Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chapter 37

Andi went back to the doctor's to get the results of the tests. As she waited for the doctor to come into her room her mind wandered to all the possible scenarios, some good and some bad. Andi put her hand on her abdomen and just hoped the doctor had figured what was going on with this pregnancy.

Kris had not been able to go with Andi to her appointment because of a media event for the Penguins. He had his phone turned on and the volume up so he could hear when Andi called him about her tests results. Kris, Max, Marc Andre, Sidney, Jordan, Tyler and Evegeni were at Dick's Sporting Goods store for an autograph session with kids from the local Boys and Girls Club. It was loud but very controlled and everyone was having a great time talking and hanging out. At one point while Kris was talking with a couple of kids his cell phone went off and he looked and saw that it was Andi.

"Hey I really need to take this guys but I will be right back" Kris said and the kids nodded and Kris answered his phone, "Hey sweetheart what's up?"
"You will not believe this but there were actually two babies but one miscarried really early and that is why I was feeling horrible but the other baby is doing fine" Andi said sounding very upset.
"I am so sorry sweetheart. Are you ok?" asked Kris sounding really concerned. Sidney overheard Kris talking to Andi and walked over to him and got his attention.

"Kris you ok, man?" Sidney asked Kris, who looked at Sidney and shook his head.
"Andi, listen I am coming home so we can talk ok darling. I will be there very soon. Love you" Kris said.
"OK Kris, love you" Andi said and then they both hung up.

"Sid, I need to go and be with Andi now. Some came up and I need to be with her" Kris said shaking slightly.
"Go and be with her and don't worry about it. Family is the most important thing. I will tell everyone you had an emergency so go" Sidney said.
"Thanks Sid. I appreciate it a lot" Kris said heading out of the store.

Sidney walked over to where Kris had been hanging out with the kids and their teammates, "Sorry guys but Kris had a family emergency so he sends his apologies for having to leave so soon".
The kids and the rest of the guys all were understanding and continued on hanging out.

Kris drove as quickly as he could to their apartment. When he got into the apartment he heard Andi crying in their bedroom. He found her sitting on the bed with rocking Luc in her arms. Andi looked up at Kris, who came over and sat down next to her on the bed and put his arms around her. Kris just held Andi for a while as they processed what had just happened.

Finally Andi moved so that she could let Luc sit on the floor and she looked at Kris and he looked at her, "We still are having a baby just not two but its probably for the best".
"Are you really ok with that?" Kris asked looking deeply into Andi's eyes and he could tell she was just saying that but not really believing it at all.
"No" Andi said still looking at Kris.
"I figured. Losing a baby is sad and we will always wonder why it happened" Kris said pulling Andi close to him again.
"Yeah its weird that one baby survived and the other didn't. The doctor says it happens sometimes with twins for many different reasons" Andi explained as she relaxed against Kris's chest.
"Well at least we still have one of them to enjoy and love" Kris said kissing Andi's temple.
"Yeah you are right, Kris" Andi said and then they heard Luc talking and both Andi and Kris moved to see Luc looking at them with an adorable smile and he said, "Dada Dada".
"Oh my goodness, Luc you are too funny, son" Kris said and laughing which made Andi laugh and realize that she was going to be ok with Kris by her side.

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