Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chapter 27

Warning Adult Content

Wedding planning was crazy for Andi and Kris. They agreed on most of the plans but one day they got into an argument about what to serve for dinner.

"I think that we should have three choices. A chicken dish, seafood and a vegetarian dish" Andi said exasperated at Kris.
"Why in the world do we need any sort of vegetarian. Most of my family and friends are gonna want some sort of meat" Kris said sounding really ticked off.
"Be quiet Kris. Luc is sleeping in the other room" Andi said looking really upset and annoyed.
"He is fine and I am not being loud. Chill out Andi".
"Excuse me. Who are you telling me to chill out when you so need to chill out Kris. Gracious get over yourself".
"Whatever Andi".
"Geez Kris maybe we need to stop this conversation before either of us says something that really should not be said" Andi suggested and then went to check on Luc.
Kris sat down on the sofa and turned on the television and started watching some game.
Andi checked on Luc had not waken during the argument so then Andi heard the television going and decided to head into the bedroom and take a bath. Andi got some bubble bath and poured it in and then finally climbed into the tub. Andi felt extremely relaxed as soon as she sat back in the tub. She closed her eyes and just chilled out and tried to forget about the argument she and Kris had had earlier. Man sometimes maybe it would be easier to elope because planning a wedding is a real pain in the ass. Andi continued to soak in the tub until she felt the water start to get cooler so she got out and put a towel on and then headed into the bedroom.
When she got there Kris has just walked into the bedroom and taken off his shirt.
They just looked at each other for a few seconds before Kris walked over to Andi and took her face in his hands and leaned down to kiss her. Andi held onto her towel and just gave into the kiss. Before she realized it they were on the bed and nothing between them. Kris was kissing Andi's neck and her collarbone.

"Oh geez Kris that feels so good" Andi giggled as she let one of her hands move through his hair and then the other one was holding onto the sheet next to her. Kris continued what he was doing and both of them were enjoying touching each other. Kris moved Andi's legs and then slowly entered her.

"Oh god yes" Andi called out as she held onto Kris.
Kris mumbled something incoherent and continued moving in and out of Andi.
Andi finally felt her orgasm hit her and she cried out, "Oh god yes!"
Kris thrust a few more times and then emptied his seed into Andi's womb. Then he collapsed on top of Andi. Andi held Kris tightly and kissed his forehead and then said, "That was amazing! Kris and I am sorry about our earlier argument. Do you forgive me?"
Kris moved off of Andi and pulled her into his chest, "I am sorry too and you have no need to apologize it was all my fault. I hope that you accept my apology. Love you sweetheart".
"Love you too dude" Andi joked and kissed Kris again.

Sure enough a few minutes later as Kris and Andi were cuddling after making love, they heard a little person starting to cry over the baby monitor. Andi got up and went into the bathroom and then got some clothes on and went to feed Luc. Andi sat in the rocking chair and fed Luc and Kris came in and they talked about more about the food for the wedding. Andi finished feeding Luc and then burped him and before Andi got him back into his crib he was out.

"Man he is so much like you, Kris. Feed him and then he is asleep. Gracious" Andi joked as she looked at Kris who just shrugged his shoulders.
"Hey there are other things that I need to" Kris winked and leaned down and kissed Andi deeply.
"Oh brother you are such a guy" Andi said as she rolled her eyes this time and then walked out of Luc's room as Kris followed.

They went back to the bedroom and got comfortable in the bed and decided to watch a movie.

Andi got comfortable in Kris's arms and ended up falling asleep in Kris's arms and then Kris turned off the television and snuggled with Andi in his arms and went to sleep too.

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