Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chapter 36

Warning Adult Content

Andi was having a kinda rough time with this pregnancy and she could not figure out why. She was doing everything the doctors told her to do, like eat right and exercise but she felt horrible all the time. Kris was worried about Andi and he tried his best to help her relax and be stress free.

One day Andi was resting on the bed and Kris was holding her in his lap and rubbing her back.

"Oh god Kris that feels wonderful right now" Andi said after having thrown up for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.
"Good because you need lots of rest" Kris said as he continued rubbing her back.
"I think when I go and see the doctor tomorrow I am going to ask her what is going on with me and this baby because this is ridiculous" Andi complained.
"Yeah we definitely need to know what's going on because you had such a easy pregnancy with Luc so it just does not make any sense" Kris said and then kissed Andi's temple.


The next day Andi went to her doctor's appointment and Kris came along too. The doctor walked in and smiled at them.

"Hello Andi, how are you today?" asked Dr. Evans.
"Not that great and this is my husband, Kris" Andi said as Dr. Evans and Kris shook hands.
"Nice to meet you Kris and Andi, let's see what is going on shall we" Dr. Evans said as she started to check Andi out.

The doctor put some gel on Andi's abdomen and the turned on the sonogram machine so they could look at the baby. The baby was very small since it was early in Andi's pregnancy but they saw it but the doctor did not see anything unusual so she decided to have the nurse take some blood and they would do some tests to see if something else was going on to make Andi feel so bad during this pregnancy.

Andi and Kris left the doctors office and headed out to lunch. They got to the restaurant and were seated and they started talking about the baby.

"I really hope that everything will be ok sweetheart" Kris said smiling at Andi.
"Yeah I am worried now because she said that once in a while a mom and baby can have Rh blood differences and that can be a problem" Andi said looking concerned at Kris.
"I know you are worried, Andi, but we will just have to wait and see what the tests say and then deal with everything then. Right now I want you to forget about the tests and just enjoy the fact that we are having another baby and the fact that I love you so much" Kris said taking Andi's hand and kissing her palm.
Andi smiled at Kris and said, "I love you too Kris".
They continued their lunch and then headed to pick up Luc at daycare.

Later on that evening, Kris and Andi were in bed watching a movie and then Andi slid her hand across Kris's chest. Kris turned his head to look down at Andi who was smiling at him devilishly.

"Are you sure about this, sweetheart?" asked Kris being a gentleman as he turned so that he was on his side facing Andi.
"Yes buddy or else I would not be initiating this now would I?" Andi giggled as Kris started to tickling her and then moved above Andi.
Kris started laughing too because Andi found Kris's soft spot as she nibbled on his earlobe and whispered naughty things in his ear.
Then Kris helped Andi out of her pajamas and then Kris quickly took off his boxers.

They both starting touching and kissing each other. Kris then flipped them over so that Andi was on top. Andi looked at Kris like he was crazy.

"Hey I think it will be hot to have you in charge since you started this, Sexy Mama" Kris joked.
"Fine I don't mind being in charge now" Andi said with a devilish grin and then took Kris's hands and put them above his head, "You can not touch me unless I tell you, got it buster!" demanded Andi and Kris shook his head, yes and smirked.

Andi started by giving Kris a deep and hard kiss on his lips and then she moved her kisses along his jawline and then his neck. Then Andi moved along his chest and then stopped at his abs. She moved her hands across his abs and then moved back up to kiss him again on his lips. Kris was going crazy and Andi knew it and that was the plan finally she looked at him, "Kris you can now touch me". And with that Kris quickly flipped them so that he was on top and then spread Andi's legs and slid fast into Andi. Kris started moving in and out of Andi quickly and Andi was going crazy now because of the amazing feelings that Kris was creating with their lovemaking. Kris leaned down and starting kissing Andi's neck and that made Andi lose it quickly as her orgasm hit her powerfully, "Oh my god Kris, yes yes YES!" Kris felt Andi's orgasm and then he moved one more time and then he felt his too and he swore under his breath and then collapsed in Andi's arms. After Kris and Andi both calmed down, Kris moved off of Andi and lay on his back. Andi moved onto Kris's chest and smiled down at her husband, "Mr. Letang that was outta this world but I think you knew that, right" Andi laughed.
"You know Mrs. Letang, I always want to make sure that I love you in an outta this world kinda way" Kris joked with a huge grin on his face.
"I love you too" Andi said and then leaning up to kiss Kris deeply.

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