Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chapter 21

"Mr. Letang?" the nurse asked and Kris stood up and walked over to her.
"Yes, that's me" Kris said looking at the nurse.
"Come with me sir" the nurse said and Kris followed her.

They walked down a hallway and then into a door and the nurse stopped and turned to Kris, "She is resting right now but she was going into premature labor but the doctor was able to stop it. She needs lots of rest so we are keeping her overnight for observation" explained the nurse.
"Can I see her?" asked Kris as he looked into the room and saw Andi resting and connected to a bunch of wires.
"Yes you can but she needs her rest" the nurse said and then walked away.

Kris walked in and went and sat next to Andi and took her hand in his and looked at her resting form on the hospital bed. Andi moved when she felt someone take her hand and looked up and saw Kris.

"Hey" Andi said quietly as she smiled at Kris.
"Hey, how are you feeling now, sweetheart?" asked Kris.
"Much better now that I know what was going on. It was so weird Kris, one moment everything was fine and then poof, things went crazy. I asked the doctor how this happened because I have been so careful and doing everything I am suppose to. He just said sometimes it happens for no reason but everything is fine with the baby" Andi explained.
"I am just glad you and the baby are fine because when you woke me up this morning and told me something was not right with the baby, I was really freaking out" Kris said.
"I never knew that you were freaking out" Andi said still holding Kris's hand.
"I did not want to stress you out more. I am just glad things are good" Kris said and then his cell phone started ringing and he looked at it, "Its my mom".

"Bonjour, oui ok" Kris said and then closed his phone, "I am going to find them and bring them up here, ok".
"That's fine" Andi said letting Kris's hand go as he went to find his parents.

A few minutes later, Kris, his mom and step dad walked into the room. Andi smiled at them.

"Je suis heureux que vous ĂȘtes bien, Andi" Kris's mom said.
"Merci" Andi said as Kris sat back down next to Andi.
"Nous etions tres inquiete" Kris's step dad explained.
"I am fine" Andi said as Kris's parents smiled and Kris's mom walked over and gave Andi a kiss on the forehead and a hug.

They talked for a little while and then Kris's parents left. Kris stayed around and then decided he would go and get some better food for Andi even though the hospital gave her something to eat that was not that bad but Kris knew Andi's crazy cravings.

That evening there were some Olympic events of the television so Andi and Kris watched the snowboarding events and a skiing event. They joked about what they were watching and Andi loved just spending this time with Kris even if she was in the hospital on their vacation. These moments made Andi realize how much she loved Kris and how well the two of them connected and were just great together.

"Hey Kris" Andi said and Kris looked at her.
"Yeah" Kris said.
"I meant to tell ya thanks and I love you" Andi said smiling as tears filled her eyes.
"Why are you crying, sweetheart?" Kris asked totally confused as he held her and kissed her forehead.
"Because I am really happy" Andi explained which made Kris even more confused.
"Are you sure".
"Andi, I love you too" Kris said as he leaned down to kiss Andi.

The next day Andi was released from the hospital and was told by the doctor that bed rest was an order. Kris decided since Andi needed rest that they would have to cut their trip short and head back to Pittsburgh. They headed back that evening and were home a few hours later.

Andi was resting and hated that they could not make it to the Olympics but Kris said that their baby's health was much more important than anything else and Andi agreed.
Andi was on bed rest and so she and Kris spent the rest of the Olympic break watching the Olympics on the television and snuggled in each others arms.

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