Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chapter 23

Andi was in labor a long time since it was her first baby and Kris was doing everything he could to make sure she was comfortable.

"Kris can you get me some ice chips please?" asked Andi as she relaxed between contractions.
"Sure sweetheart" Kris said as he went to get the ice for Andi.

When he got back Andi was breathing through another contraction. Kris gave her a piece of ice and Andi took it gratefully.

"Oh my god if this kid does not hurry up and be born, I am going to scream" Andi complained and relaxed after the last contraction.
"The doctor said that it might take a while since this is our first baby" Kris said.
Andi just looked at Kris with a death stare, "Is there anything else I can do for you darling?"
"Yeah can you give me a back massage, please" Andi suggested so Kris came over and Andi moved up so that Kris could sit behind her and massaged her back.
"Oh wow that feels great, Kris" Andi said as she leaned her head forward.
"I am glad that I can do something for you, Andi" Kris said as he continued to help Andi relax.

The doctor came into Andi's room to check and see how Andi was doing.
"Hopefully soon you two will be parents. How are you feeling, Andi" the doctor said.
"Ready for this kid to be out of me" Andi said tiredly.
"I am sure you are and it will be soon. You just need to dilate a little bit more before you can give birth" the doctor said and then left the room.

"Ugh come on kid lets move it along" Andi said exasperated.
"The doctor said it will be soon so I know its hard waiting but try and relax" Kris said trying to calm Andi.
"You are not the one who has a baby inside of you and he or she is making me so uncomfortable and tired".
Kris was not sure what else he could do to make Andi feel better so he just held her and kissed her temple.
"Sorry Kris for sounding so unhappy about the baby right now but I feel weird" Andi apologized.
"Its ok Andi. I just wish I could make you feel better but I know there is really nothing else I can do for now. Just try and relax as best as you can sweetheart. I love you" Kris said as he held Andi tightly.
"I love you too, Kris" Andi said as she did her best to relax in Kris's arms.

About a couple hours later it was time for Andi to give birth. The doctor and nurses were in the room and Kris was there too helping.

"OK Andi I need you to push" the doctor said as Andi pushed holding onto Kris's hand.
"Oh god I don't think I can do this" Andi cried.
"Yes you can sweetie" Kris said.
"Another push Andi and we should have the head out" the doctor said and Andi pushed with all her might.

Then out of nowhere there was a loud cry as the doctor held Andi and Kris's new born baby boy.

"Its a boy" the doctor announced as Andi and Kris smiled at each other and Kris kissed Andi.
"We have a baby boy" Andi said completely exhausted as she leaned back on her bed.
"Yeah we do" Kris said smiling at Andi.

The doctor let Andi hold her son after the nurse cleaned him up. Kris and Andi were so amazed at this little person who was in their life now and forever.

After a few minutes the nurses needed to finish cleaning the baby and help Andi get cleaned up too.

Finally Andi and the baby were taken to out of the recovery room into their room and that is where Kris was waiting.

Andi held their son while Kris sat next to Andi and they just enjoyed the presence of their new son.

A nurse came over at one point, "Sorry to interrupt but I need to know have you decided a name for your son?"
"His name is Luc Jocelyn Letang" Kris said as he looked at baby Luc.
"Thank you" the nurse said and then left the room.

"I think that Luc would be proud to know that he has a namesake" Andi said as she looked at Kris and then kissed him.
"I agree and I am sure he is looking down here smiling" Kris said as he thought about his best friend, Luc Bourdon.

The rest of the evening Kris and Andi enjoyed their new bundle of joy, Luc.

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