Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chapter 31

That night Andi and Elise were in their hotel room getting ready to head down to the pool area.

"Elise are you just about ready?" asked Andi who was all ready and kinda impatient because she had overheard Matthew, one of Kris's friends, saying he was really wanting to go to the pool area as soon as they got to the hotel.
"Almost, Miss Impatient" Elise said as she finally came out of the bathroom.
"OK, lets get this show in the road" Andi said as she grabbed her bag and room key.

When Andi and Elise got to the pool area, Kris and his buddies were acting like kids by doing cannonballs into the pool. Andi realized they were making it into a contest as to who could make the biggest splash. She just rolled her eyes and went to put her stuff on a table where Elise was getting situated.

"They look like they are having fun" Elise smiled as she watch the antics.
"Yeah they do but I am wondering am I marrying a man or a kid" Andi joked as she laughed at the boys.
"Seriously but who cares Kris is hot" Elise stated.
"That is true" Andi said smiling to herself.

The girls sat down at their table and watched the show the boys were putting on until Kris looked over and saw them and waved to Andi. Andi waved back and then she and Elise got up and headed to the pool stairs and got in. The girls were just barely in the pool when Kris, Matthew and Andre walked over and jumped in and then started splashing them. Andi and Elise quickly went underwater so that they could avoid the splashing from the guys.

While Andi was under she felt someone grabbed her around her waist and she turned to see Kris looking at her underwater. She smirked at him and he smirked back and then kissed her. Then they both had to come of for air.

"Well, I have to say that I have never been kissed underwater before" Andi whispered.
"Neither have I but its always fun to try new things" Kris whispered back and then kissed Andi again.
"OK you two need to save that for the honeymoon and we really don't want to see that" Andre said sarcastically.
"Oh get over yourself. I can kiss Andi where ever and whenever I feel like it" Kris said and proceed to kiss Andi for a third time.

Andi, Kris, Elise, Andre and Matthew ended up having a fun time swimming and hanging out at the pool that night.

It was getting late and everyone had to get up at a decent hour the next morning for the wedding. Everyone got dried off and then headed to the elevators. While they were waiting for the elevator Kris whispered something to Andi and she just laughed.

"Hey guys Andi and I are gonna take the stairs and meet you in a little bit" Kris announced.
"You better not keep her too long because she needs her beauty sleep" Elise said.
"Don't worry I will get her to her room before midnight" Kris said and then got a look from Elise that made him think twice, "Fine, I will get Andi to her room in a few minutes. Is that better, Elise?"
"Fine" Elise stated and then the elevator opened and she and the boys got in and headed up.

Andi and Kris were walking along the hallway of the hotel and then they went out a side door where there was a balcony and a couple of chairs. Kris went over and sat down on one of the chairs and pulled Andi onto his lap. Andi turned so that she was facing Kris.

"So what's up?" Andi said looking at Kris.
"Nothing I just wanted to have you to myself for a few minutes" Kris said as he held her tightly.
"OK" Andi said contently as she leaned into Kris's chest and relaxed with him.

They sat there for a little while and enjoyed the silence and the night sky.

Finally Kris took Andi up to her room and when they got to her door she turned to look at him. She felt like it was their first date and should she kiss him goodnight or not but Kris made up her mind by kissing her deeply. Andi felt like the world just disappeared and it was only the two of them and no one else.

"Goodnight sweetheart" Kris said and then laughed because Andi had a funny look on her face.
"What are you laughing at dude" Andi said punching Kris in the arm.
"You just looked so surprised right after that kiss" Kris said still snickering.
"Snicker and joke all you want and I might rethink about tomorrow" Andi said trying to look annoyed but it did not work because she started laughing too.
"I don't think you want to rethink tomorrow because you love me too much and you think I am hot!" Kris said continuing to laugh.
"Oh my god! You did not just say that I think you are hot. That's hilarious but I will confess its so true. You really are HOT!" Andi giggled and made sure to emphasize the word 'hot'.
"Hey what can I say, I try" Kris smiled.
They laughed for a couple of minutes and then the door opened and Elise stood there and looked at the two of them.

"OK Kris you need to go now and you will see Andi tomorrow. Now get moving" Elise demanded.

Kris started to head to his room but Andi grabbed his arm and leaned up to kiss him one more time, "Good night and sweet dreams, Hot stuff. I love you" Andi said.
"Good night sweetheart and I love you more" Kris said and then trotted off towards his room. Andi went inside and closed the door behind her and just smiled to herself and was now really hoping that tomorrow would hurry up and she would finally be Mrs. Letang.

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