Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chapter 34

Warning Adult Content

Andi and Kris were enjoying their time in the Bahamas for their honeymoon. They spent lots of time on the beach and in the bedroom.

Kris planned a special candlelight dinner in their room one night. Andi had gone to the spa for the day and Kris had worked things out with the resort so that Kris could surprise Andi. When Andi got back from her day at the spa, she noticed that the room was only lit by candles and smelled like heaven.

Andi wandered further into their suite to see a beautiful table setting with roses and candles. She looked at the food and it was one of her favorites, shrimp with pasta. There was even a bottle of white wine on the table too. As Andi was checking out the setting she did not notice as Kris came up behind her and put his arms around her. She jumped and Kris laughed.

"So you think its funny to scare your wife, eh" Andi said as she turned around in Kris's arms.
"Yeah kinda but who else did you think was putting their hands on you?" Kris asked.
"Nobody except for you can touch me" Andi exclaimed as she leaned up to kiss Kris.

Kris then lead Andi to her seat and pulled out her chair and helped her get settled at the table and then went and sat down across from her. The food look amazing and Andi wasted no time in trying the wonderful smelling food in front of her.

"Oh my this is so tasty. Kris thank you for this wonderful dinner" Andi said as she enjoyed her food.
"Anything for my beautiful wife" Kris said smiling at Andi and he too enjoyed his dinner.

After dinner Kris had brought along some cds and they happen to have a cd player in the suite so he put in one of the cds so they could dance.

"Mrs. Letang, may I have this dance" Kris asked as he took Andi's hand in his and pulled her too him.
"I think that can be arranged, Mr. Letang" Andi joked as she put her arms around Kris's shoulders and then they slow danced to the music.
"Kris, this is a wonderful ending to my fun day at the spa so thank you" Andi said as she enjoyed just being in Kris's arms.
"What can I say I am just an awesome husband and you are welcome, sweetheart. I just thought we could have a nice romantic dinner alone since most of the time we have been eating at the restaurants here" Kris said smiling at his beautiful wife.

Later on that evening, Andi and Kris decided to go for a evening walk along the beach. Andi took Kris's hand in hers as they wander along the private beach of the resort. At one point, Kris decided to sit on the sand and made Andi sit in front of him as he held her as they listened to the waves come onto the sand. The stars were out and the sky looked like a bunch of tiny diamonds all shiny and bright.

They had been sitting for a while and Andi started to shiver and Kris hugged her tighter and asked, "Are you ready to head back?"
"Yeah, I am getting a little cold" Andi said snuggling closer to Kris so he got up and helped her up and they headed back to the hotel.

When they got back to the room, Kris pulled Andi into his arms and kissed her deeply and then picked her up and took her to the bed where he proceed to lay her down. Andi looked up at Kris and smiled as he took off his shirt and then laid back down next to her. Andi proceeded to help Kris out of the rest of his clothes and then her clothes.

Kris leaned down and kissed Andi deeply and then he moved to nibble on her earlobe and whisper, "I love you so much Andrea" and then let his hands and lips wander all over her body. Andi giggled as the sensations that Kris's hands and lips were doing to her body. It felt like heaven and Kris knew exactly what made her go crazy. Finally he moved back up and kissed her again and she moved her legs so that he could enter her in one strong movement. Kris started a rhythm and Andi match his motions and it felt perfect.

"Oh god Kris! Wow yes oh my wow" was about all Andi could say as Kris continued to love her. Kris said something incoherent as he moved above Andi and then she felt his hand moved between them and caress her breasts and she lost it then as her orgasm hit her hard, "Good God Kris yes yes!" which set Kris off on his orgasm too and he emptied his seed into Andi's womb. They both were exhausted afterwords and Kris collapsed on Andi as she held him tightly. Kris finally moved off of Andi and rolled onto his back and Andi moved onto his chest so she could look at him.

"I love you" Andi said as she smiled at Kris and he put his arm on her back and said, "I love you too".
"Kris that was earth shattering as it always is" Andi joked as she smiled.
"It was unbelievable and perfect as it always is with you Andi" Kris said as he grinned.
"You are a nut but what can I say, I am perfect" Andi joked.
"Yes you are in every way sweetheart" Kris agreed.


They spent the next couple of days enjoying their honeymoon as a happy newlyweds. Finally it was time to head back to Pittsburgh and deal with the real world. Plus Andi and Kris missed their son, Luc, and could not wait to see him and their family and friends.

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