Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chapter 30

Andi, Kris and Luc flew to Michigan for their wedding. Their flight was only slightly delayed an hour because of weather in Michigan. When they finally landed in Michigan, Andi was getting butterflies because the next day she would not be Andi Walker anymore she would be Andi Letang and that was scary in a good way. She loved Kris with all her heart and knew he loved her too.

Andi moved slightly in the rental car to look at her baby boy, who happen to be sleeping, which was a god send because he had been fussy on the flight. Kris was driving and glanced at Andi who was still looking at their sleeping son and then she turned to look at Kris, "Man I thought that everyone on the plane was ready to kill us because Luc would not stop crying".
"Yeah I know but he is a baby and that is the main thing they do" Kris said as he was concentrating on driving.
"I know and I think his ears were bothering him because of the altitude but you are right he is just a baby. But the cutest baby in the world" Andi smiled as she moved back in her seat.
"I agree that he is the cutest because he looks just like his gorgeous mother" Kris commented and smiled.
"Why thank you Mr. Letang. That was sweet" Andi said smiling too.
"You are welcome soon to be Mrs. Letang" Kris said.

They finally got to Andi's parents house and went inside to see everyone. Andi's parents and sister were happy to see Andi, Kris and Luc. Andi was holding a sleeping Luc as she walked into the house.

"Look at my adorable grandson" Andi's mom whispered as she helped Andi get Luc situated in another room so that he could continue to sleep. After he was taken care of Andi and Kris sat down with Andi's family and hung out.

Later on that afternoon, Andi, her mom and sister went out to check on a few very last minute wedding things while Kris, Andi's dad and Luc went to a nearby park to play.

While Andi's mom was talking with the minister, Elise walked over to Andi who was sitting down looking at her cell phone.
"Hey Andi" Elise said sitting next to her sister.
"Hey" Andi said looking at her sister.
"You know that you can't stay with Kris tonight because of wedding tradition and what about my adorable nephew?" Elise asked.
"Did mom not tell you that you and I are staying at a hotel tonight and that Kris will be there with a couple of his friends. We have separate rooms so you and I can have a girls night. And mom and dad are being brave grandparents and watching Luc tonight" Andi explained to her sister.
"No mom forgot to tell me but I know she has a lot on her mind but that is great! I can't wait for you and me to just hang out and have one of our girls nights especially at a hotel" Elise giggled with excitement.
"Yeah its gonna be fun and of course we can do whatever we want. Oh don't forget to pack your swimsuit because they have an indoor pool and hot tub area" Andi smiled.
"You said that Kris is gonna be there too. What if we see them at the pool or somewhere else at the hotel?" asked Elise.
"Its not that big of a deal because as long as we are not in the same bedroom tonight then its all good" Andi said.
"Its all good then" Elise said smiling at Andi.

Everyone got home to get ready to go out for dinner. Kris and Andi were in their room getting ready when Kris walked over to Andi and turned her so that her back was to his chest, "Now close your eyes" he said.
"Dude if you are trying to do something kinky you need to rethink it because our son is right on the bed and we need to leave in five minutes" Andi joked.
"I like you train of thought there but that is not what I am planning but maybe for the honeymoon. Now just stand there for a second" Kris said and then place a chain around Andi's neck. She felt something touch her neck and she put her hand to feel what Kris had put there but he pushed her hand away so she crossed her arms across her chest and waited until Kris told her what to do.
"OK now you can open your eyes" he said and moved her so that she could see the beautiful necklace that he had placed on her neck. It was a beautiful, Tiffany Keys Heart Key locket.
Andi's eyes went wide, "Kris this is beautiful and I love it".
"You have stolen the key to my heart and look inside the locket" Kris said and Andi opened the locket and there was a picture of Luc.
"Kris wow how perfect" Andi said smiling.
"I put his picture in their because he is here because of how much we love each other and he is always close to your heart" Kris said as he leaned down and kissed Andi.
"I love you Kristopher Letang" Andi said as she looked into his eyes.
"I love you too Andrea Walker" Kris said and then kissed her again.

Then they all headed out for the family dinner.

Here is a picture of the locket that Kris gave to Andi.


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