this place is fancy' but knew that she looked nice so that is all that mattered. The valet opened her door and she got out and then Kris took her hand as they walked inside.

They were seated fairly quickly because the hostess smiled brightly at Kris and called him, Mr. Letang. They were seated at a semi private table which was nice. The restaurant was decorated beautifully with gorgeous paintings and candlelight.

The waiter came over and handed them menus and then gave Andi and Kris sometime to figure out what they wanted. Kris recommended several things that he liked on the menu and Andi decided on a shrimp and pasta dish that Kris had suggested. The waiter came back and took their orders and then left.

"This place is amazing, Kris" Andi commented as she looked around the restaurant.
"Yeah its nice. That is why I come here often to eat plus the food is amazing" Kris said with a shy smile.

Their food came and then they ate and talked about work, hockey and life. The conversation flowed nicely and there was never a dull moment. It was like they were old friends.

After dinner they headed back to the car and Kris drove Andi back to her apartment.
Kris walked Andi up to the door.

"I had a lot of fun tonight" Kris said smiling again.
"I did too, Kris. Thank you for dinner" Andi said.
"I hope this does not sound to forward but I would love to go out with you again, Andi." Kris said shyly.
"I would love to" Andi said smiling.
"Great. I will see you at work and we can figure something out for later on in the week maybe" Kris said.
"I am sure I will see you too, Kris".
"Good night, Andi" Kris said and gave Andi a quick kiss on the cheek and then headed back to his car.

Andi walked inside smiling. Kate was laying on the couch and sat up when Andi walked in.

"Hey how was dinner?" Kate asked.
"It was nice and Kris is so sweet" Andi said as she sat down next to Kate on the couch.
"Well it obviously went well because you have a huge smile on your face".
"Kris gave me a kiss on the cheek. He is absolutely sweet" Andi said dreamily.
"Yeah so this was not a date huh?"
"Fine it was a date and it was perfect."

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