Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chapter 26

Kris had promised Andi that he would leave practice early so that she and Vero could go wedding dress shopping. When he got home, Andi and Luc were playing on the floor.

"Hey its my two favorite people in the whole world" Kris said smiling.
"Hey Luc is that daddy?" Andi asked Luc as she patted his little belly and he kick his feet in the air excitedly.

Kris came over and sat down with Andi and Luc and played with Luc's little feet.

"Hey buddy, are you having fun with mommy?" Kris said making funny faces at his son.
Luc continued to kick his feet and wave his little hands.
"Yeah we are having a fun time just sitting here" Andi said.
"That's good. So when is Vero coming over?" asked Kris as he looked at Andi.
"She should be here soon. I need to finish getting ready so if you don't mind watching your son" Andi replied as she got up and headed into the bedroom and Kris continued to play with Luc.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Kris went up and answered the door.

"Hey Vero come on in. Andi should be out in just a second" Kris said as Vero wandered in and saw Luc laying on the floor.
"Hey Kris and there is the man of the hour" Vero said as she walked over to Luc and knelt down next to him and started playing with Luc.

Kris went to check on Andi in the bedroom. Kris walked in and Andi was just coming out of the bathroom.

"Hey Vero just got here" Kris said as he walked over to Andi and hugged her and gave her a quick kiss.
"Thanks and I am just about ready" Andi said smiling at Kris and then she grabbed her purse. They walked back out into the living room together.

"Vero hey are you ready for our wedding dress adventure?" Andi asked and laughed.
"Yeah I am ready. Shopping is always fun" Vero said with a huge smile.
Kris just laughed at that comment and said, "Have fun you two. I think I am going to take Luc back over to Mellon since I had to leave early and he can chill while I workout a little bit more" Kris saw that Andi looked a little concerned about that idea, "And relax Andi, Luc will be fine, I promise".
"OK just keep a close eye on him because there are lots of people and things around and I don't want my baby to get hurt" Andi said.
"I swear I won't let our baby get hurt, Andi. Now go and have fun shopping. Love you" Kris said as he practically shoved Andi out the door.

The girls headed out for a fun afternoon of wedding dress shopping. Andi had several places she wanted to check out and Vero was fine with that.

Meanwhile at Mellon arena, Kris was working out while Luc was playing in his car seat with a toy. Kris was watching him just so that Andi would not kill him. At one point a few of Kris's teammates walked into the room.

"Hey Tangers what's up?" asked Max in his usual jovial and crazy self.
"Just working and out and hanging out with my son" Kris said pointing to Luc on the floor.
"Hey its a baby penguin" laughed Marc Andre as he walked over to Luc and knelt down and gently patted his head.
"Hey Double L" joked Max and he too sat down next to Marc Andre and made silly faces at Luc. Luc totally enjoyed the attention.
Sidney walked into the room and noticed the group of guys sitting on the floor and wandered over to see what was going on. Then he noticed Luc in his baby seat and Sidney laughed as all the guys were baby talking and being completely silly.

"I see we all have become a bunch of kids in here now" Sidney declared as he joined in the fun too.
"Hey Sid. Yes we might be tough hockey players but deep down we are all kids at heart especially when a baby is around" laughed Kris who looked at Luc and realized how fun it was being a dad.

Kris got home before Andi so he decided to give Luc a bath and get dinner ready for Andi. Kris and Luc had a fun bath time and then while Kris was getting dinner situated Luc was laying on the floor in the living area playing. Just as Kris finished everything Andi came home.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said as he met Andi at the door and gave her a kiss.
"Hey Tangers, how are you two guys?" asked Andi as she put down her bags.
"We had a great time at the arena. Luc is seriously popular with the guys but he was very good" Kris said proudly.
"That's great" Andi said as she walked over and looked down and Luc who was just having a blast with a stuffed penguin toy.
"Luc is so amazing" Kris said putting his arms around Andi as they both watched him.

After dinner and getting Luc settled for the night, Kris and Andi sat in the living room and talked about Andi's shopping trip.

"How did the dress shopping go?" Kris asked as he held Andi in his arms while they cuddled on the sofa.
"Actually it went great. I found the perfect dress and a few other things too" Andi said contently.
"That's good. Did you find dresses for your bridesmaids? And what did Vero think?" questioned Kris.
"She and I debated about few dresses and we finally agreed on one that looks good and that I like too" Andi said.
"I can't wait until you are my wife" Kris said kissing Andi's temple and she moved to smile at Kris, "I can't wait either".
"I love you Andrea" Kris said.
"I love you too, Kristopher" Andi said smiling and knowing that life could not be more perfect with her amazing fiance and adorable baby boy.

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