Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chapter 41

The celebration of winning the Stanley Cup again in Pittsburgh was thrilling and the whole city was excited. The Penguins parade was lots of fun for everyone and this time Kris had Andi and Luc with him. Andi was taking lots of pictures to capture this moment of the parade for Kris. Luc was having fun in the back of the truck, waving at all people. Everyone was having a blast and enjoying the parade.

After the parade was over everyone was heading to Mario's for a party. It was going to just be the families and good friends hanging out with Lord Stanley.

At the party Andi was talking with Vero and Kate about the Andi's pregnancy.

"Andi, when is this little bundle of joy due?" asked Vero.
"This little bundle is supposed to be born around the end of September so Kris knows that he might miss some of training camp to be a father again" Andi explained happily.
"That is so awesome. I have to wait until around until after the holidays before my little bundle decides to make his or her appearance" Kate said patting her abdomen. She and Sidney had just found out that Kate was expecting during the Stanley Cup Finals. Andi had been thrilled for her best friend because she knew that Kate and Sidney were meant to be together.
"Vero, you know we are all waiting on you and Marc Andre to get onto the baby bandwagon" Andi joked.
"Yeah we shall see" Vero said smiling at Andi and Kate.

Later on Andi went to find Kris and Luc. Kris was hanging out with several of his teammates watching the kids running around.

"Hey Tanger" Andi said putting her arm around Kris's waist and he turned and put his arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.
"Hey beautiful, are you doing ok?" Kris asked looking down at Andi with a smile.
"Yeah I am fine and it looks like Luc is having a blast with the other kids" Andi said smiling back at Kris.
"Yeah and hopefully he will be tired when we get home so it will be easy to get him ready for bed" Kris answered.
"That would be wonderful" Andi said hugging Kris closer.


A few weeks later Kris had his turn with the Stanley Cup and of course he took it home to Montreal and had a family party including Andi's family. Andi's parents and sister made the trip up there to enjoy all the fun. It was a great time and Kris loved that he had Andi and Luc to share this moment.

"Hey Andi" Kris called out from the back door of his parents house.
"Yeah Kris what darling?" Andi asked as she walked over to him.
"Come outside here for a moment ok" he said and held the door for Andi as she walked out.
Kris took her over to a spot on the back deck and pointed up to the stars.
Andi looked up and smiled at the gorgeous display of a cloudless night and said, "Wow Kris that is so beautiful".
"Oui, sa belle comme vous êtes aimée".
"Merci Kristopher. Je t'aime" Andi said.
"Je t'aime Andrea" Kris said and then kissed her deeply under the stars.

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