Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chapter 42

After all the cup craziness, Kris and Andi were getting ready for the new baby. Andi was now due any moment.

One particular morning Andi was watching Luc play in the den of their new house when she felt her water break.

"Oh goodness, Kris get in here now" yelled Andi which made Luc look at his mom with wide eyes.

Kris ran into the den, "What's wrong sweetheart?"
"We are having a baby. You need to get me to the hospital unless you want to deliver your child here" Andi joked as she got up from the couch.
"Not really. Let me get your bags and then we can head to the hospital." Kris said as he headed to the bedroom to get the bags.
Andi got Luc and headed to the car. She put Luc in his car seat and then Kris put Andi's bag in the trunk. Then Andi and Kris got in the car and they headed off.

As soon as Kris got Andi settled he called Marc Andre Fleury's girlfriend, Veronique because she and Marc Andre were gonna watch Luc for Kris and Andi while Andi was in the hospital. About thirty minutes later Veronique showed up and got Luc.


Andi was listening to the doctor telling her to push and squeezing the mess out of Kris's hand.

"Come on Andi just one more push" the doctor said.
"I can't" Andi said tiredly.
"Yes you can, sweetheart" Kris said.

Andi pushed and then the room with the cries of a baby.

"Congratulations you two have a beautiful baby girl" the doctor said.

"We have a daughter, Andi and she is beautiful" Kris said kissing Andi as the doctor placed their daughter on Andi's chest.
"She is perfect" Andi said as she held her baby girl.

As the new parents were enjoying their new pink bundle of joy the nurse came over to them, "What is her name so we can put it on the birth certificate?"
"Her names is Brennan Elliot Letang" Andi said.

The rest of the evening Kris and Andi enjoyed being the new parents of Brennan.

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