Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chapter 40

***Warning Adult themes***

The Penguins had home advantage again for the Stanley Cup finals because they had earned the most points in the league. Therefore the first two games of the Stanley Cup finals were in Pittsburgh. The Avalanche were a formidable opponent in the first two games. Each team won one game but that did not deter the Penguins in the next two games in Colorado. The Pens played like it was their last games and beat the Avs in both games.

Kris was on a tear too by scoring the game winner in OT in the second game. Of course that made Andi happy too. Kris was really trying to do well because he really wanted to win Lord Stanley's cup again and share the experience with Andi and Luc.

Game five was in Pittsburgh and the Pens had a chance to win the game on home ice which was a big motivator. Sidney gave the team short speech to hopefully get the guys ready for action.

"OK guys this is a huge moment and we can do it. I just want to say its a pleasure going to the rink with you guys everyday and playing our hearts out. So let do this and win for the home team!" Sidney said.

The rest of the guys all nodded their heads in agreement about Sidney's speech and then they headed out for warm ups.

The first period of game five was intense because both teams were motivated by different reasons to win. No one scored during the first period so both teams were even more ready for the second period. Out of no where Sidney sent a shot to Geno and then Geno faked the shot and sent it to Kris who them with all his might shot the puck past the Avalanche goalie to make it 1-0 Pens. Mellon arena went bananas and of course Kris was thrilled too. They had a shot at winning it and nothing was gonna stop them. The rest of the second period was action packed and the Avs had several good scoring shots but Marc Andre was having none of it. Finally the second period was over and everyone was catching their breath until the third period.

The Pens and Avs were back out for third period action and it was a thrilling hockey game. Sidney was determined to score a goal and sure enough he got one past the goalie too and it was 2-0 Pens. But sure enough the Avs fought back and scored a goal late in the third but that goal did not deter the Pens and they ended up winning the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in Penguins history.

All the players and their families were on the ice celebrating the win. Kris found Andi and hugged and kissed her.

"We did it again" Kris said grinning at Andi as he held her.
"Yes you guys did and it was an amazing game. I am so proud of you Kris" Andi said smiling up at Kris.
"I love you" Kris said and then kissed Andi again.

Kris's mom walked over with Luc and smiled at her son.

"Congratulations, Kristopher. Je t'aime" Kris's moms said as she hugged Kris.
"Merci mom" Kris said and then picked up Luc.

"Daddy you won the game" Luc said as Kris held him.
"Yes I did and this is the best day ever because I have you, mommy, Grand mommy and your little baby brother or sister too" Kris exclaimed happily.

The Letang crew as well as the rest of the Pens families and players all headed back to the dressing room for interviews and celebrating the Stanley Cup win.

After all of the celebrating and interviews everyone was ready to go home and chill out. That is what Andi and Kris did. They got home and got Luc to bed and then Kris called his mom to make sure she got to the hotel ok and the he and Andi had their own personal celebration in the bedroom.

Kris pulled Andi into his arms and kissed her and then picked her up and laid her gently onto the bed. Andi and Kris helped each other out of their clothes and then Kris gave Andi all the attention she needed.

"Oh god Kris yes" Andi called out as Kris slowly entered her and then slowly made love to her gently. Andi pulled Kris down to her and kissed him too and then after a few more thrusts, he felt her tighten around him and then her orgasm hit and his followed soon after. Kris swore under his breath and then collapsed on top of Andi and she held him. After a few minutes Kris moved off of Andi and pulled her close as they lay together.

"Making love to you Andi made tonight even more prefect and I love you completely, sweetheart" Kris said looking into Andi's eyes.
"I love you too Tangers and tonight has definitely been an amazing day and night" Andi said smiling back at Kris and then kissing him.

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