Monday, September 14, 2009

Chapter 25

Andi was still on maternity leave so besides taking care of her newborn son, she was working on wedding plans. Andi was looking at several wedding magazines and websites to get ideas.

One afternoon Andi was sitting on the sofa researching wedding ideas on her laptop when her cell phone started ringing. Andi looked at her phone and recognized who was calling her.

"Hello Vero, what's going on?" Andi asked as she answered the phone.
"Hey Andi, how are you doing? And how is that absolutely cute baby of yours?" asked Vero.
"I am very tired because of that cute baby. Luc is doing well and eating like there is no tomorrow" Andi laughed.
"Good to know that Luc is doing well. Are you up for some company this afternoon?" Vero asked.
"Of course I would love for you to come over. I am never tired for good friends to come and visit" Andi said excitedly.
"Cool then I will be over in about twenty minutes" Vero said.
"Sounds good and see you in a few" Andi said and then hung up her phone and got up to get the living area presentable.

A little while later on Vero and Andi were chatting away while sitting on the sofa and looking at wedding magazines.

"I declare some people have some crazy tastes as to what is appropriate for a wedding these days" Vero laughed as she showed Andi some picture in one of the magazines.
Andi laughed too and continued flipping the pages of the magazine she was looking through.

Kris showed up about an hour later and he walked in on Vero and Andi playing with Luc.

"I see that you all are having a fun time here" Kris mentioned.
"Hey Kris" Andi said handing Luc to Vero so that she could give Kris a quick kiss and hug.
"Hey Vero" Kris said while he was still holding Andi in his arms.
"Hey Kris. Are you surviving the combination of fatherhood and hockey well?" asked Vero as she gently bounced Luc.
"Yeah its crazy but so worth it in the end because Luc is just amazing" Kris exclaimed.
"That's good to hear because maybe at some point, Marc Andre and I will think about kids or not" joked Vero as she smiled at Luc, who was totally happy sitting with Vero.

Vero stayed around for another hour and then left so that Andi, Kris and Luc could have some time together.

After Vero left, Andi laid Luc on his gym mat with a few toys and then sat leaning against the bottom of the sofa while Kris sat next to her. Kris grabbed one of the many magazines off the sofa and starting flipping through it.

"So what have you decided on our wedding or would you rather just elope?" Kris asked as he smirked at Andi.
"You know eloping is always a nice idea because it cuts down on planning. But I was thinking we get married in Michigan because my aunt has an amazing house with this cool pier that goes out into the lake" Andi explained.
"That sounds cool but why are talking about a cool pier?" Kris asked confused.
"You are gonna laugh about why I mentioned the pier" Andi said looking at Luc.
"I promise I won't laugh so tell me" Kris said as he turned Andi's face to look at him.
"You swear you won't laugh?" Andi asked seriously as she looked into Kris's eyes.
He nodded, "I swear on my life."
"OK well ever since I was little and had my wedding planned to my perfect guy after the ceremony we would run down my aunt's pier and jump straight into the water" Andi said seriously and she waited to see if Kris kept his promise and not laugh.
"Wow that sounds like fun. But you would ruin your wedding dress jumping into a lake" Kris said and he did not laugh.
"I don't plan on getting some extremely expensive dress so it would be fine if I jumped in the lake. And thank you for not laughing at my idea" Andi said leaning up to Kris and kissing him deeply.
"Hey its your wedding and your dream to jump in a lake so what is the point of laughing at that" Kris said smiling at Andi.

That evening after Kris and Andi put baby Luc to bed, they got ready for bed too and then snuggled together and watched the Hurricanes play the Thrashers.

"Man the Canes are seriously kicking ass on the ice tonight" Kris commented.
"Yeah look at Cam Ward he is like a brick wall" Andi noticed as she got more comfortable in Kris's arms.
"Yeah he is tough to score on lately" Kris said as he looked at Andi snuggled up in his arms.
Andi looked up at Kris who was looking at her and he leaned down for a kiss that left both of them breathless.
"Kris we can't right now" Andi said.
"I know and its fine. I love you sweetheart" Kris said smiling as he held her closely.
"Love you too Kris" Andi said as she put her head on Kris's chest and they continued watching the game.

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