Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chapter 13

The Christmas holidays were creeping up on Andi and Kris and he wanted to spend it with his family while Andi wanted to be with hers. Kris wanted to be with Andi and the baby so the decision was made that they would go to Michigan to celebrate Christmas with her family. Kris promised his parents he and Andi would come and see them during the Olympic break that was coming up in February. Kris and Andi were planning on going to Vancouver for some of the Olympic hockey games and cheer on the Canadian and US teams but they would stop by Montreal and visit. So they were planning on leaving Pittsburgh on December 23 after the game against the Senators and then be in Michigan until the evening of December 26 and head back to Pittsburgh.

Andi had gone Christmas shopping with Kate and both were trying to figure out what to get their boyfriends, whom both had everything in the world.

"This is insane. I will never find anything for Kris" Andi said when the two of them finally sat down to eat some lunch. Andi had found things for everyone else but Kris was impossible.
"Yeah Sidney isn't easy to buy for either" Kate said sounding exasperated too.
"Of course when I ask Kris what he wants he says all he wants is me and the baby to be happy and healthy. Which is all good because I know that he cares but come on dude give me something to work with" Andi said looking at the menu.
Kate nodded and happened to look out the window of the restaurant into the mall and saw a sports store that they had not been in yet, "Andi, why don't we look in that sports store and see if there is anything associated with the Steelers football team".
Andi looked in the direction in which Kate was pointing and agreed, "Sure I know they both like the Steelers".

The girls enjoyed their lunch and then headed into the sports store. When they walked in they were both impressed with the place. It was actually a specialty store for all sorts of sports memorabilia. Andi and Kate wandered around and looked at all the cool things. Andi saw a Sidney Crosby autographed picture that was being sold for a couple thousand dollars and just shook her head knowing that she and Kate and gotten his autograph for free.

Kate was checking out a Steelers jersey when Andi walked over to her.

"Guess what I just saw?" Andi said looking at Kate.
"I saw you looking at that picture of Sidney so I am guessing that is what you are talking about" Kate laughed.
"Did you know it was being sold for a couple thousand dollars? I laughed because we both got ours for free" Andi joked.
"Yeah I know. Of course we both know he is like a god her in Pittsburgh" Kate commented.
"Yeah but we both also know that Sid is so down to earth" Andi said smiling at her best friend.
"Yes he is" Kate said smiling back.

All of a sudden some girl who was near them turned and looked at Kate and said, "Do you two really know Sidney Crosby?"
"We met him at a season ticket holder party this year" Kate said looking at Andi who nodded too.
"Oh wow you are so lucky. Hey did you find out if he has a girlfriend?" the girl asked wide eyed.
"I did not ask him about his personal life that would not have been cool" Kate commented.
"Oh well yeah" the girl said.
"I will say this though he is really nice and friendly" Kate said and then went back to looking at jerseys.
"That's cool" the girl said and then wandered off.
"I am impressed Kate. Nicely done" Andi said as she started looking at the jerseys too.

Finally the girls each found a cool championship Steelers jerseys with Ben Roethlisberger's name on the back. The girls agreed that the jerseys were not exactly that original but they were cool with a Superbowl patch and the whole nine yards. Andi and Kate agreed they had both had it and if their guy already had one of these the tough luck because both were exhausted shopping and it was getting so close to Christmas and time was running out.

Andi got home from the shopping trip after Kate dropped her off. Andi decided to wrap the presents since she had time and Kris was no where around for once. Andi loved having Kris around but it was nice to have space every so often. She wrapped his present first just in case he happen to show up and luckily she did because after she got it and one other present wrapped, Kris showed up.

"Andi where are you?" Kris called out as he dropped his bag on the floor and then headed towards the bedroom where he found Andi wrapping Christmas presents.
"I see you found me" Andi said smiling as she sat on the floor with wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows, and presents surrounding her.
Kris could not help himself and smile, she looked absolutely adorable so he grabbed his cell phone and took a picture of her.
"Kris I look horrible" Andi said pushing some hair out of her face.
"You look beautiful and busy" Kris said leaning over to kiss Andi.
"I am busy" Andi commented as she looked at all the presents that she needed to get finished.
"So where is my present?" Kris asked looking around at all the bags.
"Yours is already wrapped buster" Andi said pointing to a brightly colored package off to the side with a big gold bow on it.
Kris tried to reach for it but Andi was quicker and pushed his hand away.
"Hey I wanted to see that" Kris said giving Andi a sad face.
"Not until Christmas" Andi said sternly.
"Oh come on baby. I have been really good this year" Kris said seductively and then kissing Andi to distract her and then he grabbed the box and pulled back.
"Kristopher Letang, that was not fair" Andi said trying to be super annoyed at him but she couldn't because he was just so adorable.
Kris shook the present but he did not hear anything, "What is in here?" he asked.
"You will just have to wait until Christmas buster" Andi said and leaned in for a kiss which Kris accepted graciously as he leaned her down on the floor. Then his hand went to the hem of her shirt and he slid his hand along her abdomen.
Kris leaned up slightly and then looked at Andi, "Hey what do you think your parents are going to think when we tell them we are having a baby?" Kris asked as he looked into Andi's eyes.
"They are probably going to be surprised but I am a grown woman living on my own and making my own decisions so they will just have to deal" Andi said looking at Kris and reaching up and caress his cheek.
Kris kissed her the palm of her hand and took her hand in his and smiled at Andi.
"I love you Andi" Kris said.
"I don't think I have heard you say that before, eh" Andi laughed.
"Oh so you are a comedian now eh" Kris countered back.
"Yes I am but I love you too, Kris" Andi said.
"That's better" Kris said kissing Andi again.

Andi finished wrapping all the presents while Kris sat next to her as they talked about their plans for visiting her family.

That evening they watched the Pens play the Flyers on the television. Kris as stayed home while the guys went to Philadelphia which was fine because it was just one away game. The Flyers won that game which made Kris not happy. Andi let him be mad and she went and decided to go and read before bed. Kris called up Max and they had a venting session about the game and Andi tried her best to ignore him but Kris was kinda loud. Finally everything was quiet and Andi figured Kris's conversation had ended and sure enough he walked into the bedroom and then into the bathroom and then came out and climbed into bed with Andi. Andi continued to read until Kris took the book away and set it aside and pulled her into his arms.

"Goodnight Andi and Baby Letang" Kris said as he leaned down and kissed Andi deeply.
"Goodnight Kris" Andi said as they cuddled together for the night.

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