Friday, August 14, 2009

Chapter 8

Warning Adult themes

Kris woke up and first and watched Andi sleep all curled up facing his chest. He absentmindedly was rubbing her back and just thinking how lucky he was that she forgave him after the stupid Erin incident. He really needed to do something special for Andi tonight. Kris lay there thinking when Andi moved slightly and opened her eyes to realized that Kris was watching her.

"Good morning Kris" Andi said smiling.
"Good morning beautiful" Kris said leaning in for a good morning kiss.
"Oh gracious what time is it?" Andi said sitting up to look at the clock realizing that she woke up with plenty of time to get ready for work.
"My internal clock gets me up early so I can go for a run so I would have made sure you were up on time" Kris said kissing Andi on the forehead.
"Good because I can't afford to be late" Andi said moving out of Kris's embrace and go into the bathroom.
Kris lay in the bed until Andi came out and then he got up and headed into the bathroom.

Andi walked into the kitchen to start the coffee and try and figure out what to eat.

"Cereal it is" Andi said to herself as she pulled out a box from the cabinet and got a bowl.
Just then Kris walked into the kitchen, "I see we are eating the "breakfast of champions" and then grab a bowl for himself and poured himself some cereal too and then sit down next to Andi at the table.
"Yeah what can I say, Wheaties, are good as long as you add a little sugar" Andi laughed as she continued to eat her breakfast.
Kris nodded and ate too and then they cleaned up and Andi went to shower and get dressed. Kris put on his clothes from yesterday and then went into Andi's living room and pulled out his cell phone to make reservations at a nice restaurant for a special dinner for Andi and he made another call for a surprise after dinner.

Andi finally came out of the bedroom ready for work and saw Kris sitting watching the morning news. Andi got her bags and Kris got up and turned off the TV and they headed out.

Kris walked Andi to her car, "Oh before I forget I am taking you out to dinner tonight and then I have a surprise afterwords since it is Friday night and we both had the night off. So what do you say?"
"Yes that sounds wonderful and a surprise afterwords. You have my curiosity peaked" Andi said as she set her bags into her car.
"Yeah I just want to spend a nice evening alone with my girlfriend whom I love very much" Kris winked as he kissed Andi and then held the door to her car as she got in.
"You are very mysterious right now, Mr. Letang. So when should I be ready for this adventure tonight?" asked Andi as she got settled into her car.
"I will pick you up at six thirty tonight. Oh and pack an overnight bag too" Kris said sneakily as he closed her car door and waved as he went to his car.

Andi drove off towards work thinking about what Kris had said to her in the parking lot of her apartment building, "OK Andi, forget that for now and concentrate on driving to work without getting into an accident".

Andi got to Mellon arena with no problems and then headed up to the offices where she had plenty of work to get finished.

Kris headed home and changed into some running shoes, shorts and ipod and headed out for a nice relaxing run. After an hour Kris got home and showered and then got ready for practice at the arena.

Andi was working hard and actually getting everything completed that Mr. Anderson said he needed.

Finally it was time to go home and get ready for her adventure with Kris. As Andi headed to her car she smiled and was still wondering what in the world they were going to be doing that she needed an overnight bag.

Andi got home and got ready for her date and packed her bag too. Sure enough Kris was on time knocking at her door.

"Hey Kris, you look pretty snazzy tonight" Andi joked with him.
"Thanks I try to keep up with all the latest fashions" Kris said doing a twirl and then tired to do a pose which was very pitiful.
"OK that was ridiculous and don't quit your day job" Andi said as she went over to pick her bags and then Kris took her bags for her so she just held her purse. Andi locked up her apartment and they headed to Kris's car and then were off on their adventure.

They got to the restaurant and were seated. Andi again was quite impressed with Kris's choice. It was an elegant seafood place that was decorated with an amazing large aquarium in the middle of the restaurant so that you could watch the fish while enjoying your dinner.

After dinner Kris drove Andi to the waterfront for a walk along the Monongahela River. They walked along together holding hands and enjoying the views. At one point they went and sat on a bench.

"Now I know you are wondering why I asked you to bring an overnight bag and you will find out in a little while" Kris said mysteriously and then kissed Andi.
Andi just smiled and laid her head on Kris's shoulder while they enjoyed the sunset.

Finally they left and headed back to the car where they drove to the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. When they drove up to the hotel, Andi thought to herself, 'Oh my god this place is elegantly fancy'. Kris pulled and stopped the car and the valet opened Andi's door and helped her out of the car. Kris got out and walked around and handed his keys to the valet and then a bellhop helped get their bags out of the car and took them inside where Kris went and checked them in. Andi looked around at the utterly gorgeous lobby. It was magnificent with chandeliers, piano and lots of sofas. She was glad that she was dressed up or else she would have felt extremely out of place.

While Andi was admiring the beautiful decor of the lobby, Kris walked over to her and put his arm around her waist and whisper, "Let's head up to our room". Andi turned and Kris took her hand and they walked to the elevator with the bellhop right behind them. They got off on their floor and headed down a hallway to their room.

Kris opened the door to the room and held the door for Andi to walk into. She walked in and her eyes went wide the room was huge and gorgeous. Andi continued to look around the room and stopped when she saw the large bouquet of roses sitting on a table in the sitting room of their "Renaissance Suite". There was a card in the flowers with her name on it so she took it out and opened it up and read it.

I am very lucky to have you in my life.
I am also happy that you are such a forgiving person.
You have stolen my heart with your beautiful smile.

Andi felt tears spring up in her eyes and then she heard Kris say, "I see that you have found your flowers. I hope you like them".
"Yes I do they are lovely, Kris. Thank you and this note is so sweet" Andi said and Kris walked over to her and put one arm around her waist and with his other hand he tilted her chin to looked up at him and brushed the tear from her cheek with his thumb and then kissed her.

Andi pulled back and smiled at Kris, "This room is unreal Kris. We have two bedrooms and this sitting area and did you see that jacuzzi tub, we could fit the entire team in it".
"Hey not too shabby for a very special evening, eh" Kris said smiling back at Andi.
"Yeah not too shabby at all" Andi said as she walked over to the doors of the balcony and opened them and walked out, "Kris come and look at this view. Its gorgeous".
Kris walked over to where Andi was standing and stood behind her and put his arms around her waist, "Its nice and you can see all of Pittsburgh lighted up at night".
"Very cool" Andi said and then she shivered and Kris suggested that they go back inside so they did.

"Since you were so impressed with the jacuzzi tub, do you want to try it out?" Kris asked.
"Sure you go and get it ready OK" Andi said.
"OK I will meet you in their shortly" Kris said and kissed Andi quickly and then headed into the bathroom leaving Andi in the bedroom.

Andi sat down on the bed and blew out a breath and starting giving herself a pep talk, "OK this is Kris he is awesome and perfect and loves me and I love him. Of course it might help that I tell him this. Man I am sitting here talking to myself when there is one unbelievable hot, naked guy in the bathroom. Oh Shut up Andi and just go in there". Then she got undressed and put on one of the hotel bathrobes.
"Hey Andi come on its ready" Kris called out.
"I am on my way" Andi said as she walked into the bathroom that was probably bigger than her apartment. When she got in there Kris was relaxing in the tub and the jets were sending bubbles every where. She also noticed a bottle of champagne and two champagne flutes sitting next to the tub.

"Come on in the water is great" Kris said.
Andi started to slide off the robe and she notice that Kris was being a gentleman and closed his eyes but she had a feeling he was peaking but whatever and she got into the tub, "Oh my word it really does feel amazing. I think I need one of these at my apartment so I could relax after my crazy classes".
"Yeah seriously this is amazing and very relaxing" Kris said taking Andi's hand and pulling her to his lap.
They lay there for a while and then Kris sat up which made Andi sit up and he grabbed the flutes and poured them some champagne. He gave her a flute and kept one for himself, "I think we should make a toast. So here goes, Andi I love you with all my heart and I think you are the other puzzle piece to mine because we fit so well together".
"Cheesy but I loved it. I have one too. Kris, you mean the world to me and I realize tonight that I can finally say this, I love you too" Andi said clinking their flutes together and they each took a sip of the champagne and then Kris took the flutes away and then pulled Andi to him and kissed her deeply.

Kris got out of the tub and put a towel around himself and then held one out for Andi and she put it around her and then they headed to the bedroom.

Once they got into the bedroom Andi turned to look at Kris and took his hands in hers and looked at him, "I want to be with you tonight". Kris smiled and leaned down and kissed her deeply and then took off his towel and then gently took off her towel. He picked her up and then laid her gently down on the bed and then she sat up and Kris slid in next to her and laid her down on the bed and moved above her. He enter her slowly so she could get used to him. Then Andi pulled Kris down for a kiss and kicked her legs around his waist and he moved in and out of her slowly. It was amazing and then she felt her orgasm hit her and she cried out and then Kris's orgasm hit him a couple of minutes later and he swore under his breath and collapsed on top of Andi and she held him. They lay together for a little bit and then Kris moved off of Andi and pulled her close.

"That was perfect, Kris" Andi said with the biggest smile on her face.
"Yeah it was unbelievable and you are perfect, sweetheart. I love you" Kris said smiling back and kissing Andi deeply again.
"I love you too Kris".

They then fell asleep in each other arms.

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