Friday, September 25, 2009

Chapter 28

Warning Adult Content

Andi was going to be going back to work soon and so she and Kris had to find a daycare to put Luc in while they both were working. They had been given several suggestions from Natalie Lemieux. Andi had been super grateful because she had no idea where to look and wanted a really good place. Luckily Kris was able to go with Andi to visit a couple of the places and they finally decided on one that had been on the top of Natalie's suggestion list. They place was amazing and the people were very nice and really genuinely having fun with the babies and kids.

A week later Andi was back at work and at one point she was sitting at her desk staring at a picture of Luc and Kris. Andi was starting feeling bad for having to leave her baby in daycare but Kris kept reminding her that she needed some time away from Luc and she knew he was right. Andi was in her own little world and did not hear Kris call her name.

"Andi, sweetie" Kris said and then touched Andi's shoulder after she had not heard him the first couple of times calling her name.
Andi jumped and turned around and saw Kris standing there, "Oh hey sorry I was just thinking".
"Yeah I can tell and I see now why you were" Kris said as he pick up the picture.
"I miss our baby" Andi said as Kris put his arm around her shoulders and Andi leaned her head on Kris's chest.
"Yeah but he is not that far away and I am actually done for the day so I was going to go and pick him up and then get dinner. That is why I am here just to let you know that I was picking Luc up so that you would not have to" Kris said kissing the top of Andi's head and smiling.
"Ok thanks for telling me and I should be heading out of here in about another hour so I will see you and Luc soon" Andi said.
"Sounds good. And since we both have the day off tomorrow we can work on wedding plans and I promise no arguments on my part" Kris said smiling.
"I promise no arguments on my part too. And yeah we need to get everything finalized soon because we don't have that much time left before the big day" Andi agreed.
Kris kissed Andi and then headed out to pick up Luc and then get dinner. Andi went back to work and started counting down the minutes until she could leave.

When Andi got home, Kris had dinner all set up and Luc in his playpen.

"Dinner is ready for you sweetheart" Kris said as he took Andi's bags and set them on the floor.
"Wow now this is something a girl could get used to" laughed Andi as she kissed Kris's cheek.
"Hey anything for you, my darling Andi" Kris said pulling Andi close to him and kissing her deeply.
"Wow" was all Andi could say and then smiled at Kris who winked back at her.
"My thoughts exactly" Kris laughed.
"I need to feed 'Little Letang' so let me get him taken care of and then we can eat" Andi said as she picked up Luc and then headed into the nursery.

A little bit later, Andi came back out holding Luc, "All I can say is that this guy was a seriously hungry little guy".
"Yeah well 'Big Letang' is starving so let's eat" Kris joked and Andi went and settled Luc down in his baby seat and then went and sat down with Kris at the table.

The next day Kris, Andi and Luc spent the day together figuring out details for the wedding. They went to the florist and worked everything out with them. The bouquets were full of red, pink roses and the flower arrangements for the tables and other settings were gardenias.

Andi, Kris and Luc went out to lunch at a family oriented place and they were sitting and eating when out of the blue, Kris heard someone call his name.

"Kris" a female voice called out and Kris and Andi turned to see Erin walking towards their table.
"Hey Erin how are you?" Kris asked completely shocked to see her again.
"I am good darling. How are...who are you?" Erin asked staring at Andi.
"I am Andi, Kris's fiance and the mother of his son" Andi smirked as she put her left hand on the table with gorgeous sparkly ring showing.
"Oh I guess its nice to meet you. I am Erin" Erin said looking quite shocked.
Andi smiled sweetly, "Its nice to meet you, Erin".
Erin turned her attention back to Kris, "Well, I am glad you are happy Kris. Good Luck with everything" Erin said.
"Thanks Erin" Kris said and then Erin walked away.

"Wow that was so nice of her" Andi said sarcastically and then turned her attention to Luc.
"Yeah that was totally random. Are you ready to go?" asked Kris.
"Yeah I am" Andi said as she grabbed her bag and Kris picked up Luc and they headed home.

When they got home, Andi went and put Luc down for his afternoon nap and then she walked into the living room and found Kris sitting on the sofa looking at his phone.

"Hey are you ok?" Andi asked as she sat down next to Kris and put her hand on his arm.
"Yeah its just so weird that she showed up and acted like such a bitch" Kris said looking at Andi.
"She is not important anymore and I am sorry if I came off obnoxious but she really was bitchy acting to me. Oh well, I think I know what we can do to forget her" Andi said seductively into Kris's ear.
Kris looked at her and smirked and stood up and then grabbed Andi's hand and helped her off the sofa and then proceeded to pick her up and throw her over his shoulder and started walking into the bedroom.

Clothes were thrown this way and that way and they were then both laying on the bed. Kris moved above Andi and starting kissing her everywhere and then Andi moved her legs around Kris's waist and he entered her and started moving and making Andi go crazy in an amazing way.

"Kris, Kris" Andi called out loudly and then Kris leaned down to kiss Andi deeply. Andi moved her hips to Kris's movements and then she felt her orgasm hit her hard and she called out, "Kris oh my god!" Andi's orgasm made Kris have one too and then he emptied his seed into her her womb. They lay there together for a little bit and then Kris moved off of Andi and laid down on his back. Andi moved so that she was leaning on his chest and smiling down at him.

"We are some crazy parents right now eh" Andi said.
"Why do you say that sweetheart?" asked Kris as he put his hand on Andi's back and gently rubbed it.
"Making love in the afternoon while our child is in the other room. I know he is just a baby and has no idea but someone might joke that we are neglecting him" Andi joked.
"Oh yeah we are so neglecting Luc and are such horrible parents. Whatever baby" Kris joked back.

They lay on their bed together and ended up napping together too.

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