Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chapter 24

Kris, Andi and Luc stayed with Kris's parents for about a week and then headed back to Pittsburgh. Since Luc had been born in Canada he was a Canadian citizen but since his mom was an American he could be an American citizen so Andi and Kris had a major decision on their hands. In the end they decided that Luc would stay a Canadian citizen it was just easier that way.

Andi was very exhausted and was sleeping at any moment she could so that she had the energy to deal with Luc. Luckily though Kris helped out when he could even though he had practice and games. Andi and Kris were a team and were determined to be the best parents they could to Luc.

One evening Andi was resting and watching the game on the television after she had put Luc to sleep. She was trying to stay up and see Kris when he got home because usually when he got home she was asleep. Andi did not realize it but she ended up falling asleep on the couch because she woke up as Kris was carrying her to bed.

"Hey was trying to stay up and to tell you what a great game" Andi said drowsily.
"Sweetheart, you just had a baby you need sleep instead of staying up for me" Kris smiled.
"But I swear that is about all I do is sleep and I feel like I am neglecting you" Andi confessed.
"You are not neglecting me and everything will be ok. Now go back to sleep and I will see you in the morning. I love you, Andi" Kris said as he kissed her and then laid her down on the bed.
Andi quickly got comfortable in the bed and Kris put the covers over her and she feel asleep again. Then Kris got ready for bed too and snuggled next to Andi.

The next morning Andi was surprised that she had not heard Luc cry during the night. It worried her so she got up and then it hit her that Kris was not in the bed with her. She got up and went into the bathroom and then headed out of the bedroom and the she heard talking. Andi quietly walked towards the bedroom that was now Luc's nursery. She paused at the door and looked in to see Kris sitting in the rocking chair holding Luc and giving him a bottle. Kris was telling Luc about the sport of hockey.

"Hockey is am amazing sport buddy. You get to skate around hitting guys and its fine. And when you score a goal is the best feeling around. Just knowing that you beat some of the best goalies in the league c'est magnifique" Kris explained as Andi watched smiling at Kris and Luc together. Andi knew that Kris was going to be the best dad in the world. She stood there for a little bit longer and then made her presence known.

"There are my two favorite guys" Andi said as she walked into the nursery.
"Good Morning Andi" Kris said smiling up at her as he continued to feed Luc.
"I was wondering why I did not hear Luc cry during the night but I see that you had everything under control" Andi said as she kissed the top of Luc's little head and then moved to give Kris a good morning kiss too.
"I figured you needed a night off from feeding Luc and I figured I could handle giving him a bottle a few times" Kris said feeling proud of himself.
"You have done a great job and thanks for letting me sleep" Andi said sitting down in another chair in the room.
"You are welcome, Andi. I knew when you tried to stay up last night to see me that I needed to give you a break" Kris said as he smiled at Andi and then realized that Luc was finished with his bottle and then Kris lifted Luc up onto his shoulders to get Luc to burp, which he did loudly and Kris and Andi laughed.
"Takes after his dad" Andi joked and Kris just shook his head.

They spent the day together and went for a walk around the apartment complex. That evening Kris did not have a game so he went out and got dinner for him and Andi and they had a nice quiet evening together.

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  1. Dual citizenship...? The kid is naturally a dual citizenship, it would have been more work to just make the kid Canadian.