Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chapter 20

Warning Adult Content

The weeks were going by and Andi was finished with her classes and only had two more and she decided that she would take them after she had the baby which would be over the summer.

Right now they were getting ready for their trip to see Kris's family and the Olympic games in Vancouver. Kris knew that his mom and step dad were looking forward to meeting Andi in person.

"Kris are you packed at all?" Andi asked as she was checking over her list.
"I did start" Kris said pointing to his suitcase that was opened with a few things in it.
"Come on Kris get your act together buddy. We have leave tomorrow afternoon and I want to leave on time" Andi was slightly stressing herself out and Kris could tell so he walked over to her and pulled her into his arms and held her.
"You need to chill out and stop stressing. It not good for the you or the baby, sweetheart" Kris said as he rubbed her back.
"I know but I want your parents to like me. I mean I know they like me but I want to make a good impression" Andi said as she finally let herself relax in Kris's arms.
"I think they like you because you are friendly, sweet and giving them their first grandchild" Kris said and Andi looked up and Kris leaned down and kissed her.
"I am happy to know they like me because you knocked me up with their first grandchild" Andi laughed as she rubbed her abdomen.
"I have no comeback for that one so I guess I will finish packing so that you will chill out. OK Andi" Kris said as he walked into the closet and Andi sat down on the bed and chilled out while she and Kris just talked more about their trip.

The following afternoon, Andi and Kris were sitting in the Pittsburgh airport waiting for their flight to Montreal. They were headed to see Kris's family for three days and then heading to Vancouver for a week of watching the Canadian and USA hockey games. Their flight was finally called and they boarded and then headed off for Montreal.

When they landed in Montreal and got through customs they found Kris's mom at the luggage claim.

"Bonjour Kris" his mom said and giving him a kiss and hug.
"Bonjour Maman" Kris said hugging his mom back.
"Maman, C'est Andi" Kris said as he introduced Andi to his mom.
"Bonjour Andi. Il fait beau de vous rencontrer finalement" Kris's mom said as she hugged Andi too.
"Merci, il fait beau de vous rencontrer aussi" Andi responded and surprised Kris's mom with her French.

Finally they got their luggage and then headed to the car and went home. When they got to the house, Kris's mom showed them where they were going to stay and she let them alone to unpack.

"I think my mom is impressed with your French. I know that you are not completely used to speaking it but if you wanna speak in English since you are more comfortable that will be fine and I will translate" Kris said.
"Yeah I think I would prefer to speak in English because even though I know French more or less, I am not as fluent as I could be" Andi explained.
"It will be fine" Kris said as they headed out of the bedroom and went downstairs to see what his mom was up to.
They got into the kitchen and she was cooking something and Andi was actually starving, of course it was thanks to Baby Letang as always.

Kris's step dad showed up a little while later on and they all sat around the kitchen table and had an amazing dinner and talked about everything.

That evening Andi was exhausted from the whole trip so she headed up stairs before Kris who sat around with his parents for a little while and then headed to bed himself. When he got up there, Andi was still awake and reading.

"Hey I thought that you were tired" Kris said as he got ready for bed.
"Not really" Andi said with a smirk on her face as Kris came over and got into bed.
Andi moved so that she was sitting on Kris's lap and then she grabbed Kris's shirt and he let her take it off of him and then she took off her pajama top and then Kris took over control and the rest of their pajamas were thrown on the floor. Kris then moved Andi onto his lap and he kissed her and then moved his hands along her back as she moved her hands in his hair. Kris paid special attention to Andi's breasts and suckled each one and then moved his hand between her thighs and caressed her clitoris which made Andi moan softly. Then Kris lifted Andi up slightly and then lowered onto him and he kissed her so that her moans were stifled. Then Kris gently flipped them so that Andi was laying on her back with her legs wrapped around his waist as he moved in and out of her. Kris changed up his pace sometimes going fast and then slowing it down to make the sensations of their lovemaking feel amazing. Finally Kris felt Andi squeeze him and she cried out as her orgasm hit her and then Kris felt his and then released his seed into Andi's womb. They collapsed together and then Kris moved off of Andi and they held each other.

"What is up with us making love in our parents houses?" Andi questioned as she laughed also.
"I have no idea but it sure is fun and I am so enjoying it" Kris joked back.
"You are silly, Kris" Andi laughed as Kris held her as they both continued laugh at their conversation.

That night Andi slept well until early in the morning when she felt some pains in her abdomen. She went into the bathroom and when she was still feeling weird she went over to Kris and shook him. Kris looked up at her slightly confused.

"Kris something is not right with the baby. I need to go to the hospital" Andi said with a pained look and Kris quickly got up and got situated while Andi did the same and then Kris drove Andi to the hospital and when they got there, Andi was taken in quickly and Kris had to wait and hope everything would be ok. He called his mom to let her know why they had rushed to the hospital. Kris's mom said that she and his step dad would be there as soon as they could. Kris was thankful for that and then he heard his name called by a nurse and he walked over to her.

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