Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chapter 29

Andi and Kris were getting married right before the playoffs. Kris would be 'benched' for a couple of games for 'not producing well as of late' but in reality it was so that he could get married. Andi got a great laugh out of him being "benched".

"Oh this is hilarious" laughed out loud Andi as she read the line up paper that Kris was showing her.
"Laugh it up sweetheart because if I was not 'benched' we so would not being getting married until this summer and I know you did not want that" Kris stated adamantly.
"I am sorry but this reason is so stupid because you have actually been scoring like a mad man but I wonder what the fans are gonna think" Andi said as she continued to snicker.
"Yeah, I have already heard that some fans are pissed off that I will not playing and think the same thing you do that, it is a dumb reason but they needed something other than me being injured as to why I got pulled. But they will find out soon enough the real reason and I will be the happiest guy in the universe after we get married" Kris explained and then leaned over and kissed Andi.
Andi smiled after the kiss, "I will be the happiest girl in the universe when we are married too because then you are so stuck with me until forever".
"I love the idea of being stuck with you forever" Kris smiled as he hugged Andi tightly.

Andi was still finishing up last minute plans for the wedding. She and Kris tried their best not to have anymore arguments about the wedding so they chose the idea of debating issues and it worked out better and they usually ended up with a good compromise or some amazing sex.

They had only two weeks left to get things situated and luckily Andi's mom and sister were helping from the Michigan end. So Andi just had the Pennsylvania end to worry about and that was not to horrible. Plus Kris was really making an effort to do whatever he could do which was mainly getting his tuxedo and get an outfit for Luc.

Every evening Andi was exhausted with all the planning of her wedding. Kris was the best fiance and brought home dinner most nights and they two of them would just snuggle on the couch and watch tv after Luc went to bed.

One evening when Andi, Kris and Luc were heading home after a particular bad game by the Penguins, they got home and Andi knew to leave Kris alone so she went into Luc's room and fed him and got him ready for bed. When she was finished with Luc, she headed into the bedroom and Kris was laying on the bed still dressed except for his jacket and shoes and he was staring at the ceiling. Andi just left him be and got herself ready for bed and when she got out of the bathroom and went and got under the covers and then leaned on her side looking at Kris.

"Is the ceiling giving you any insight as to what happened tonight?" Andi said sarcastically.
"Yes it is saying we suck and that is why I could not score tonight" Kris said sounding pissed off.
"Wow I never knew that the ceiling had all the answers. Maybe I should ask it to tell my fiance that to get over his attitude and move on from this crappy game or he will not be getting lucky anytime soon" Andi said and then moved so that she had her back to Kris so the she could sleep. Kris turned his head so that he could see Andi's back and put his hand through his hair and got up and went into the bathroom and then came back out and got under the covers. Kris put his arm around Andi's waist and pulled her to him, "Hey I know that you are still awake and sorry for my bad attitude. We can't go to bed angry at each other so turn around so I can give you a goodnight kiss" Kris whispered into her ear. Andi turned around so that she was facing Kris and she looked into his eyes, "Apology accepted Tangers".
"I love you Andi" Kris said and then kissed Andi deeply.
"I love you too Kris" Andi said and smiled as she moved into Kris's arms and everything was perfect.

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