Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chapter 22

The Olympic break was over and the regular hockey season had started back up. The Pens were back in action and Andi was at home enjoying the games on the television. Once in a while Vero would come and keep Andi company while they watched the game.

One evening as Andi and Vero were watching the Penguins play against the Flyers, Andi's cell phone rang and she picked it up and looked at the number it was Kris's parents number.

"Hello" Andi said looking at Vero with concern.
"Is this Ms. Walker?" asked the female voice on the other end.
"Yes, who is this?" asked Andi looking even more worried.
"I tried getting a hold of a Mr. Kristopher Letang but he was not answering his phone and his step father suggested I call you instead. I am Mrs. Johnson a nurse at Montreal General Hospital. Mr. Letang's mother was brought here. Now can you get a message to Mr. Letang please" the nurse said.
"I will give him the message. Thank you" Andi said and then hung up her phone and called Mario Lemieux and luckily he answered. Andi explained the situation and Mario said that he would personally make sure Kris got the message and would be home soon.

Vero stayed with Andi while they waited for Kris to show up. He was home in about an hour and then Vero left saying that if they needed anything to call her.

Kris was frantic calling his step dad and they talked in French so Andi caught just bits of the conversation and could tell Kris was really scared about his mom. Finally Kris got off the phone and then came over to Andi and sat down and pulled her into his embrace. They sat there for a while in silence and finally Andi was wondering what was going on in Kris's mind.

"Hey are you ok?" Andi asked looking at Kris who was staring at the blank television.
"Huh" asked Kris tightening his embrace around Andi.
"You are really quiet so I am worried about you. What's going on with your mom?"
"My step dad said that my mom had some chest pains so they are trying to stabilize her. I am really scared for her. I need to go up and be with her but I also need to be with you too. I am torn about what to do".
"You need to be with your mom so go. I will be fine maybe my mom can come and stay with me while you are gone so that you will not worry about me too".
"No, I would feel better if you were with me so I can watch you too" Kris said being slightly possessive.
"Fine, I don't have the energy to start an argument with you. I will go with you and hope that everything with the baby will be ok on this trip" Andi said giving in to Kris.

Kris worked on getting plane tickets and everything settled for their trip back up to Montreal.

That evening Kris and Andi were on a plane to Montreal. Luckily the trip was stress free for Andi and the baby. Kris and Andi got to his parents house and his step dad met them there. Andi said that the best thing for her was to stay at the house and rest and the guys go to the hospital. Kris agreed and decided that they would take two cars and that Andi's cell phone was on. After everything was settled the two men left for the hospital and Andi got comfortable in the bedroom and went to sleep.

A few hours later Kris came home and let himself in and went to check on Andi and when he saw that she was sleeping he relaxed. He got ready for bed and slid bed and pulled Andi to him and went to sleep.

The next morning Andi woke up to see Kris still sleeping next to her and she smiled and then got up and went into the bathroom. Andi decided to take a shower and get ready for the day and while she was finished the door to the shower opened and a towel was handed to her.

"Great service here" Andi joked as she put the towel around her as best as she could with her huge baby bulge.
"Anything for you my lady" Kris joked back as he kissed her.
"How is your mom?" Andi asked as she went to get her clothes off the counter and get dressed.
Kris sat up on the counter and watched Andi and then said, "She is stable but they think she might have had a very minor heart attack. They did surgery and cleared the artery and she supposedly should make a full recovery but they need to keep her for a while for observation since she just had surgery on her heart".
"Well I am glad that she is going to be fine" Andi said as she finished getting dressed.
"Yes I agree and do you feel up to going to the hospital with me and seeing her. I am sure seeing you will definitely be good for her" Kris asked.
"Yeah I will but right now we are starving" Andi said as she headed out of the bathroom with Kris following her.

The three of them got to Kris's mom's room. She was resting but when she heard the three of the talking she opened her eyes and smiled.

Kris's mom did her best to talk in English, "Hello Andi. How are you?"
"I am good. Kris has been taking great care of me and making sure I am doing what my doctor is telling me" Andi said smiling.
"That is good" Kris's mom said.

They all talked for a while and then while Andi and Kris went to get something to eat in the hospital cafeteria. At one point Andi started feeling pains in her abdomen and knew that something was different than last time she felt weird.

"Kris, something is not right with the baby" Andi said biting her lip and breathing hard.
"OK let's get you checked in here" he said quickly and they headed up to check Andi into the hospital. Kris stayed with Andi until they took her to a room to get her check out. Kris then went to find his parents and tell them that he had checked Andi in the hospital because of pains Andi was having in her abdomen. His mom told him go and be with Andi because she needed him and just keep them updated on Andi and the baby's situation. Kris went back to where Andi was being checked on and the nurse told him that he was needed in her room because he would probably be a dad very soon. Kris was suited up and taken into Andi's room where the doctor and nurses were prepping Andi for delivery. Kris walked over to Andi and she looked scared and he held her hand and kiss her forehead.

"Thank goodness you are here, Kris, I think its time for the baby and I am freaking out" Andi said as tears filled her eyes.
"I am here and not going anywhere, Andi. You are so strong and everything will be fine. I love you".
"I love you too, Kris. Just keep holding my hand".

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