Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 33


Andi and Kris were headed off to the Bahamas for a week of fun and relaxation. They got to the resort which was amazing. Their room was huge and Andi was a little bit overwhelmed at the size and extravagance but she knew Kris wanted only the best for her, not that she was complaining, but something more simple was her style.

Andi went to the balcony to check out the view from their room, while Kris was talking with the bellhop. Andi walked out and was amazed at the view they had of the beach. The view was breathtaking with the perfect blue sky and the ocean seemed to go on forever. She knew that she wanted to go and relax on the beach and maybe play in the water so Andi headed back into the room and went to her suitcase to find her new bikini that she had gotten for this trip. Then she headed into the bathroom to get ready for the beach and while she was doing that, Kris saw her disappear into the bathroom and knocked on the door.

"Hey Andi, you ok?" Kris asked.
"Yeah just getting into my swimsuit because I want to go and relax on that beautiful beach I just saw so move you cute ass along and you can join me" Andi replied.
"OK sounds good" Kris said as he went to get himself ready for the beach.

Andi and Kris settled their towels on a quiet part of the beach and then decided to go swimming in the ocean. They splashed around and just enjoyed the view around them.

"Wow this place is unreal" Andi exclaimed as she floated on her back.
"Yeah its great" Kris said watching as Andi just relaxed in the water.
"Man you really can forget about all the craziness of life while being here" Andi said enjoying the sun against her skin.
Kris then splashed Andi and she stood up and looked at Kris, "What was that for?"
"I don't know. I just felt like it" Kris laughed.
"Oh so you just wanted to eh" Andi smirked and then splashed Kris back and he did not expect it and then he grabbed her and pulled her to him and then kissed her.
"I bet you did not expect that" Kris laughed again.
"Yeah I did because you are my adorable husband and we are on our honeymoon" Andi said giggling.
"Well then I guess it will have to happen again" Kris said and proceeded to kiss Andi again.

After a while Andi and Kris went back to their towels and dried off and decided to walk along the beach. Kris took Andi's hand in his as they wander along the beach and checked out seashells.

Finally they headed back to their hotel room to get ready for their dinner reservations. As they were heading to the hotel restaurant, Kris turned to Andi and said, "You look amazing Mrs. Letang".
"Why thank you Mr. Letang. You don't look so shabby yourself" Andi said as she smiled at Kris, who smiled back.

After dinner, Andi and Kris headed back to their room because they both were exhausted from the day of traveling. They went and sat on the balcony of their room and enjoyed the view. Kris was holding Andi in his lap and Andi was resting on Kris's chest. They sat there for a while until Kris noticed Andi had fallen asleep in his lap. He hated to move her because she seem so relaxed but he thought they would be more comfortable in bed plus it was their wedding night and of course Kris was looking forward to that.

"Andi sweetheart, sorry to wake you up but I think we will be more comfortable in bed" Kris said as he slightly shook Andi awake.
"Oh gracious did I fall asleep. I guess I was really comfy in your lap." Andi said drowsily as she stretched her arms.
"Actually I think you are exhausted just like me but I have a second wind because you know what we get to do now" Kris said as he winked and grinned like a cheshire cat.
"We get to go to sleep now" Andi said sarcastically as she got up off of Kris's lap and headed inside. Kris followed Andi inside as he closed the doors. Andi headed into the bathroom so that she could get herself ready for bed. Kris knocked on the door, "Hey are you decent? Not that it matters because you are my wife".
"Kris, just give me a minute, please" Andi responded.
"Are you OK sweetheart" Kris said sounding worried.
"I am fine. Don't worry your cute little butt" Andi laughed which made Kris feel better and he got himself situated.

A couple of minutes later Andi came out of the bathroom and walked over to the bed where Kris was sitting in a pair of boxers. He turned and his eyes went wide. Andi was in a white baby doll nightie with a silk robe. She looked like an angel to him at that moment.

"Oh my god Andi! What are you trying to do to me?" Kris exclaimed as he let his eyes roam all over her body.
"I was trying to kill you with beauty and then take all your money and run to Vegas and live it up" Andi joked as she sat down next to Kris on the bed.
"Well at this point I would so let you do that and I will die a happy man" Kris laughed as he pulled Andi close and kissed her deeply.

Kris laid Andi down and of course he took off that nightie, robe and his boxers and proceeded to kiss Andi everywhere. Andi squirmed at the feeling of Kris's lips on her body because it felt like heaven.
"Oh god Kris that feels so good" Andi called out and Kris continued what he was doing until he could not take it anymore himself. He moved back up and looked into Andi's eyes, "I love you" was all he said before he kissed her deeply and then she moved her legs and he slowly entered her. Kris took his time with his movements. Slow first then a little faster and of course he knew he was driving Andi nuts but it felt perfect too. Andi grabbed onto Kris's shoulders and held on as she felt her orgasm hit her quickly. She cried out Kris's name several times which drove Kris to finally thrust one more time and spill his seed into Andi's womb as he felt his orgasm hit too. They lay together for a little bit and then Kris moved off of Andi and pull her close. They snuggled together and then Andi looked up at Kris, "Hey I love you too" she said and then kissed Kris and then they feel asleep together their first night as husband and wife.

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