Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chapter 39

The Eastern Conference finals were starting and the Penguins had the home advantage so the first two games were in Pittsburgh. The games were intense and the Penguins won the first two games but they were close. Then they headed to Raleigh, North Carolina and played the next two games and the Hurricanes won the first one and then the Penguins won the second game.

Now they were back in Pittsburgh, and Kris was psyched because if they won tonight they won the Eastern Conference and move into the Stanley Cup finals. Andi and Luc were in the stands with all the rest of the Penguins wives and girlfriends. It was an extremely intense game with lots of scoring chances and a few fights. But the game ended with the Penguins winning 3 to 1.

After the game Kris found Andi chatting with Kate while they watched Luc run around the room.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said walking over to Andi and pulling her into his embrace and kissing her.
"Hey Tangers. Great game!" Andi said smiling at her husband.
"Hey Kate, how are you?" Kris asked as he held Andi close.
"I am good just waiting on my superstar boyfriend to get finished with all the reporters but its all good" Kate said smiling.
"Yeah Poor Siddo will be in there forever since he is the captain but its his world" Kris joked.
Kate nodded and then Andi, Kris and Luc said their goodbyes and they headed home.

The Penguins would be playing the Colorado Avalanche for the Stanley Cup this year. Andi was excited because she loved Colorado and had family out there. It was going to be another nailing biting series for the Stanley Cup and Kris and his teammates were all ready because they had done it once and it was time to do it again!


Kris and Andi had made a major decision while the playoffs had been going on. They were looking for a new house since they were getting ready to have another baby. They realized that Andi's little apartment had been fine for the three of them but now that Baby Tangers #2 was coming along, they needed more room. So Andi and Kris had been looking at houses in Pittsburgh that fit their needs. They decided that when the playoffs were done that was when they would move into their dream home.

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